Kirko Bangz - Don't Fall 4 Me Lyrics

Ay yo! I just got this text message right, she told me I better kill it. But uh, little do she know, that what we bout' to do. I'm bout' to take it there. Let's go! 's

[Verse 1:]
Shit, I told her in the beginning, please don't fall for a nigga. She didn't listen
I told her I'm a young ass nigga on my grind
She told me "you're the only nigga that been on my mind."
I'm thinking that it'll work as I'm pulling down her skirt
She only came over just to do some homework
But now she at the pad, doing everything but math
And when we got through she told me she had a man!
Shit, I'm like "cool." Now I know she understands
That I'm just trying to chill, I ain't tryna' be the man
I got some other plans, got some other shit to do
I got some other plans and they're not including you
She told me she'll chill at the crib till' I get back
Now she getting attached, lil' mama gotta to quit that
Got a nigga wishing that I never would've hit that
But when I get back to the crib I'm a' hit that!

[Verse 2:]
I get back to the crib. She all on my computer on skype with her friends.
They're like "who's that? " she said, "that's my man."
All I can do is laugh like shit she better be playing.
She asked could I rap, said she was my biggest fan, she said GodDamn!
I told her I was tired, I'm a chill on the floor.
Meanwhile I'm thinking how to get rid of this ho.
Then her friend asked what happened with you and Nick?
She said he a trip homegirl we had to split.
Now I'm like shit!
I remember when I told her me and her should get together if her and her nigga quit. But I was just flirting and that was way before me and her did anything,
I told her she was perfect.
Now I see how I gotta watch what I'm spitting.
You never want to come between a woman and her feelings
But I ain't really trippin' I told her she can stay the night.
It was only right, I was trying to be polite.
We got done sexing, she started asking questions
God can you please have this girl go on my breakfast?
The next day she texted me, I ain't hit her back.
The day after that, I ain't hit her back!
The next day she texted me saying nigga Fuck You!
I texted her back like I thought you knew...

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Kirko Bangz Don't Fall 4 Me Comments
  1. Maria'Mercedes Garcia

    where the version where he was singing more that my favorite

  2. Antonio

    Kirko, you need new SHHH like this.. You need this vibe back again!!

  3. Nikita Stowe

    Kirko bangz is a lovely man I love him so much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Derrick O.Ellis

    You all the ladies on that one lyrics is phenomenal and the beat off the chain the sound was incredible

  5. Richard Rodgers

    112 girls got played

  6. Perry Dosela

    I'm on a fast lane with mad weight...don't look if u trippin

  7. Nickisthename Kicksarethegame

    Im about to take it there

  8. Pinky Kash Gill

    2018 and i’m still loving it 🙌🏽 kirko is too fine foreal


    97 girls got played

  10. Kevin G Bangz

    Wiz Khalifa star power beat DOPE💯

    SSG Koop


  11. Dojiaa K

    Still banginn

  12. Lucy B

    I'm a whole woman an this song is so me 😂 please don't fall fa me.


    ewwww lol

  13. Jarassic Park

    I'm leaning on this mk purse , on God it smell like money

  14. Jarassic Park

    Kirko say he got the drank, we about to jump in the ride and ride out polk street swanging

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    wobee cushion ?

  16. Jarassic Park

    in the city , you got the boat 🐃

  17. Shaé DaDon

    still love this track 🔥👌

  18. Devon Lucero

    2017 niqqa

  19. Monique Medina


  20. Htx 713

    it happens wen I run game on em... Eastside \../_ HTX

  21. Dominic Padilla

    wasn't there a video for this ? I can't find that shit



  23. codcracker25

    what's the brand of the beanie he's wearing ?

    Apex Animal

    Believe it's RUF but could he wrong


    Crooks and Castles maybe don't now :P

  24. Elvin Robinson

    Dope ish

  25. Osiel Jimenez

    Need this instrumental !

    Aj Rodriguez

    Its Wiz Khalifa "ink my whole body instrumental"! He did the beat 1st

  26. Abby Upchurch


  27. Lil joe

    I think this beat is cracking.

  28. Veer Rohmah

    yeaaahhh I finally found this song... shit...
    it took me 1 month to find it `_`

    Veer Rohmah

    @Ace _ 😁

  29. Shania James

    This song dough✌✌✌

  30. D zednanreh

    dang memories !

  31. GrowYourOwn 3503

    2015 still bumping . Sour faces on college hoes as i pull up to the campus hahah

    Elvin Robinson

    You bootsy

    Yvonne Ureste

    GrowYourOwn 3503 about 2017?

  32. Teesha Ellerbe

    Diz is ma song 😂😂😂😂😘😘

  33. a10

    this song gives me the best memories!

  34. Ariana Matias

    bruhh kirkos laugh got me like ughhh

  35. Renette Prochette

    Oooh shit I really love this song

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    This Kirk is dope. All his other stuff is wak 

  37. Glory Boy

    Sick ass song

  38. Albert .Fong

    9 numbers aha song so true

  39. KeshaBernabe

    kiko bangz is so ssexxy>3

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    LOL "that nigga said 9 numbers"

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    Fuck kirko bangz , he dont know what yo name iz ! lmao

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    Kirko goes hard on dis

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    hahaha that part, that nigga don't even remember what yo name is hahahah

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    he dont know what yo name iz lmao

    Crystal Barnes


  46. Patrick Irving

    don't fall for me!!!

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    KML!!!! This song tho!

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    haha fuck kirko bangz he dont know what yo name iz lol

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    wiz beat but kirko killed it 100x more than wiz

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    on pk3..

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    Fucc with his old shyt

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    " Like alllllll thee time "

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    Hah breh stooie

  57. empressjay1

    lmfaoo the ending lol


    track 12 on PK3.. but this version is actually a bit different.. the track on PK3 doesn't have an actual chorus.. and the talking parts are different

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  60. alexander rogers

    anyone know if he sampled the beat plz let me know

  61. NYvandal

    What mixtape this song on? its not on PK4 or TP2AYTP

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    That was me on the end twitter: @datguyestevan ig: estevan713 go follow me I'll buy you flowers

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    Life to Short

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    love this songg

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    Ayyyee! Im Feelingg Dez #Pass Thee Weed.

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    kirkos pretty much the only great new artist

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