Kinks, The - Permanent Waves Lyrics

Please call a doctor, I've been so depressed
That I think that I'm finally breakin'
I can't quite explain, I can't feel any pain
But I know that this time I'm not fakin'
Oh, what can it be, oh, inside of me

I saw my doctor he said man you look sick
He said I think you better do something quick
He checked me over and he said I was fit
What you need is a change, have a shave, find a chick
Your body functions but your hair's a disgrace
You shouldn't let it hang all over your face
Change your image 'cos you look out of place
Comb your hair, put on weight, try to look up to date
Why don't you put in some permanent waves
You'll look smooth, you'll look cool, you'll be laughing
You'll get lots of dates, you'll be made, you'll get laid
You'll get out and about, you'll be laughing
Oh, you'll be O.K. once you get those permanent waves

I was really up but now I'm down once again
I went out walking and it started to rain
My perm washed out it just got flushed down the drain
My neurosis returned, I'm a wreck once again
But wait 'til I get back my permanent waves
I'll be cool, I'll be smooth, I'll be laughing
I'll be all the rage in my permanent waves
And I'll start a new craze, I'll be laughing
Oh, I'll be O.K. once I get my permanent waves

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Kinks, The Permanent Waves Comments
  1. Habituated Abnormality

    2:44 really bothers me...

  2. Anthony Giordano

    Overlooked music giants

  3. joe mac

    Love this entire  album ,TY the Davies Brothers !

  4. Lee Scott

    Ray probably one of the greatest song writings our time ?never here about him ,and are they (kinks)in the Rock n roll hall of fame even? One of the greatest bands ever maybe even better than the Beatles?and I know you don't fuck with the Beatles it's cacrilegious sinful and unholy but it just might be true ? I just got the album on vinyl Ray davies OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES if you have not heard it go find it you want be let down can't stop listening to it.

  5. John LaStrada

    So many classic rock songs ignored by radio and streaming services. This is one. Marvelous Kinks track. "Do It Again," "Shangri La," (and the live one recently performed by Ray Davies with full orchestra and chorus is incredible), "Victoria," "Deadend Street," "Polly," "Autumn Almanac," the original "Days," "A Well Respected Man," "Big Black Smoke," the stunning "Waterloo Sunset," and the early "Little Miss Queen of Darkness," are all splendid -- and that's still a weak description of their genius. Some of these are played...but not often enough. This band is as big as The Beatles, The Stones, Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys....

    Lanny Dante

    100% agree with u John and Im a kinks fan from 1964 Im 70 years old now

  6. Fuzzy Kinkster

    THE Best Kinks album,period.

  7. Steve Blakely

    Kinks were a very underrated, excellent band. also a heck of a sense of humor.

  8. Stuart Jones

    This is just a brilliant song. I hate it when people say that The Kinks never did anything decent after 1972.


    Most people don't know what they're talking about : )

    BadLarry Gibb

    maybe the best band of the 80s....definitely the 60s and 70s

  9. Beach Goat

    Kinks...always the best of the best

  10. jcr4runner

    Only Ray Davies could write lines like this:

    I was really up but now I'm down once again

    I went out walking and it started to rain

    My perm washed out it just got flushed down the drain

    My neurosis returned, I'm a wreck once again

    It's so ridiculous, but it's hilarious and yet somehow I feel his pain. He writes a whole song satirizing rock stars who get perms. Who does that?


    I also feel it's about superficiality and thinking that getting the latest haircut or clothes is going to change your life, when at the day it won't change who you are or solve your problems.

    Whatever the case, it's a great song with some interesting chord changes.

  11. Tim Hufeld

    - Played this in a band back in 79 - no one knew what the hell this tune was... but it was cooler than shit, esp. since our bass player had permanent waves,,, lol

  12. Mark Izzard

    One of my favourite Kink songs - but such a unknown gem. Thanks for posting!