Kinks, The - I Gotta Move Lyrics

I don't wanna get left behind
Gonna love my baby all the time
If I don't wanna get left alone
I gotta move on down my baby's home
And if my baby isn't there
I'm gonna fill my gap and comb my hair
Gotta move, gotta move
Gotta move, gotta move

All my life I've had to move
Always failed to stay in school
As I move down this very long road
Sometimes I wished I'd stayed at home
Where I'm going no one knows
Only know I gotta go
You gotta move, gotta move
Gotta move, gotta move

I don't wanna get left behind
Gonna love my baby all the time
If I don't wanna get left alone
I gotta move on down my baby's home
And if baby isn't there
I'm gonna brush my boots and comb my hair
I gotta move, gotta move
I gotta move, gotta move

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Kinks, The I Gotta Move Comments
  1. Lannigs Deloin

  2. Ori Fecher

    still a bop over 50 years later

  3. Fabrii Vitale

    Terrible lo que suena...

  4. John Moore

    Remember this from '65. Flip side of All Day and All of the Night i think. My sister's 45RPM. Always loved this. Miss you Connie

    joseph lemko

    John Moore: You are correct in stating that I Gotta Move was the b-side of All Day & All of the Night. I always felt that is was one of The Kinks better flip sides. Most people I grew up with paid little attention to the b-sides of 45's. Those people at times missed out on some fine music.

  5. Michael Platter

    The Kinks are the Kings

  6. Michael Platter

    The Kinks are the Kings

  7. Michael Platter

    The Kinks are the Kings

  8. Andrew Grant

    Mick Avory, is the man...

  9. gherkamum

    love it...

  10. Ahmad Usufzy

    Will Forte loves the kinks.

  11. Tal B

    RIP Lewis

  12. Nick Smith

    Last Man on Earth anyone?

    Ahmad Usufzy

    Hell ya, lmoe is the best show on tv.

    ilbayi ozan

    Tandy is so great ! hahah

  13. danke Livchich-Pfeiff

    and you never did

  14. Ricardo. B. Dogtooth

    this is a banger!

  15. willminkorea2010

    Great rocker

  16. OlRetro

    Mr. Avory is really layin' on that high-hat at an alarming rate.  Great tune by The Kinks!  Cheers, '62 Mathew St. (Total Retro Rock)

  17. ebf1957

    this song should be in a movie

  18. Paul Heckman

    for the 3 people who 'disliked' this....


  19. chuckobscure

    the song is called 'we're gonna groove', and they sound nothing alike. (read my reply to mrmitchellz below for further information) so no, he does not have a good ear. (tee-hee)

  20. chuckobscure

    no it doesn't. plus the zeppelin song is called 'we're gonna groove'. they also did an early blues cover called 'i gotta move' live, credited to otis rush.

  21. da6is9

    @MRMITCHELLZ You know. It's funny you should say that, because Jimmy played acoustic guitar for this in the studio. He's been know to rip people off (or borrow very heavily). Hmm. Could be how "i gotta groove" came to be. Very good ear you have... why, it must be...the pot (giggle).

  22. da6is9

    Jimmy Page - acoustic 12 string guitar.


    i can't help thinkin the song "i gotta groove" from 100% influenced if not totally ripped off from this!!,.,,,than again im pretty high

    JP McGrath

    MRMITCHELLZ What's even funnier about that is that Jimmy Page played acoustic 12-string guitar on this very song!

    Karlo Berkovich

    well, not like Zep ever ripped anything off lol. :)

  24. Carla Rajca

    Very cool -Modfathers.

  25. F. Crazybone

    What year is this from? I like it


    F. Crazybone 2018

    Carlton J Fahrquahr

    F. Crazybone b side of all day and all of the night...1965....

  26. TheModdy Mod

    The Kinks are the Modfathers behind The Who!

  27. historiadorderock

    The Kinks are the Fathers of Loud Rock!! Absolutely love the Kinks drumm sound. Louder than the Beatles thank you very much! You get a variety of beats so creativ e and aggresive at the same time! Oh and what about those early distortions!!!! Actually The Kinks influenced The Yardbirds instead! Que Viva Los Kinks!!!

    William T Koltek

    You want early LOUD rock, check out the Dave Clark Five

  28. vic Sanjuanero

    in this song i think the kinks sound is very similar to the yardbirds sond (listen the bass on 00:40 to 00:48

  29. macvoutie

    True friend and as you can see I made that correction 9 months ago but no matter the bottom line is the kinks are great.

  30. helltopay1

    Not trying to "top " you mate ,that album was "muswell hillbillies"taken from the area of london they come from ,muswell Hill. good luck friend

  31. helltopay1

    Whiz you are so right,cant explain it ,these guys got me through my schooldays, they took me in my head places no other group/person whatever could.The kinks mean a lot to me.

  32. Deecky Rizzo


  33. SkimTravels

    sounds alot like 'my generation' no?

    Mark Vickroy

    SkimTravels no

  34. macvoutie

    Let me correct myself. It's "Muswell Hillbillies". Check it out it's a great album.

  35. macvoutie

    Before the Who hit it big the Kinks had the rawest sound around. Check out their "Melbuorne Hillbillies" album from the 70's. it's as good as anything out now.

  36. chrisradano

    very cool. Dust my boots and comb my hair.

    Mark Vickroy

    chrisradano fill my gap and comb my hair (is the better verse) cheers!

  37. helltopay1

    kinks all over the tube THANKYOU!!!!

  38. ebf1957

    Props to Ray Davies for a kick ass song.


    and Dave, the king of riffs