Kinks, The - I Go To Sleep Lyrics

When I look up from my pillow I dream you are there with me.
Though you are far away I know you'll always be near to me.
I go to sleep, sleep, and imagine that you're there with me.
I go to sleep, sleep, and imagine that you're there with me.

I look around me and feel you are ever so close to me.
Each tear that flows from my eyes brings back memories of you to me.
I go to sleep, sleep, and imagine that you're there with me.
I go to sleep, sleep, and imagine that you're there with me.

I was wrong, I will cry, I will love you to the day I die.
You alone, you alone and no one else, you were meant for me.

When morning comes once more I have the loneliness you left me.
Each day drags by until finally night time descends on me.
I go to sleep, sleep, and imagine that you're there with me.
I go to sleep, sleep, and imagine that you're there with me.

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Kinks, The I Go To Sleep Comments
  1. Taj

    Have you guys have hear Sia 😍 ?

  2. Jamie Anybody

    I heard Peggy Lee do this first. Her version's my favorite They were British, right? So why do I get a French accent off them? I must be tired!

  3. Celtic Revival / Adfywiad Celtaidd

    The original version right here

  4. Garry Hope

    52 and i just found out it is a Kinks tune, i know nada.

  5. anavi 228

    Oh, that burning desire...

    When I look up from my pillow
    I dream you are there with me
    Though you are far away
    I know you'll always be near to me
    I go to sleep, sleep
    And imagine that you're there with me
    I go to sleep, sleep
    And imagine that you're there with me

  6. Don Buck

    This is a demo that The Kinks never put out, but I think Cher had a hit with it in the 60s also the pretenders as well along with this young person Sia whoever she is, I heard her take, very good she has a great voice

  7. Johnny Telles

    I love this song and band the kinds was also considered by some part of the punk move mint

  8. I make comments cuz this is my commenting channel

    i just figured out the z berg version of this song was a cover and i like a song from the 60s. who knew?!

  9. Alejandra Castañeda


  10. samsbro1952

    Pure genius.

  11. Chanel V

    This song reminds me of the man I fell in love with

  12. WckdLttlSnnrs 28

    Thank you z Berg. I finally found a kinks song I like.

  13. Johnny

    What a journey this was
    From Russian doll to Anika to Sia to this

  14. David Ellis

    Ray Davies & The Kinks never even put out a final version. They sold the song. You can hear the influence they had on Blur.

  15. city zen

    "I Go to Sleep" is a song written by Ray Davies and first released by The Applejacks. It was never recorded by The Kinks, but Ray Davies's demo can be found in reissue bonus tracks of their second studio album Kinda Kinks.

  16. msjadeli

    I just learned tonight that Ray Davies wrote this. Only knew The Pretenders version up until today. It's one of my favorite songs and now I love it even more.

  17. micah7817

    Netflix brought me here #RussianDoll

  18. Jessica Vincent

    The best

  19. cordial

    Russian Doll brought me here (are the kids still doing that?).

  20. menevetsny

    Russian Doll bought me here

    жан шале

    How much ?

  21. nyg1954

    another masterpiece of simplicity by ray davies.

  22. hilrant

    love this !

  23. maya

    Russian doll anyone?

    Vincent Law



    The one in the episode is a cover by Anika

    Stuart Robertson

    @z z The Pretenders version is my favorite

    David Care


  24. honeydipz73


  25. Disco Biker Barefoot Acrylics

    Dana York Petty mentioned this song recently. TP made her a mix with this song in it. The words are haunting! It's like he knew he was leaving her. So sad. I'll always think of the two of them when I hear it. R.I.P. Tom. ❤️

  26. tc030564

    For my generation born in the early mid 60s this is best remembered by The pretenders in 81 , but this is deffo as good if not better, love that piano .

  27. Guitar fan

    The Kinks made a briljant song....the Pretenders made it thicker and more dramatic

  28. april emily

    the best version full stop goooood

  29. eLi FILMS

    Here, We Made It

  30. Kurt Lucas

    homie I schleep

  31. alice

    i love this song and i love the cover by z berg it flows really well

  32. Kenji Fuse

    Anyone know who's playing the piano?
    My guesses: 1) Ray; 2) Nicky Hopkins; 3) Shel Talmy?

    Scott Soloway

    This demo is just Ray alone in a Denmark Street studio.

  33. Division Day Productions

    When people are comparing different versions bare in mind that this is just a demo, despite that it's also my favourite version. Why?

    Because it's a Ray Davies composition, sung by Ray Davies. Unbeatable imo

  34. Super Jack

    “Kansas” by Gorillaz brought me here

  35. eddie legend

    This song is my treasure

  36. gravematter1

    The two best Pretenders songs were written by Ray Davies.

  37. Christian Di gennaro

    When a feeling of loneliness turns into a disconsolately poetry.

  38. Kikki

    Sia has emotion and power in her voice...she could deliver the feel rightly..those who cry here abt Sia's version is bad, coz they wanna somehow hate Sia..thts it.. 🙏🙏

  39. james pasifull

    This isn't a 'version'!
    It's the composer singing HIS song!
    Anything afterwards IS a version!

  40. Gordon Reichert

    ug people. I love sia but her version of this isn't good at all. Downright hoaky. This shit however, haunting. Y'all are tasteless or tonedef er sumphin? Pretenders did and alright version I suppose. but if you say you prefer that sia version it is you who is the pretender. Pretending to actually listen to this version that is. SAD!!!!

  41. P Andrade

    This is a 1965 demo by 21 year old Ray Davies- not the Kinks.

  42. TheAce24

    This is by far my favorite version and the best one in my opinion. Everyone kept raving about Sia's version so I went and checked it out, but I hated it. The reason I like The Kinks' version so much is exactly because it's so simple. It's just a piano and lyrics. That simplicity really enhances the loneliness and sadness in this song. Sia did too much to the song. Added a lot of unnecessary stuff in my opinion. Sure she has a wide vocal range, but that doesn't mean it's good. The thing I hated most about the song though, was that she mumbles a lot lol. I can't understand her half the time. So to me, The Kinks' version will always be the best.


    I love covers because they allow the artist covering the song to bring something to the song that wasn't there before. While it's not making something 'new' per se, it is creating a different experience. I really appreciate a DJ that makes a thoughtful and brilliant use of a sample too.


    I just hate the way she sounds singing Sleeeepppp

    Mohamed Algouhary

    @JamesBaxterFromAX That's literally the best part of it though (imo)

    Mohamed Algouhary

    The reason why this is so simple is because it wasn't actually produced, it's just the demo, it was never officially released by the Kinks. If it was actually officially produced by them, it wouldn't have been so simple and the music will be much more than a simple piano.

    Also, all versions are very different and each has a different feeling and I can appreciate them all honestly.


    @Mohamed Algouhary i like all the versions too..m except for Sia's

  43. Dewey Dewey

    Love this so much

  44. JM BlackSone

    I Prefer Cher's Version uwu

    But... This is the original?

    Glenn Page Music

    JM BlackSone This is the original demo. The Kinks never made an official version for release.

    Scott Soloway

    Yes, a demo version made by composer Ray Davies in January, 1965. He wrote for his newborn daughter.

  45. Edi Baramashvili

    სია არა ბიონსე თქვენ ხომ არ ანძრევთ

  46. Lovorka

    this song breaks my heart. you can feel davies's feelings breaking his own heart...

  47. Alabaster Shazaam

    Sia's version is very very good, but nothing beats the original imho. There's just this undeniable whimsicality in this version, I just want to frolic through fields of lilacs holding hands with oompa-loompas, smoking a fat joint while this plays in the background!

  48. Dave Meredith

    Original and best. Bleak -but brilliant

  49. Marc Kane

    No one can really touch on this sublime original recording of l go to sleep..Ray Davies One of the greatest songwriters of all time...The Kinks a fantastic band that live on through timeless singles and albums ......Marc Kane


    love it

  51. theWARMJET

    Man, the covers are just ok, this one is just superb, you really cant compare


    how can it be answer to the smiths this came out first

  53. Sonic Vitriol

    i like better anika's version, it feels so pale, so cold, so lonely and utterly shattering

  54. Robert Wheeler

    Kinks are great, but Sia tears this song up: more emotional power

    Glenn Page Music

    Robert Wheeler This is only a demo. Kinks never made an official version.

    Horroratio Neilsen

    1 last time the genius R.D.D. wrote the FN' song NOT Stupid !!!

  55. Simon Taylor

    Presumably, like Yesterday, it is Ray Davies on his own?

  56. cindy gutierrez

    The first version I ever heard was of The Pretenders, they covered a few Kinks songs. I guess she was a fan of his before they dated.

  57. oki music

    sorry, the Pretenders version is the best. but what a wonderfully sad song.

  58. jum hitty

    I'm starting to like this more than Sia's cover! It's simpler and, to me, sounds sadder...or more desperate

  59. Emily Gould

    Nothing beats the original. This is for sure the best.

    Mark Kovacs

    "I Go to Sleep" is a song written by Ray Davies and first released by The Applejacks. It was never recorded by The Kinks, but Ray Davies's demo can be found in reissue bonus tracks of their second studio album Kinda Kinks.


    @Mark Kovacs Peggy Lee, The Applejacks and Cher all released this song in 1965

  60. Wherethefeniansleeps 7

    So simple yet still perfect.

  61. viktor aloi

    I just tried listening to the Sia version, for the first time. How could anyone say that's better than this?

    Glenn Page Music

    viktor aloi Because they don't understand subtlety, nuance and understatement. They gotta have everything jammed down their throat.


    Anyone who heard the both may say Sia has more emotion in her voice nd her's is the best☺☺


    @Glenn Page Music Or maybe they just have a different taste in music than you? I know it's a crazy idea, but it's a just a thought. Personally, I enjoy The Pretender's, and Sia's version. They both take the song and do something new that the original didn't. Sia, I feel portrays the emotion of the song well. Her voice is very fitting for this kind of music and they both add their own style to the song and changed enough from the original to make to make it unique to them, without being disrespectful to the original. That is what makes a cover good, trying something new that the original didn't (or couldn't in this case) and making the song unique to the artist covering that song. Maybe you just can't see the nuances, and subtleties of these versions? They're definitely there, believe me. So long.

  62. Stefan J.

    peoples,song are song 😎😞😟😕😔😴

  63. indyjones34

    I wonder why no one ever talks about the Cher version. I can't even find its video. It is my favorite.

  64. lahsan lahsan

    Sia's version is the best....really it makes me flying away with my nostalgic feelings

  65. Arcanjo Miguel

    stop complaining wich version is better, the latter ones wouldnt exist without the formers

  66. Christian Orbegoso Reyes

    The best version is of SIA

  67. Alexandre Guitry

    original is the best !


    The centre is everywhere.

  68. Ceci Me Seed

    Love Anika's version and S.Maharba as well🌹❤️

    Noones Home

    ceci barraza S. Maharbras version is a cover of a Marion Maerz cover of i go to sleep. you should look it up. theres a music video for it. its amazing and lovely


    YAAAAAAS A gazillion points for mentioning S.Maharba

  69. Reg Hunt

    This version makes the most sense I think. It sounds very Bacharach. But Chrissie completely redefined it, which is what Sia's version is derived from.

  70. Ms DW

    just love it!!

  71. Martha Macdonald

    Best version. No one else's version can top this

    Zed Dravot

    Yes, half my life so far I lived in ignorance thinking it was Pretenders song. And then found out it was written by Ray for Peggy Lee. I love Peggy Lee, but her version sounds rushed and half-hearted, a sad misfire.
    The demo is a cut above the Pretenders more polished take.

    Noones Home

    Marion Maerz version is the best cover

    Natalie Morales

    Z Berg's cover is great too

    Andrew Burgardt

    Anika's cover is good too


    Cher's version is great


    For me, the best version is on the soundtrack to their musical 'Sunny Afternoon'.

  73. Leslie Mariah Andrews

    pretenders version is best I think

  74. Callum Graham

    This is definitely my favourite version yet I feel that the pretenders improved the bridge which seems a bit empty. However, this aspect improves the rest of the song and I don't think there needs to be anything except a piano and his voice of course.

  75. Siren Catwoman

    I like Sia's version better👌

    Glenn Page Music

    Siren Catwoman This is a demo.

  76. Pete COOMBER

    I like Cher's version but Chrissie Hynde's is brilliant. However I have been a Kinks fan since 1964 so Ray's version has to be tops.

  77. Yggdrasil's Beatroots

    inb4, I'm a damn retard
    I want to play this on guitar, but I'm finding a problem. I have a terrible musical ear and cannot work out the notes between when he sings "I go to sleep" I want to put it into a bend but for the love of god I can't find it, help anyone?

    Claude Alain

    je ne comprends pas vraiment vos difficultés... je l'ai joué à la batterie et j'y suis arrivé du premier coup... je suis de tout coeur avec vous...

    C Diatkine

    E minor 7, F# major, E minor. So it's just playing a minor, manor and minor chord going up on the guitar neck. Then there are high pitch notes: G and F#. I haven't listend carefully, but the piano also plays crotchets (ostinato in the medium) on the E minor: G and F#.

    Yggdrasil's Beatroots

    Makes sense now, cheers

  78. Melan Firas

    sorry sia better she has such a feeling when she sing this song

    Glenn Page Music

    Melan Firas This is a demo.

  79. babushka babushkic

    Sia's version is sooo good, but I find this more fun than her version.

    abby higgins

    I agree

  80. Mike Kaplan

    this is the best version. 2nd   Chrissie Hynde. no doubt about it

    mike fitton

    +Shalome Pinto Like many other female singers, she sounds like she's being strangled.

    Gabriel Alves

    +mike fitton But... really not. She sings with her soul, and her silence is pure emotion. She did the best version of all!


    +Mike Kaplan I couldn't agree more. Most all the cover versions treat it as a pop song. The original has a haunting quality that none of the covers capture. The Pretenders did a fantastic job arranging it as more of a ballad. Sia, Cher, Peggy Lee, Marion...all those cover versions treat it as an early 60s pop vocal, but that couldn't be further from the essence of the song as composed and originally recorded.

    Mary Joana

    @TOMGUIDO66 forgot Anika's version.. she did an amazing work...


    @mike fitton I think you may have some psychological issues if you think all female singers sound like they're being strangled :D

  81. VICtorian071

    This version is terrible. Sounds like the Oompa Loompa from Charlie and the chocolate factory. Love Sia,s cover though.


    +VICtorian071 Sia's version is too overstated, not subtle enough. The Pretenders version is far superior. This Kinks version is just a demo.

    nicola gianaroli

    I like to disagree with you on Apollo and also here. This version based only on voice and piano is pure bliss.Forget the rest

  82. richard obbard

    Ist time for me ...brilliant song ...

  83. Alex Bird

    Great song but I can't seem to find a version of it I really, really like. This one is maybe my favorite but it clearly sounds like a demo, and I think most other versions do the bridge a lot better. I also love Rasputina's version, but it's got these weird abrupt rhythm changes. All the other covers I've heard either change the tempo too much or put in too much vocal theatrics for such a simple melody.

    K A

    +Alex Bird Try Anika's! It's really different but amazing. I love it.

  84. Pseudonym

    This to me feels like the Kinks answer to 'asleep' by the smiths..


    +Babe Harlson This is a love song, Asleep is a desperate, lonely, cry for help.


    +Babe Harlson Yeah, that Johnny Marr, I've often wished I could borrow his time machine!


    @terrypussypower Aw Time travel is class i'd say you would like 'Back to the Future' its all about encroaching the boundaries of space and time! :) 


    it's also rather Dionne Warwick/Burt Bacharach. The right era also

    Scott Soloway

    Tom Morrison Actually written in December 1964 for Ray’s newborn daughter.


    So that's where the pretenders got it from lol


    @MATTHEW TAYLOR Ray Davies was married to the singer of the Pretenders for a bit and had a daughter with her.

    Scott Soloway

    naturphilosophie1 They had a daughter, but were never married.

  86. Tommy H

    I do like this version, and I know it's the original demo, but I find Sia's cover much more powerful and vocally dominant. Sia's vocal range, in my opinion, is second to no one


    +Soul Saviva Yeah, too right. "Voice Of The Xtabay" is fucking nuts!

    sey yed

    +Tommy H sia sucks

    Josh Salinas

    +sey yed u suck more! hahaha! tone deff!


    Just a great song done well by whoever

    Scott Soloway

    MmeDesgranges Since Ray wrote this in 1964 for his newborn daughter your reasoning is a bit off.

  87. Deprecated Account

    Ha, I discovered this song via Anika. Did not realize it was a cover.

    Alex Rowney

    Lord Nerezza omggggg me neither


    Checkout the SIA version.

    Don Buck

    It was a hit by Cher in the 60s and covered again by the pretenders in the 70s. This is a demo, the kinks never put it out


    It was a cover from the best song writer who’s ever walked this planet

  88. Hospicio Yballe

    This song will always resonate with me.  "You alone and no one else.  You were meant for me."

    Sia's version was the first I heard, but this is simply breathtaking.


    Hospicio Yballe l


  89. Matsuko Kitade

    Sia's cover of this is the best.  She sounds absolutely heartbreaking.

    Tune Hawk

    Because she warbles all over it?


    +Matsuko Kitade No chance. The Pretenders version of this is far superior to Sia's in every way possible.

    Anoril Palanril

    I just can't but agree with you!
    I hate to say a cover is better than the original, but there is no comparision! The Pretenders got something more...

    Glenn Page Music

    Anoril Palanril This is only a demo. The Kinks never recorded an official version.

  90. Sarah Nyberg Pergament

    such a nice song. listen to the cover with peggy lee. 

  91. Blake Bard

    The Kinks version is the best, by far.

    mannu vera

    Im sorry, but sia's version is still the best

    Bert Andres

    Nah Pretenders is

    bloo minotti

    S.Maharba’s version is my fav, it samples Marion Maerz’s cover of this song

    Dan G

    @mannu vera laughable

  92. Alfredo sanchez navarrete

    a decir verdad me gusta mas la version de THE PRETENDERS, pero siempre la version original suena especial .....

  93. TOANS


  94. Galericulus

    I am a lifelong Kinks' fan, and I have posted that this original demo is the best version of the song in my opinion.  However, I have today come across a much slower cover version by Sia than the one of hers that usually turns up, and I cannot believe how powerful it is.  To my great surprise I have changed my mind and now opt for Sia's very slow cover as the best version of this wonderful song.  But it has to be that version, not the faster one.  Such emotional depth.  Highly recommended for a listen.   


    @michael morreale Hi.  Hadn't heard that precise recording, I don't think, although she has quite a few here on You Tube.  I'm not going to argue with you.  She has a great voice, and the slow treatment of some of her deliveries does seem to suit the song so well.  They are all great recordings in my opinion, and who can choose which is best?  But thanks for alerting me to one I don't recall seeing before.

    Matsuko Kitade

     I think Sia's version is the best by far.

    Ged Maybury

    Oh gosh! I don't believe I've ever heard this. Other versions, yes.
    Thus this to me is *awful*. I think a lot of others have done this way better. 
    But there is the interesting thing: the power of the composition still came through, despite this ham-fisted original. 


    @Ged Maybury
    I think two factors are applying here.  Firstly, this was only ever intended as a demo recording, never for general release.  But one of the people who knew of its existence felt the wider public deserved to hear it, and I for one am glad he did.  The second factor is this.  I believe that you almost always prefer the first version of a song you hear, and I could give examples of where that has happened to me.  Assuming I'm right about that, the poor production of this track would not be the only thing that put you off it, either consciously or sub-consciously.

    I would like to recommend a Kinks' track to you, just in case you haven't already heard it.  The song is called "Some Mother's Son" and it comes from the 1969 album "Arthur (or the decline and fall of the British Empire)".  It contains no fewer than 14 different chords or chord extensions and some amazing modulations.  My apologies if you already know it.  If you don't, the whole album is well worth listening to.  Best wishes.

    Ged Maybury

    I shall pursue that song, my good sir. Thanks.

    Also - " I believe that you almost always prefer the first version of a song you hear,"
    Oh yes, that is so very true.

  95. Asaf Gabay

    that's the saddest tune I've heard ever  

    Matsuko Kitade

    You should hear it sung by Sia then.  Powefull. Actually I think ABBAs The Winner Takes It All is the saddest.


    @Matsuko Kitade The Winner Takes it All is one of the saddest songs I've ever heard, and only the ABBA version. Wonderful song.


    +queenslanddiva ABBA has sadder songs than "the winner" songs like "The day before you came" and "One of us" are just so hopeless and bleak.


    Gloomy Sunday

  96. anvilson

    Ray Davies is still too underrated for his songwriting - It has such diversity for just one thing.

  97. Peter Bartlett

    Haunting..Davies was the second greatest Brit songwriter of the 60's and early 70's after Lennon imo. More depth than McCartney.

  98. Konstantin J

    The best cover of this song is made by Anika and Beak.

    Matsuko Kitade

    I disagree.  I vote for Sia.


    anika!!!!** best cover


    I say its 'Sia' whose version is the best ☺☺

    J. Levi C.

    I think the covers are so different it's really apples to oranges. Sia's version is sincere, emotional, beautiful... Anika's is creepy, haunting, almost disturbing.

    I first heard Anika's and it stuck with me because it was so mournful, really gets under your skin. I don't care for Sia's because I personally don't really like "sincere and emotional." But I don't think one is objectively better than the other really. Sia is a huge talent and great at what she does.