Kinks, The - Got Love If You Want It Lyrics

Got love if you want, babe
Got love if you want, babe
I got love if you want it
I got love if you want it
I got love if you want it
You don't ask all the while[?]
You don't ask all the while[?]

I love you little woman
I love you little woman
The way your hair hang down
The way your hair hang down
But you mistreating baby, yeah
You been a long town
You been a long town

Got love if you want, babe
Got love if you want, babe
I got love if you want it
I got love if you want it
I got love if you want it
You don't ask all the while[?]
You don't ask all the while[?]

All right boys, let's roll!

Got love if you want, babe
Got love if you want, babe
I got love if you want it
I got love if you want it
I got love if you want it
You don't ask all the while[?]
You don't ask all the while[?]

I love you little woman
I love you little woman
The way your hair hang down
The way your hair hang down
But you mistreating baby, yeah
You been a long town[?]
You been a long town[?]

All right boys, let's roll!

I love you little woman
I love you little woman
The way your hair hang down
The way your hair hang down
But you mistreating baby, yeah
You been a long town[?]
You been a long town[?]
You been a long town[?]

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Kinks, The Got Love If You Want It Comments
  1. Gary Rhone

    I know we shouldn’t compare, but I’ve listened to the Stones in 64....The Kinks blow them away with this easily!

  2. Donnie Moder

    Early Kinks were the coolest. The Stones did some really sad blues covers.

  3. behindthelimb

    oh man.. I have been searching high and low for this song! I heard it on a college station and shazamed it.. and then lost it some time back. I couldn’t remember any of the lyrics. Finally did a google search on the most punk Kinks songs.. and here I am:) Thank You!

  4. THE BEACH BOYS – Summer Days

    Why is there a cloth on one of Mick Avory's drums??

    Gary Rhone

    Endless Summer: Beach Boys old drummers trick to change tone, often to reduce snare reverb

  5. Alban Pfisterer

    The best track off their rock and roll debut, IMHO.

  6. paul rawes

    Such high energy!

  7. Verónica Jiménez

    Excelentes The Kinks y Ray Davies!!!

  8. Luis Gomes


  9. Phil Noble 2

    You can certainly see the influence Ray had on Jim Morisson!! The quiet build up into an Explosion of energy!! Also Eric Burden was another big Influence.
    Think Jim actually said the 2 bands were some of his fav"s in a "bio" they did on each member of the Doors when they kicked off?!
    It's all Good!!,

  10. Don Buck

    The Kinks did a few covers early on but The Beatles and Stones and everyone else did as well, more than the Kinks on record.The only covers by the Kinks were on the 1st record as opposed to the Beatles and the Stones and all the other English bands in the 60s that's why the Yardbirds and The Animals went nowhere, because they could't write songs as opposed to the Beatles etc. who wrote good songs a little later. BTW Jimmy Page did not play the on lead on You Really Got Me, that was Dave Davies

  11. Scott Boydle

    Great to see Mick Avory playing the drums to this track live. It's my understanding that they got Bobby Graham in on the recording. If it's not live then he's a bloody good mimic :P

  12. Buzzer365


  13. Frank Dillon

    More lively than the Yardbirds who are great, great sixties music.
    Great to be a kid with these bands

  14. city zen

    Slim Harpo would be proud.

  15. heighwaysonthewing

    Sounds just like the Who and I'm the Face is it called? when they where called the High numbers ? I think these men wrote it first though lol.


    That's exactly what I was thinking, but the original version of this song by Slim Harpo sounds more like I'm The Face

    Don Buck

    No this an old song by Slim Harpo called got love if you want it.The Who covered it and they called it I am the face when they called themselves the detours

  16. C Synch

    Kinks perfected the blues in those early days, they cut their teeth on it.

  17. Dylan Larson


  18. sbarr10

    Love the dancers in this superb Kinks performance - they look so intense ! The camera work is terrific too. Look at the closeup of the hand over the epiphone logo on the guitar. Truly one of the best shot Kinks videos ever.

  19. Vincent Neale

    It would be really interesting to compare the set lists of all the British bands of the early 60s pre hit days. I suspect you would find a 50% + overlap of blues covers from America.

  20. Norton Records

    Where is that hankie from the snare drum....?

  21. Weird Old Uncle Kenny

    Ray sounds a lot like Keith Relf on this one!

  22. Michael Platter

    5 User got no love when they want it......!

  23. Michael Platter

    Ray Davis at his best

  24. Barney Bear

    Slim harpo just look him up!!!

  25. PraiseHolyTrinity

    Ray is a total performer! God bless all!

  26. Nemo

    o h  m y   g o d

  27. Paul Rupert

    Sir Ray Davies

  28. DraganChe Gagi

    Kinx rock :)

  29. Mark

    They didn't hire Jimmy Page on the early records, I heard him say so in a radio interview.
    Tripe? You're clearly a moron.

    Kenji Fuse

    Jimmy WHO? :)

  30. Ivan Shipy

    my mate LARRY really thinks he is one of the band

    R GEN

    one of the band members?


    Best band ever.

  31. Stephanie Harris

    shockingly good like really really really good effortless, apparantly

    Kenji Fuse

    I bet they were practicing their asses off here. A few months later they would stop practicing, and they would start lip-synching and/or air-playing on TV (BBC union rules and demanded by US TV), and they would instead mock TV standards. This, incidentally, got them banned in the us from '65-'69.

  32. Drama Queen

    good band name, good music :3

  33. Raimund Samson


  34. simonguitarman

    This is probably one of the best performances ever broadcast by the BBC. So me a band nowadays that has the same energy and passion as these guys. There isn't. All we have is Simon Cowell rubbish!

    steven aitken

    The Strypes do a particularly energetic version and they are only young fellas. Check it out I am sure you will enjoy.


    What Steven said...

    Costin ThePit

    Royal Blood

  35. MeloLand

    Ray Davies is the man!!

  36. 1wolfoutlaw

    ah memories, thanks

  37. sharonra2000

    The best,,,,,,,,who doesn't love this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. reklessheart

    I fucking love it ,,when he comes up with the harmonica ,,what a hit !!

    Frances St Lawrence

    reklessheart deadpan then kick ass, deadpan then kickass, repeat! Classic proto-metal Blues rock, the very fuel for that 90s indie 'quiet/loud ' Pixies/Nirvana thing, and an old Slim Harpo cover to boot! V.V. Cool. Harking back and ahead of its time all in one!

  39. Anthony Monaghan

    Fucking badass!!

  40. skypanther1

    covering the great swamp bluesman Slim Harpo...:}

  41. percy 12/37

    I really love the way Ray sings this song!!!

  42. layde1

    Mesmerising! Oh, to be in that audience. I would give my heart to Ray Davies. By the way, to C Parsons, I never had any problems hearing "with your two dollar gown" at 0.40 in this performance.

  43. skykiss12

    why underrated, they were among the first four top groups. Beatles, Stones, Kinks, The Who.

  44. PatrickTX100

    Not just Muswell Hillbillies, they had great albums up until the 80's, such as Misfits and Low Budget

  45. C Parsons

    Kinks forever..................

  46. FallFanCan

    I don't know about 1970 - Muswell Hillbillies' is a masterpiece.

  47. guitarkat99

    Nice shots of his Epi guitar, but otherwise, where the hell is Dave? This is an outstanding performance, though...

  48. omanichickiebabe

    I just love this song, it's groovy beat, Ray's voice and his riveting performance.

  49. Richard Franklin

    @BigTuna1994 Village Green etc was'nt a very succesful album commercially on release but may have come to be appreciated later as is sometimes the case with music.

  50. Richard Franklin

    @BigTuna1994 The Kinks were better known as a singles band though werent they? Whatever, its all a matter of personal taste really. I believe the quality and variety of the music was much more interesting in those days and the Kinks certainly are one of the bands which have stood the test of time. I saw a young kid wearing a tee shirt with Jimi Hendrix on the other day so its not just me being nostalic.

  51. Richard Franklin

    @BigTuna1994 With the arrival of blues rock artists like Hendrix and Cream in the late sixties the Kinks were seen as out of date and as more of a pop act and lost much of their popularity. Tribute should be paid to them though because there is no doubt they were accomplished musicians and songwriters and You Really Got Me is bang up to date (even played during the fireworks for the new year in London). They just went in the wrong direction.

    Gary Rhone

    The ban had a lot to do with that...could they have been a bigger band if they stayed blues heavy...likely, yet no Waterloo Sunset? No Village Green....we would not be better off. Dave Davies May have become a bigger star though.

  52. Richard Franklin

    @BigTuna1994 Sorry but I still think it was Page. What I dont understand is how on one hand they can have songs like You Really Got me and All Day and All of the Night with killer riffs and then produce (in my opinion) tripe like Dedicated Follower of Fashion and the The Village Green Preservation Society.

    paul rawes

    No it most certainly wasn't Paige. He has publicly confirmed he didn't play on YRGM!

    Gary Rhone

    I think this song is evidence enough that Dave held his own. No Page

  53. perfuzz

    @phyuckyeu - You should search clips of the sonics here on youtube... You might like it. They were sorta ahead of their time to.

  54. Richard Franklin

    @phyuckyeu Good point. Part of the reason why their early stuff was so much like that, for example You Really Got Me and All Day and All of the Night may have been because they hired Jimmy Page (later Led Zeppelin) who was a top session man at the time. You Really Got Me has got Pages playing style all over it.

    Kenji Fuse

    Jimmy Page only played second rhythm guitar on YRGM. The bold, brash, distorted guitar sound is 17-year-old Dave, who INVENTED that sound by slashing the cone of his little practice amp and fed the singal into his concert VOX. The single most underrated musician in Western music.

  55. phyuckyeu

    Just watch 3:15 to 3:59 over and over and tell me that isn't the beginning of hard rock and metal thrash crossed with some psychedelic grateful dead freakout shit, years before any of those things existed. Love the transition from thrash back to Beatles groove at 4:00. So smooth like buttah.

    Paul V. Montefusco

    phyuckyeu I will tell you no such thing! This is the best. Cheers! E vivano i Davies e tutti i Kinks!

  56. Shane Henning

    great cover

  57. Dylan Kesler

    I love how everything gets softer and softer, and you can see by the look of Ray's mischievous face that he's about to do something...
    Then it explodes with him shouting and the harmonica solo back into the song again. Epic.
    Also, I liked the way he pronounces 'love'... He says it the same as you would say 'grove'

  58. leeham987

    @pissdrunkizzy probably lol

  59. kevin clinton

    god save the kinks

  60. Matil D

    brilliant, always cheers me up, they always produced the best upbeat dance tracks

  61. C Parsons

    nevermind--just found another studio version and figured it out

    "with your 2 dollar gown......"

  62. C Parsons

    I got all the lyrics EXCEPT whatever he says at 0:40 Anybody know what the hell he's saying?

    The studio version does not have that line, and I cannot figure it out and it's driving me nuts!

  63. Adam Burns

    @pgrabar Ray must've bribed them not to! Haha. Brotherly love!

  64. sukkkmyballs

    awesome just awesome

  65. Ismael Salazar

    man, were they on something.

  66. faeryquene

    The Kinks going mental like I knew they could!♥ Thanks for sharing!

    And I want some of whatever The Kinks were smokin'.. ♫

  67. pgrabar

    Fantastic! I've never seen this video before - weird how they never showed Dave Davies' face. Thanks for posting!