Kinks, The - Don't Forget To Dance Lyrics

You look out of your window,
Into the night.
Could be rain, could be snow,
But it can't feel as cold as what you're feeling inside.

And all of you friends are either married, vanished,
Or just left alone.
But that's no reason to just stop living.
That's no excuse to just give in to a sad and lonely heart.

Don't forget to dance, no, no, no,
Don't forget to smile.
Don't forget to dance, no, no, no,
Forget it for a while.

'Cause darling, darling,
I bet you danced a good one in your time.
And if this were a party
I'd really make sure the next one would be mine.
Yes, you with the broken heart.

Don't forget to dance, no, no, no,
Don't forget to smile.
Don't forget to dance, no, no, no,
Forget it for a while.

Don't forget to dance, no, no, no,
Forget it for a while.

You walk down the street
And all the young punks whistle at you.
A nice bit of old,
Just goes to show what you can achieve
With the right attitude.
As you pass them by
They whisper their remarks one to another,
And you give them the eye
Even that you know that you could be their mother.
You do the thing you love the best.
What separates you from the rest,
And what you love to do the most?
And when they ask me how you dance,
I say that you dance real close.

Don't forget to dance, no, no, no,
Don't forget to dance.

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Kinks, The Don't Forget To Dance Comments
  1. Kay Redburn


  2. Aj Styles

    What a joy, I finally found this beautiful song, I had years of looking for it and today February 8 I found it. Thank you. Blessings.

  3. Susanne M N


  4. my melody

    Don't forget to dance.... NEVER!!! 💖

    Blog Ex

    I love the song. Btw, are you seeing my picture or another image?

    my melody

    @Blog Ex I love this song too... yes, I see a picture. It's a handsome young man... is this you??? 😊

  5. alfredagain

    Thanks. That's a great sound quality.

  6. David Armstrong

    Another lovely bittersweet song from the great Kinks.

  7. Jacqueline Cooper


  8. Jhail Reyes

    En Latinoamérica también la escuchamos!! The Best Kinks of rock 🎸

  9. Alex Slovenia

    so emotional song.I love it.

  10. Darren schwede

    "God save the Kinks" saw this on an overpass heading thru a appropriate

  11. tarquin45

    Nice song, shame about the video!


    My favorite Kinks song.

  13. Fred Sonnenschein

    Was für ein tolles Lied! What a Wonderful song!

  14. Mona Dotson

    Great song .

  15. alan skočaj

    Thank You

  16. Der echte Hanika

    Mein Gott, was war das eine schöne Zeit. :-((

  17. Der echte Hanika

    Warum gibt es heute nur den Einheitsbrei? Von Melodie und Musik keine Spur. Damals habe ich mir mindestens ein Platte pro Woche gekauft. Heute? Ich wüsste nicht was ich mir kaufen sollte. :-((

  18. Mike B

    Fucking hell, I was at the lowest point in my life when one of my favorite bands made one of the saddest songs I'd ever heard. But 2 years later I met the love of my lifetime.

  19. jean 666

    Beautiful 😍💕80's forever

  20. Chris D.

    Einfach traumhaft schön das Lied. So was gibt´s auch nicht mehr.

  21. Michael Timmins

    If you can't work out why she's dancing on a pole you need to listen to the lyrics more carefully

  22. marcman0013

    Could watch her dance all day...great dancer and video....thanx..

  23. JP Stone

    she is splendid!

  24. Frank Janovsky

    Da werden Erinnerungen wach. Schöne Zeit war's,1983/'84

  25. Richard Burton

    One of the best guitar intros.

  26. Luigi Gasparrini

    Che bella canzone

  27. thx thx

    The very best of


    Absolute fantastic music and lyrics - I love it !   "Dance" can be understood in different ways, right now it gives me hope finding light at the end of the tunnel ..... Don`t forget to dance . . . don`t forget to live - even if it`s hard doing so - don`t forget to believe  . . .

  29. Don Pedro

    Best romantic song ever heard. Pure Passion.

  30. Ankh 1003

    absolutely wonderful song.

  31. Winfried Krause

    Klasse !!

  32. Arne Emil Bredland

    A weird, and somewhat crappy video to one of the most beautiful songs recorded by The Kinks.

  33. David Miller

    This is a truly beautiful recording. Brilliant guitar arrangement; fine, sensitive vocals from Ray Davis; and a wonderful lyric full of nostalgia.

  34. Sharkbiteleft

    Nice tune.....forgot about this one. Thanks for the upload. When music was something.

  35. William Cross

    I'm loving it all pole dancing on a 1983 smash hit by The Kinks' "Don"t Forget To Dance,"

  36. Yoichi Higashiyama

    my 80's best song. I like The Kinks!

  37. Ralph Smith

    What a beautiful poem!

  38. mustsee

    great song,, it brings me back,,

  39. SpaghettiandSauce

    It's impressive the Kinks managed to keep refreshing their sound to stay relevant for so many years and through so many changes of taste. "You really got me" epitomizes the style of the 60s, and this epitomizes the style of the 80s.

  40. katrinelene

    Epic, magnificient!

  41. Arctic Gummibear

    nice ruined by a pole dancing..get real.

  42. Beyond Alpha

    Wow what a good song, music is such shit now

  43. Paul Brochner

    Great 80s song paired with beautiful 80s style pole dancing. (When it involved grace, skill and strength, before it became all about "twerking".)

    Great video. Thanks for the memories. Well done. 👍

    purple haze

    Paul Brochner Pole dancing always had the aim to irritate sexually. Nowadays it just became more popular as an exercise.

  44. John Benn

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From a 73yo Aussie fan.

  45. Joe L

    Great song, great video!

  46. Peter Gillies

    Pole dancing imagery is totally inappropriate to Ray Davies' gorgeous theme of the loneliness of a mature woman who can 'dance real close'.

    gayle huntt maxfield

    Peter Gillies , i totally a woman have always loved this song, but the pole dancer while gorgeous is a totally sexist slant that the song doesn't have....wanted to share with a friend but not with that video....

  47. John Rowland

    remember the lads from the 60's absolutely fabulous, play the CD regularly, brings back my wife and mine great memories, best fans ever

  48. Michael Smith

    80s lovely remory for me

  49. jadejupiter


  50. Ronald Vermeulen

    such beautiful song...lots of memories of that year 1983

  51. Rik Deschout

    beste nummer van de beste groep aller tijden!

  52. Maurice de bondt

    vind ik zeer goed

  53. Robert Leutwiler

    like a tart green apple ready to be coated with red caramel.

  54. Robert Leutwiler

    so chouette that it burns (quema, quema!!!) c'est completement vrai! ciao!!

  55. Larry Isenberg

    I'd pay $10,000 for that pole !!!!!!

    Sharon Lamoureau

    thx for lol , i am that woman, now ( the older one, not the pole dancer)

    Kevin Gosson

    Sharon Lamoureau Older is better!

    Sharon Lamoureau

    thank you Kevin Gosson ,lol, nice


    I can get hold of a scaffolding pole for only....let's see... 5 grand.

  56. Larry Isenberg

    Larry IsenbergNo question, the  Kinks' best song. Can't get enough. Another underrated 60's rock band.

    Love London

    Yes the kinks are very underrated and this is a lovely song


    Ray Davies musician, singer, songwriter. The kinks got more recognition in the US than his own country. Shame on we Brits!!!

    jamie wesson

    best 80s songs maybe but not a patch on there 60s and 70s songs

    Richard Jones

    @jamie wesson True, but still a beautiful, heartfelt track and still 10 times better than anything around nowadays.

  57. Don Pedro

    I like this song. Takes me back...

  58. José Muñoz Clemente

    Fantastic !!!

  59. thomas read

    The best Kinks song. Great Video too. "Makes me wish I was a pole."

  60. Eric Runge

    Ein wunderschönes Lied und eine wunderschöne erotisch tanzende Frau

  61. Matt Sweeney

    Great song. Tacky video.

    The song is "Don't Forget to Dance"--not "Don't Forget to Be a Sex Worker".

    Not that there's anything wrong with sex work.

    Migot Loken

    she's dancing

    Lucrezia Borgia

    Maybe not I don´t know, but pole dancer or stripper is not necessarily a sex worker.


    Pole dancing and prostitution are not the same thing.

    Arrianna Moneta

    Matt Sweeney sex worker is not the same thing you can take classes for it just like you do for ballet

  62. Ronald Magistro

    fabulous. like God incarnate. I can feel him.

  63. Bernd Sauerwein

    ein großer song. wunderbar

  64. marcman0013

    Damn nice job on the video...

  65. Seppo K.Laine

    i love this song !!!!

  66. geopearlst

    the kids are hungry and there's no food in the house. Time to hit the ol' stripper pole.

  67. deb schertzberg


  68. deb schertzberg


  69. Tonithenightowl

    Great song !!!  Love the Kinks. However I kept my daughter off the pole so I did my job lol.:o)

  70. Lisa Marie

    I will never forget to dance one can take that from me. ..

  71. Cargofan

    Volksfest, Autoscooter....

  72. Robert Mitchum

    Ein wunderschöner Song ... geht so richtig ins Herz ... wundervoll.

  73. Remo Williams

    Wow, perfect match to the music.

  74. TheWathman

    Great song, not heard it for years.

  75. Marty C

    They are prolific geniuses. 

  76. 007JHS

    What nine [email protected] gave this the thumbs down... Must have been the Nazgul... Cast them into the pits of Mordor.

    Daryl Parkin

    Alright fanboy keep your pants on. This is The Kinks not Dungeons & Dragons


    heh heh heh heh!

  77. Klaus Mayer

    Ein absoluter Klassiker ... Tolle Zeit 

  78. Anne Rose

    Don't Forget To Smile.... sooo schön....

    Леонид Безлепкин

    Смех и улыбки продлевают вашу жизнь!.

    Anne Rose

    @Леонид Безлепкин Das stimmt!

  79. Carrie Little Crow

    Grew up with The Kinks so flippin awesome to hear their music this is a song that will live on forever!!!

  80. Tony Testa

    Lucky pole!

  81. Fedor Kwastics

    The Kinks - Don't Forget To Dance HD

    Gail Schoentag

    Beautiful, bittersweet.... how do you make this music alive? Your biggest fan...

  82. Miroslav Drozd

    Pekna pisen,strasne dlouho jsem ji hledal,SUPER!!!!

  83. gerald dowsett

    classic. should be rereleased.I did email kinks at HQ

  84. Taz Man

    Considering that the pole dancer is Kate Moss, I don't know why some people are complaining about the dancer.


    That isn't Kate Moss!!! KM is beautifully slim, this woman is fat (thighs)! Kate Moss pole dances in the White Stripe's, "I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself".

  85. 2609cota

    1 of the best ever------

  86. Robert Wright

    Really nice. Thanks. Enjoy it a lot.
     I mean the song; although the pole dancer is ok too.

  87. Patsy Hobbs

    love love love this song a do

  88. Malcolm Cooke

    what a great song. Icky cookster

  89. David Blumberg

    thanks, very nice.  great song by the Kinks!

  90. D Targa

    Always a bit trippy to 'discover' a song again after 31 years...aye, 'twas but a horny lad when this song came out and my girlfriend and I used to make love to it in the back of my '68 Camaro.  Funny how music can take you back in a heartbeat.


    I had a '58 FC Holden sedan.' Copy this in to google images if you want see a selection.

    thx thx

    D Targa

    Nice.... 😀

  91. graham hillman

    The Kinks created a lot of good music,Thanks for uploading.

  92. Delia Estes

    The pole dancer is all wrong....  Video maker simply didn't understand this song.

    Doug Troklus

    I think the dancer adds to the song actually. But I see where you have a point. What does the song mean to you? 

    Rich Matonti

    @Doug Troklus This tune, and Come Dancing are about his sister.

  93. Antonio Dias

    Just another one for the road!!! The KInks, great band!!!

  94. America Turk

    Do you guys notice that one of the riffs sounds like it was taken from the Rolling Stones' "She's a Rainbow"? Awesome song that I couldn't get out of my head lately!!

  95. Wilhelm Tellme

    Please are there other versions from Kinks or cover versions from other bands? Thanks :-)