King, Rygin - Product Of The Ghetto Lyrics

Maestro Don
Ye dwg
Mi memba dem days ya
Like a yesterday bredda

Yu see greatness
Mi tell yu a sumn weh cya hide
Yu zimi
Ye dwgg
Pam did always tell me

Dem deh pan a level
Mi de pan another level
Dem yal a gimi brain
Dat mean me nerve a settle
Mi lef di business boiling up without a kettle
Dem boy de full a chat

Nu mek di dunce dem ketch yuh
Yu never hear bout head shot
Mi sing like tantu mi chro?
Mi float up head top

Blood mek yu face wet up
Di way dem coward
Dem hard fi set up

And tell dem Im just a just a
Mafia G

Everyday man neat
Nuff money come een
Because we chop wid di team

More ice we a freeze?
Dem gyal pan leash
280 di dash say
So me living in speed
While dem a compete
We out and a dweet
Mi feel di brain a swell and mi nu squeeze?
As me reach me smell weed?
Man a star man a celebrity
Man a celebrity
Mi son ago grow come know him father great
See dem a fight but dis was our year

Kayla say do nu mek dem stress yu brain
Cause keema gone to school and papi nu wake
Just know you mek me proud and motivated
Powers ina me dat mek me never fraid
Product adi ghetto dat a weh mi be

Product of the ghetto
Product of the ghetto
Nu giwi nu problem eno
Cause if dem involve
Me revolve dem and me solve dem
Me delivery proud pan dem stage wid me content
Mash up di place and a wave like di flag dem
Mi flap now so how dem ago subtract dem?

Yo Maestro
Everyday feels liket issa Friday

Dem deh pan a level
Mi de pan another level
Dem yal a gimi brain
Dat mean me nerve a settle
Mi lef di business boiling up without a kettle
Dem boy de full a chat
Nu mek di dunce dem ketch yuh
Yu never hear bout head shot
Mi sing like tantu mi chro ?
Mi float up headtop
Blood mek yu face wet up
Di way dem coward
Dem hard fi set up
And tell dem Im just a product of the ghetto


No other way fi live
Ye dwgg
Im a product of the ghetto
Nu know nu other way a one way
Im just a mafia
Yu zimi
Just a key
See pree
More ice we a freeze
Dem gyal pan leash
280 di dash
So me living in speed
While dem a compete

Maestro Don
This is another hit one
Another one

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King, Rygin Product Of The Ghetto Comments
  1. Sherlack Cummings

    Yw bro u a di best yn

  2. Afredi Alli

    Stop taht yah dawg ting

  3. Clayton Green

    All i can see is people a cuss bout 1 flow this 1 flow that... As far as I can see Popcaan has 1 flow but his tunes are still bad and his rich nuh fuck.. mek the man feed his yutes and leave him be.

  4. sweepea sparta

    Fuck up the legacy mi killer... pussy them not even know seh a bay dunce a deliver the progress a school....

  5. Black king

    Nice tune

  6. Debbie Brown

    Up mi dj rise outa di slung

  7. Omari Campbell

    Bad ute 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Aaliyah Ramsay

    “Product Of The Ghetto” 🗣🗣🙏🏼🙏🏼.

  9. epic radio

    Fryi🔥🔥🔥🔥dat dunce

  10. Lawboss feat. Kartel soon

    Me a your biggest fan a u den law boss me a listen to u when a just Mobay ppl know u, mi believe inna yuh g, please fi god almighty sake, lego dah flow yah!! My artist this........u ways dem fuck up to bredda hype no carry ppl place. LEGO dat to....

  11. Trap King

    Need fi change u flow ute or yaa guh flap right out a the business

  12. Th Raymous McI

    I king...
    One voice
    But a nuh Rodney

  13. Young Progressives


  14. E Higgins

    Holy shit is this what my king puts out for us? Pure art.

  15. chatbout dancehall

    Same flow why him a get a pass is because the flow is uniquely his...flow nobody else cause try this flow and get away with it.... who memba gully bop and him one flow but that was a 80s 90s dancehall flow that was used and over king

  16. djfire keye


  17. dj realixx

    One king💯👌

  18. Shavoy VEVO

    Trap kxng✨🙌🏻

  19. Jaymie Lee

    Same Old Flow yo! As a top artiste u afi fulla style n pattern. Cya sound di same exact way on evry track. Dats whack!

  20. Renord Laidley

    Dweet youth, bun up, drop a clop clop.

  21. Kingsley King

    You seh changes ....cah mek di ppl dem a beg u fi change you flow

  22. Cadeau Christ13


  23. dj rigzy

    Me a hear every song inna one so me confused

  24. Leight Fenny

    Wa kinda Fuckry this 😂😂


    Why every song sounds the same from the first song until now... Just diff words same flow

  26. Cry laugh Tv

    Change u flow bro are else u gonna lost

  27. Juvan Parke

    King yuh want some new style Dawg yuh tune dem tuff inuh but yuh afi work pan dat...

  28. KushEvaFrassRadio.

    New life riddim
    Rygin king, Jamal and then squash big up mystro musiq

  29. KushEvaFrassRadio.

    One 🤴 hold on star the fight is real but dem cyaa bring yuh down....

  30. Ralston Thompson

    Lol every comment a say same flow bro

  31. Jennky

    *_Jennky - Weh Mi Deh_*

    Another one for the *LADIES*
    Vibe so sick😘
    Beat on fleek
    Dancehall lovers

    *Watch share like and subscribe*

    Bless up

    Play kenya music

  32. Sylvia Rilay

    Man stop sing youth kmt

  33. GhostMedia Dj Ghost

    You know a artist is on fire when you download it without even listening to it first .............

  34. chocolate Scotch bonnet

    Him a joke.

  35. Simon Peter


  36. Üñäñïmōüs Lüpë

    Rate *#1King* but him fi change the sound and type of music ya now, sound too monotonous! 😔 Good song still... 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

  37. raheem don

    Keep it up mi artist

  38. ExpertBOSs Vevo

  39. Rico Anderson

    This man tune them soon start go inna show a swear


    dawg kick dah flow ya fe a while...and giwi a tuff collaboration

  41. ceeka Production

    Mi see y Shane o shoot off a yuh and yuh can't answer... one flow can't war a lyricist

  42. Bryan Brown

    Tuff tuff 1 king

  43. Bryan Brown

    Big up God up top mistro don

  44. Braff gad Ent

    Need different flow killa style a get too boring now

  45. Screw YM


  46. E Higgins

    Nah listen dem negative fuckery. YOUR flow is what mek yuh di king. We have big love still. Your days as an artist out here have only just begun. Sooo many more chapters lef inna yuh. Trus me.

  47. E Higgins

    Biggest youth man in my heart today. Love and blessings from Colorado str8 to yuh, my king.

  48. Alwayne Bryan

    Song well up rygin king bad

  49. errol brown


  50. Ivorine Whitelocke

    Mad rass Dem no deh pond u level me g

  51. javi don

    As d man Dem start mek lil Money Dem music start get weak rygin wi deh a support yuh because a d bigger it's yuh come out WID in 2018 give wi more music like those

  52. Andre Ferera

    Biggest fan King. I have linked with you over 500,000 people king. Best of the best King!!!!!!

  53. Jowayne Shaviar

    Yow the song bad yute do yuh thing...could relate

  54. Bonez 3rdWorld

    Riddim name “New Life” so wha happen to a New Flow?

  55. gbred vid

    Flow sound like Kemar Highcon Talk bout... just saying....

  56. DD EE

    Just a joke a kick , song bad

  57. DD EE

    Product of sell out ?

  58. shane x

    Song nice nuy when it a master on the compressor the release an b quicker the vocal a go up an dont

  59. Warren Jackson

    Time will always tell man ⌚👑

  60. The Real Yute

    Rygin me rate you but u need to switch up the style bro

  61. Nicholas Charlie

    One king 👆🏽🔥

  62. black power247

    One king one flow till the world recognise gwann set u image mi g song 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  63. Dj Wass

    Rygin King Firm Inna Dancehall.

  64. Free MedZ

    dj link up fi few songs dah flow yah a kill u

  65. done gallis

    one flow him have smh

  66. Damion vendetta

    Rygin string yuh #felt outta dancehall tpc

  67. Akieme


  68. Debbie Brown

    Don't watch di comments bro just stay focus u mi a artist fi life just keep doing it bro

  69. rayan johnson

    one king song bad but yuh need a different flow

  70. Juvane Vevo

    Come out hot

  71. Mr. Settingz

    All him songs sound the same😴😴😴

  72. London Brawlerz

    A dis dem sen fi alkaline last yr 🙄🙄 not even 100k in 20hrs, yout change yuh hol image not just flow.

  73. Dee one xteam

    Check out this

  74. fyah biggz

    it nuh matter how him aound atleast him still a sing fi d people dem . some a unuh go look a career

  75. Vmaka Entertainment

    product of the ghetto no joke mi famo

  76. gazaaddi teacha

    music them always great but change the flow

  77. Intra R3 Musiq

    change yuh flow nuh ute... yuh song dem bad a jus yuh flow

  78. Tylone Lee


  79. Tylone Lee

    It nuh matter from the dwag flow a work a it 👌

  80. oosh move


  81. Tylone Lee

    Bad tune🔥🔥🔥🔥

  82. Dêttâ Łøvê

    Amazing artist u have a unique voice and this flow nice but not on every song. Big Up still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    🔥 sub to my channel

  84. Kemar Hinds

    Every song u drop since Tuff a the same flow.

    The people weh tune in to your music ago slowly fade away, cause u naa show any diversity inna your music bredda. Bredda look into yourself and forward with something else. Something fresh.

    The potential is there for more hit songs to be made, but..... Dah one flow supn deh ago mek people slowly drift away.

  85. Kaution

    Dancehall trap 🔥 the dawg thing unique

  86. Mackenzie Dauphin

    Need fi go back fully dunce...... fuckry style you pick up mi artist....... better you start do r&b or rap

  87. kev vynn

    The man whole career a one flow.. kmt... dawg u a get annoying now... just being honest...

  88. MY Views Channel

    Rygin bredda make sure you read the comments under this song .. u need to make a change

  89. _Oddliving

    Song bad Rygin King 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Uno in the comments fi low the artist. Some of uno artist out there a sound the same in every song and can't find a hit. Why uno nuh go over dem page and tell dem so? It upppp me G, fuck the haters dem 🔥🔥

  90. Jovoy Wellington

    Breda change ur flow now zeen .all ur songs sound same kmt .dat mek u a fall off

  91. Michael Owens


  92. John Marcus

    Youth u a the best thing out there right now from den gone do u thing nuff time dem try bring u down u a Gaza kid hold dem