King, Rygin - Paranoid Lyrics

Experience alot along the way
Though we 'ave far way fi go
A nuff fi never get fi see yo sonnn
And mi know bout pain, and mi know bout sorrow
Ah god alone know how we get through
When me see that daily a feel like a something weh mi proud ah
Daddy a went to the doctor today, then say the symptoms spreading ah (I'm paranoid)

Alot o' dangerous things a gwan inna me life
And it's hard to sleep at times
Father god alone know wah me do last night, and it makes me paranoid
It deh inna me eyes, if ya slip ya slide!
Cah me paranoid, yeah me paranoid

Wonder if me gyal a fuck me enemy
Wonder if she woulda kill me too
And if them fool ah catch me off guard?
Me nah know wah me woulda do
Daddy pray fi ya son, the Mac 90 clip carry bout 60 tonne
You bleed me bleed; you follow me lead
Me say RIP to me friend dem wah dead, memories of me and yah bussing dem head
Shoot up the place and go light a big head
Mummy did ah warn me na listen wah she said
Lord! True ya didn't even know dawg, wah it cruel enuh fuck
Them so karma is bitch man soft till ya dead and all now me meds still fuck up
Anna that's why

Me no toast none, yeah, daddy pay fi ya son
Paranoid (Paranoid)
If ya slip ya side, it deh inna me eyes (Paranoid)
It deh inna mi eyes, it deh inna mi eyes

Say a prayer everyday cau me know that alone can't cover me (Daddy)
So me strap with the Glock and no fi mi father fi cry look over me
If them shoot me ah shoot back!
Them wang fi see mi dead me ah beg ya rebuke that!
Ah just them fucked up system, them na show no love so everybody ah victim
So the scene get intense, ya mussy mad mi thugs na carry weak fence
Tell them somebody mi love so come kill them
Me paranoid and me have a lot of reasons!

Me get a raid this morning a police man raid me say go pon ya knees them
Me hear a old lady scream out murder please me a beg ya don't kill them
Me experience a lot along the way
And me 'ave far way fi go
Nuff ah me friend them never get fi see yo soon
And mi know bout pain, and mi know bout sorrow
Ah god alone know how we get through
When me see that daily a feel like a something weh mi proud ah
Daddy a went to the doctor today, then say the symptoms spreading ah (I'm paranoid)

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    Alot of dangerous tings a gwan inna mi life & it hard to sleep at times.

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    One of my favs. ❤ Ah love muh bredda

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    honesty. finally.

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    As a conscious member of society...this track is amazing...word by word...line by line... this isnt a gun song but the message inna the music is one for the youth dem fi pree..who set the ghetto so ? Every word is pointing to the fucked up system....but a God alone.

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