King, Rygin - Hush Lyrics

It's ah blessing enuh
I'm ah buy yuh ah mockingbird and mek it sing
If that mockingbird don' sing
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Nah-nah, aye
Yeah dawg
Yeah dawg

Hush mi likkle daughter, yuh father dedicate his love
To you, for you (Oh oh)
Tings tough mi likkle daughter
Mi just ah gwan do di work, mi ah try
Yuh daddy love yuh and yuh better know dat

Yesterday I was ah boy, but today I'm ah man now (I'm ah man)
Mi haffi mek it on mi own, and mi need no handout
Mi buy ah link fi yuh, sing fi yuh
Yuh daddy would do anything fi yuh
Nuh bother cry, yuh guh mek daddy cry
Mummy soon come [?]

Smile mi likkle daughter, yuh father full ah love inside
Fi yuh, but fi yuh (Oh)
Tings tough mi likkle daughter
Mi just ah gwan do di work, mi ah try
Yuh daddy love yuh and yuh better know dat

Mi African princess ah yuh rule
And daddy love yuh til him fool (Til mi fool)
Mi likkle Kema (Eh, love yuh til mi fool)

Mi cyan believe seh yuh big already
Mi get yuh mother pregnant inna stage weh wi never ready
'Member days ah rub yuh mumma belly
Mi seh mi haffi play mi part, ah nine months mi watch har bring yuh up fimi
And since yuh come inna mi life baby, mi see love and it's never ending
From mi heart to yuh mi sing ah message
And yuh daddy [?]
Daddy haffi strong becau' di streets ah test mi
Mi been doing wrong, hoping dem nuh ketch mi
Mi hustling hard becau' mi haffi mek it
Yuh dinner coming home, yuh better best believe it
Hey, hey

Hush mi likkle daughter, yuh father full ah love inside
Fi yuh, oh yuh (Oh)
Tings tough mi likkle daughter
Mi just ah gwan do di work, mi ah try
Yuh daddy love yuh and yuh better know dat

Yesterday I was ah boy, but today I'm ah man now
Yeah dawg
Yeah (Hey, hey, hey)
Mi African princess ah yuh rule
And daddy love yuh til him fool (Til him fool)

I'm ah buy yuh ah mockingbird and that could sing
If that mockingbird don' sing
Yeah I'm ah tek it back
If dem ask, tell dem mi daddy do that
I'm ah buy yuh ah mockingbird
And I'm ah mek it sing
And if that mockingbird don't sing
I'm ah tek it back
If dem ask, tell dem mi daddy do that

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King, Rygin Hush Comments
  1. counte strikaz.

    True to life houffinz..

  2. Rico Anderson

    Daddy love u till him fooool🔥🔥🔥🔥👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🙏🏿🙏🏿

  3. north boi

    This ♨️ need a 🎥💯🇯🇲💪🏾👂

  4. Holic Music

    Repeat repeat repeat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Song like dis affi liv on tuff



  7. Dane Moore

    Real song

  8. lil vibez

    Who still listen in 2019

  9. Dj RedX24

    I play this for my little princess everyday

  10. stacia farquharson

    To my daughter💕 hope you know how much I love you 😘

  11. shamar little

    This tune push mi make mi want a baby ino now baby on the way on we nuh ready but afi pay mi part a 9 month times mi watch mommy bring r belly

  12. DJ KP DOLLY Mackenzie youtuber

    Him love an mi sure

  13. DJ KP DOLLY Mackenzie youtuber

    That my daddy always say. R.I.P lammy

  14. Javaughn Smith

    Things tuff mi likkle daughter 🌸🌸👶

  15. merchant blitz

    One king. Gwan dweet youth

  16. odane pinnock

    Layla Daddy loves you ❤️❤️❤️

  17. n0fac3 2k

    Yuh getting bigger everyday day

  18. Kicks Prod.

    nah hear song like this again from rygin smfh wah cause that?

  19. kim Levy

    hush me little daughter

  20. Ethan C

    TF is this, this is not riddim

  21. Nash _

    Big up all the fathers who dedicate an unconditional love to their children.

  22. Russian Great

    Thing Tuff Me Little Daughter Me Just A Gwan Do Di Work #Secret 🥰

  23. Jermaine Young

    Tune ya real beyond measures. A swear. 1 king

  24. Ĕjåý Wīllįąms

    D baddest dancehall artist ryt now!! #oneking

  25. Joseph Mcintosh

    Hush mi likkle daughter...who av a daughter drop a like fi har

  26. Takiba Simmons

    Blessings pon blessings

  27. Akeeme Williams

    Daddy love youuu an u betta know DAT

  28. Kavin bonner

    this song have me in my feelings😭😭😭😔😔

  29. Monique McLaren




  31. Cool guy

    I still have all the pics with me an my son look on them every day that goes by

  32. Cool guy

    Hearing this song I haven't seen my son 3 years now my baby mother hiding him from me because I don't want to be with her I know the pain youth

  33. Adidja Palmer

    Eminem words still but it bad big up

  34. kevon king


  35. Back 2 Da Future Music Ltd

    @B2dafmusic #InDaCharts W/C Jan 21 2019 - Top 3 - #3 Hush @ryginking - @Djsmurfja Music @stampedechart (Reggae)/Jamaica Music Countdown (Reggae)

  36. fran tull

    Fyah❤️❤️ Salute❤️ I miss you Daddy... SIP❤️ you did many things for me Daddy! I will forever be in pain Daddy❤️❤️😘😘❤️

  37. 40 MECO

    Montego bay ah push out the realest music right now ..six realer Dan real right now ...up top ..everybody else affi hush right now

  38. Rudolph Wright

    i feel it when he said. you madda get u inna a stage when u me never ready😪.

  39. Mike Mandala

    dis tuff jm version of mocking bird long time me want hear one a dem ya mon cho fuck yeh ute...

  40. Richard Bennett

    Big son dawg...1up

  41. Kareem Dingchong

    yesterday i was a boy but today im a man now

  42. Krisann Allen-Pearce

    Big tune youth keep doing wat u doing king

  43. ESS ON

    This song needs a flipping remix plz mi artist, it load 😢😢😢😢😢

  44. Jermaine Wong

    Up top one king

  45. nika Scott


  46. Queen LoveBug876


  47. Georgia brown


  48. Ricardo Loney

    fi real man

  49. Christopher McKenzie

    Up move a so man pree fi mi little daughter a 9 grade mi get her

  50. Cashnation_ VEVO

    Goosebumps 😓😓😓🌏🌏💪💪🔥🔥

  51. Binelly Don

    A me alone realize say this song is a Remix for Eminem - Mockingbird!??

  52. Lovely Lovelylady

    King bigup ur self 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥tune badddd

  53. Jonathan Weekes

    One king

  54. Hardly Sky

    This is a lovely song y so much thumbs down smh

    Corey Beta male Wayne

    Bamind a subculture of many .

  55. Rhianna Rose

    I don’t get to see my dad he got immigrated to Jamaica and he told me to listen to this I cried so much but I listen to it everyday and it’s now my ringtone to all the fathers 🥺🥺❤️🥰

  56. Babalola Temitope

    This song. Is my Song✍🏿💕💕💕 #Respect✊ #Legendary.. #Best🔥🔥

  57. Neymar Junior

    hush me little princess

  58. Neymar Junior

    lamlam daddy love u everything soon be alright daddy love u till me fool

  59. Renaldo Bryan

    It tuff believe me. Yuh dinner coming home yuh better best believe it

  60. Nahsur nation

    Daady doing hope dem no catch me

  61. Black Melody

    weh di real father dem deh,di man a show uno seh u ave fi love fi deh youths dem,never give fight fi ur youth deh song ya showcase the love weh deh man ave fi him daughter,big up to the father dem weh tek care of dem youth#1king #chapking 💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  62. Vaughny Vicious

    jah jah know dj eye wata from mi eyes fi this song jah know mi love my little daughter///well dun very good song

  63. Keith Caesar

    me & my loving daughter

  64. Qem_x13 universal xpressionist

    tune hot but mi tink sum a unuh wah a comment basically got d song wrong the man do d song from his point of view fi him daughter its not a daddy song it is a daughter song basically ... once a get bad bbc tune hope more man fl suh bout dem yute and do more song like dis 1

  65. Mashuana Miller

    Make m 😭

  66. ZayKhanGunna

    Mi play dis tune atleast twice a day, any other day a more dan dat.. plan fi sing dis tune fi mi oldest daughter pon har birthday innuh... it bad man

  67. Tish Coolie

    One king❤💕💖💯

  68. demons attac

    From mi heart mi A sing message

  69. true yardman

    I wish I could give you a million for this song mu artist it's like I wrote the song and give it to you, having a rough time with my daughter.

  70. Patrick Harvey

    Big tune like how the artist always thinking outside the box up for the really father's no baby daddy round here

  71. Kela Vanreil

    Nice song

  72. Jermaine Wong

    Up one king

  73. Preshalee Sawyers

    Mi love the song uh fuck baby girl mi have to listen it every day

  74. Winsome Myers

    Hush mi data

  75. Camille Pinnock




  77. anthony vibez t.v channel

    #anthonyvibezt.vchannel represent yuh don know promo gad at #Ryginking

  78. britney smith

    Yeah oneking

  79. QuadaSpartaTv

    Big big tune ❤️


    stop use mi princess as a tool , princess daddy love u till mi foooool

  81. TOXIC music

    ding dong and teejay braff

  82. gary carless

    Www. Com. One. Love

  83. Toppy Boss Vevo

    My daughter is 12 n I love her... #almyllia

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    Jah knws da song mad bredda up up up

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    Talk about legacy.. This is a legacy..Big song..

  86. Ravin Oshane

    Bad song tuff

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    real song always buss big if you listening in November 2018 drop a like.

  89. Thecookiiemonster & KoolazBG

    Baaad tune 🔥🎉🎉🇯🇲

  90. FYAH PAN

    Song ya mek me want a daughter so me can sing sing it to her

  91. dont tess

    Big up Dj Smurf for this production and y'all can just stay tuned for for more.

  92. jahistudio T V

    Big up to all who stuggle bless up yourself

  93. 6ixx Boss

    memba things tuff me little princes