King Louie - Would U Believe It Lyrics

[Hook x2:]
Smoking dope, riding foreign and, my bitch, she European
Louis luggage on the boat with some coke, you wanna see it?
I'm talking stupid stupid cash, stupid stupid stupid cash
If I told you I was really getting dough, would you believe it?

[Verse 1:]
Bussin' moves at the car lot, front, y'all look like a collar
Got yo' bitch off the molly, off the molly, turnin' up!
Smoke lots of pot, I get ass and top, I get cash a lot
He don't get cash, he just lie a lot, he broke, he lies a lot!
My shoes ain't out, bitch, my jeans ain't out, my outfit, it ain't out
I'm smoking Ralph, nigga smoking Sway, I told him it ain't loud!
Smoking def, my pack need a ref, my dick need a rest
Yo' bitch hit the best, two thumbs up for her, she showin' out!
My name is Louie, but they call my Tony, so much money on me
I ain't lacking, got that nigga on me, so I run up on him
M.U.B.U. now, spread the news around, fuck boy move around
Shooters out, them real shooters out, shoot yo' shooters down


[Verse 2:]
Show out when I pop out, yo' bitch show up, turn the ho up
Yo' son said he wanna be like Louie when he grow up
Might say fuck a day and mix the Xannie with the po' up
I'm a walking holder, tryna hold up, make you blow up
Yes, I am a dope fiend, living movies, this a dope scene
Got 'em so pro-Lou, like "Go King!"
I stay high, nose bleeds, only loud, no seats around
Fuck niggas can't be around
We don't need around, can't be around
Open heads, just beat 'em down
Shouldn't have been around, now he ain't around
Made man, no, I ain't a clown
I don't want him 'round then he ain't around
Tough niggas, make 'em beat around
Face shots, make him eat a round
Fuck nigga, lay a nigga down
Lay a nigga down, lay a nigga down!


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