King Louie - Too Cool (Remix) Lyrics

[Hook x2: King Louie]
Every day I MUBU, God mighty to Bruce
Hard body Shotta, you can call me Zoo Lou
I am who your boo do
She think I know voodoo
She said y'all was too through
Louie I am too cool

[Verse 1: King Louie]
Drilling on that G shit, roast em' with the forty
Signify I mean it money G-E-T it
If you ain't bout that beat it
What I smoke be seedless
Mooley over bitches, bullets for the snitches
Faster attitude, who care about a witness?
Banding up for fitness stupid cake no wishes
Every day is Christmas, my niggas is hitters
You can make the hit list
T-shirt with pictures, your bitch is my mistress
She give my dick kisses, syd with the head I nick named her vicious
D-O-P-E in swishers
Got bitches by the sisters
I love all my brothers we fuck baby mothers
But due to the fact that they don't trust us, it's fuck our baby mothers
Double fuck the busters, amen to the hustlers
Fly E-N-T M-A-D-E nobody can touch us
Stacking while I spend it, balling, no ruckus!

[Hook x2: King Louie]

[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
Louis on my new shoes in the booth I Boofoo
And you know I stay fresh, that Lauren London, that New New
Everybody you knew know
This right here ain't no Nuvo
This right here is that codeine
My jean pockets on sumo
All I need is one life, all I need is one mic
Take your girl up on week. It will be me, her and plus one dyke
I'm doing me, hope you're doing you
And my coupe on twenty two's
And my girl only twenty two and my gun hold...
Yeah and you know I'm right now, I do autographs, I ain't signing out
I need to have a sign around, to say this what the grind about
This is what my town about
The money, drugs, and them fast cars
Yeah, bitch I dropped the top
I'm a need a sports bra

[Hook x2: King Louie]

[Verse 3: Red Cafe]
Look, money come like horny chicks
Honey come jump up on this dick
Real nigga I'm on the strip
I'm a New York giant, I'm selling nicks
Now my [?] that a bitch
She might be your, ain't that a bitch?
Now you wanna OJ stab a bitch
Cause you find out what the real nigga had to mention
Friday Bulls and Knicks play, I'm a fly out and land at midway
Get in early, mid day
So I get paid, and I get laid
Fall right in that Factory, all these ho's attached to me
She wanna sit with Ciroc boys, so guess what's in her Daiquiri
I'm bout green I'm Gucci brother
Red, green, that's Gucci color
I'm living that boss life, cause all my bitches do each other
Every day I move work Sour Diesel, Kush, Purp
Now I got them OZs, this what I should, I pushed first!
I'll be off that method man. hoes really wanna know what I'm on
Need a chick, Gain a chick
Fuck a chick, then I'm gone!
Is that shake down life style
Nigga look good, need a wipe down
Money over bitches, yesterday, tomorrow, right now

[Hook x2: King Louie]

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King Louie Too Cool (Remix) Comments
  1. Timothy Leffel

    underrated song + ppl need to stop hating on the beat, shit is hard and you know it

  2. Tisha Steen

    watts up baby freaky durk owwww

  3. The Last Trap God

    Use to be my shit back in the day

  4. zMaNiiaC


  5. justin gates

    possibly the worst beat Ive ever heard man

  6. arman singh

    yeah every day i show 
    hart body show wo
    hart body shart 
    you can call me zolo 
    i am aur tojo
    cine ka jo trotro
    you can call me trovo

  7. No Name

    awesome song

  8. SYLBM

    good shit

  9. camren shaffer

    This song GO SO HARD....LOVE IT!!!!!!

  10. Lucid MOE

    this joint hardddd

  11. Tallgeese34eva


  12. Jizzle B.N.C


  13. kh3753