King Louie - Sheesh Lyrics

It's what we trained to do

[Verse 1:]
These niggas vagina, my gun come from China
Fo that nigga, my choppa bout to karate
Pistol to his head, bullet make linin'
Should be in New York, I feel like a giant
I grew up in Violence, Gangsters stayed silent
You should be silent, young killaz get violent
[?], only ridin', lookin' for ops to ride on
See them niggas and get on shit that they not on
I'm the shit, King Throne with a pot on it
Hear 'em talkin' but they not on it
I weigh like an elephant
For bitches who sellin' it, smokin' on president
Thinkin' I'm sick cause I'm sippin' on medicine
Watzon, a Maseratti, I do it for etiquette
I'm a God, gold wings cause I'm heaven sent
Ride around on that whateva shit
Shawty shootin' like a restaurant
Only fuck a bad bitch once
Shawty went cause of the restaurant
Yung nigga upper echelon
Execute him, if he ever diss
Purple hearted, I'm a veteran
Lou Gotti in a wide body with a bad lady that's elegant
Down on the regular, not just to celebrate
Kill a fuck nigga, get away and celebrate
Help raise the murder rate

Mind on my money, my money on my mind
Thotties, they calling us all the time
Fuck around with the fuck around nigga
We don't fuck around, send 'em outside
My shawties, they do it for me
This thottie, she do it for me
Ah, this money, it do it for me
Mubo 100, that's me

[Verse 2:]
Flexin', I'm juggin', I'm ballin'
All of these thotties they call me (Hello?)
Roll up on 'em, ride down shooters ridin' with me
Drug dealers, crackers, robbers, killers they my niggas
[?] coolin with my niggas, we be mobbin
30s on the 40s with the squad &
Stones on the chains and the robins
Bitch, a gimme top
Tell ya girlfriend gimme body
Dippin' through the set like Harlem onna spider
Muthafucka lookin' like it's crawlin
200 when I hit the throttle
Man, I'm a man, I'm 100 again
Got the club running, like it's under they skin
Nigga we be beamin, we a hunnid in here
[?], it be 100 of them
Fuck niggas talking bout the don't know me
I be on ya ass like you owe me
Love, me and nigga over east [?]
Gas me up, boys that go OD


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King Louie Sheesh Comments
  1. Marquis Brown

    2020 if ya know ya know

  2. Delwin Robinson

    Still playing this 2k19

  3. Demetrius Alexander

    Best introduction I've heard in my life

  4. trust none

    Down on the regular..... not just to celebrate.... killa ah fuck niggah get away and celebrate (wooooouuuu)help raise the murda rate 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 one of his hottest lines ever ....i still bang this on the the regular

    joseph cores

    Yeah that was a decent bar for louie

  5. Jasmine Tyson

    × Grew in violence Gangsta Move in Silence ×

  6. Peter Griffin


  7. Trindale Harris

    flexing I'm juging I'm balling

  8. Keynan Green

    shit hot😈😈😈😈