King Los - Bank Account (Remix) Lyrics

I know this, bet you been on Los' dick
Lately all you niggas out here sounding like my old shit, oh shit
Bogus, y'all cosigning bullshit, yet you don't include me when it's time now that's some bullshit, lil' bitch
Oo, I'm the GOAT bitch
Oo, I'm the GOAT uh
Oo, I'm the GOAT bitch
But you niggas know this
Ah, been in the kitchen whippin' in the pot
Ah, just ran into my nigga from the block
Ah, he had a nine milli and an ounce now I do the Milly Rock on any motherfucking block
Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinqo, say something nigga
No habla ingles if the police in my face AH
Fuck all that stunting and yelling
I don't buy nothing you selling
I am so fucking rebellious
I got the blunt lit on Ellen
Niggas is half hoes, slash bitch half clit half asshole half slit half way passed cold and that ain't even the half of it
Both finna have a fit, ya girl keep disappearing that's a magic trick, she want this magic stick
Un, deux, trois, quatre, fuck was I tryna do
I ain't go to French alot I be with friends alot
Plus I did perform in France and spend bands on my wrist alot
Took a lotta risks ain't hit no lottery to hit the top
Whip the drop, flip the top in the trunk so whether I pulled up without being noticed or hopped out the dopest shit I got the drop on you chumps
I cop this watch just to stunt, I got the Pac in my blunt, I got the B.I.G in my soul
Don't worry bout my flow, I got that bitch in control
Your bitch be talking to fast, might put that dick in her slow
Can't wait for this nigga to blow, I know they want me to win
Shit I could go to platinum with all of them rappers and load his DM's chill
This is not a threat this a motherfucking promise
You don't want these bars on your motherfucking conciense
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7, 8, stomp your fucking face in the ground
Stomp your fucking face in the ground
I'm ready to go, I'm ready to go, I'm really intrigued to see where my level can go
I'm really the best, I'm really this blessed
Don't render your feelings if you ain't willing to test
I admitted to being a villain, wasn't my vision to be in a ceiling [?]
Seeing a feeling what's missing to fill it in?
I'm missing my feelings, what position you filling in?
I ain't even giving a source, they was pulling all on a nigga arms, made me fuck around and spill it in
Your bitch wanna drown
Your bitch wanna drown

From now on address me as GOAT nigga
Whoever they hired to hire all you niggas
Fire that nigga

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King Los Bank Account (Remix) Comments
  1. 420 Everyday

    When the bird shrieked in the beginning I knew that this song was gonna be fire 🙏🏽

  2. Spraynard Kruger

    I got that Pac in my butt, I got that Big in my hole 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    I didn't get this...
    Can you explain it.

    Spraynard Kruger

    @JBL i was tripping. Los is one of my favorite rappers but I was just being goofy. Listen to the song again while reading my comment. You'll get it. One

  3. worldwide pestcontrol

    concious hip hop

  4. MigEdits

    Whos here from young simba?

  5. Anthony Hickman

    Been bumping the 🐐for year's now He is well evolved past the game Its still trying to catch up to him which will never happen

  6. Mike T

    Anyone else’s face scrunch up when he said “stomp your fkn face in the ground” like they were really trying to stomp someone’s face in the ground.

  7. Adam Wills

    Yuck. Flo sick. #nahFR

  8. JenniFree

    That's a magick trick 😁

  9. afthan aragon

    Los is always on that 🔥🔥🔥 shit

  10. Josh Bohland

    Someone sign this dude already

  11. Roots Down Farm Kyle

    My favorite line is the I GOT A (I GOAT) blunt in on Ellen, when the original artist debut was on the Ellen show on a stage filled with smoke, basically los is saying (he) was in his smoke since the debut.... deep as fuck and Los lyrics are way to deep for most. That's why he really is the goat, or at least he is a solid contender for a debate that will never end!

  12. Jim Jones

    This my fav Mc as of today. BX NYC.

  13. Kevin Wheeler

    As great as this is, Joyner Lucas ripped this track to pieces.

  14. Eve The Singing Shiba


  15. HeelHook YourMomma

    los should be the most major rapper out there

  16. JDOG

    AY AY AY AY!! fireeeee

  17. Real Hustla

    omg... 0:49 - 0:59

  18. Alex

    Los > Joyner Lucas

    Cam Gee

    Waynes > Everybodies

  19. Anthony Cammarata

    The lyrical king is back.

  20. Dustin Trent

    Los and Joyner are lyrically on another level ; and king los is fire freestyle or written 🔥💯😬

  21. I I I

    Worst Bank Account remix

  22. MatrixEmulator

    Kendrick and Los! Pls! I need to hear it! Maybe Eminem or Jcole on third! Man, I’m so late to this, I need to stop playing my Ps Vr on Pro! I’m not even in this world half the time.


    this shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    who the fuck is being petty disliking the fuckin song

  25. Hunter Ray

    Los fell off big time. His shit was unreal about 3-4 years ago.

    Leila Rodriguez

    Hunter Ray his whole verse just went over your head so dont shoot him down😂😂

  26. Vibe

    Dude use like 6 different people flow

  27. Atrots5

    fucked up part is he just playing

  28. ChaosTheoryRelevance

    HHH's do work


    this cold but if he wanna get big he need to change his name


    I see you out here with that iSpy flow!! 🔥

  31. Clutch Carter

    Bar 4 bar #goat

  32. Jason Doelman

    Going back to Joyner Lucas version...

  33. im you

    This nigguh is next I swear I been waiting for this nigguh to blow

  34. The Mystery


  35. Robert Ritchie

    Just because everything can totally be at least be compared and Joyner just ain’t ever gonna be on this level or moor bars level. Lyrically word for word bar for bar King just is that guy.

  36. Xplicit _

    How many rappers gonna do this beat? It got killed so many times

  37. BiG gAy

    0:44 that lil uzi flow🔥

  38. Marc

    I love Los but he literally just said niggas sounding like him as he sounding like bum ass Kyle 😂😂😂

  39. Michael G

    How many of y’all realize los just spoke French and still made that shit go hard?😂🔥🔥

  40. Black Zona

    Like how he started with Kyle flow😂😂😭

  41. Gvng 6an6

    Bra I gotta crazy movement Dat I think u would love to invest in I wanna get copyrights so I can't u everything until u email me privately but it's about giving growth to the youth in the community I think it'd something u would love to work with.

    Gvng 6an6

    [email protected]

  42. Justin Hulsebus

    Was there even one quotable in this? Lol

  43. Matt Walker

    "I got 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 STOMP YOUR FUCKING FACE IN THE GROUND"

  44. von snoogle

    Soooooo hard GOAT

  45. Bruce Wayne

    Russ diss?

  46. Des Louden

    Wayne was better but this was 🔥

  47. Quinton Alford

    Los wordplay out ranked joyners version both dope tho

  48. ToXiic Huevon

    Where and how in the fuck are all these songs coming from

  49. Chloe Cash


    Jobe Jacobs

    Chloe Cash you a Los fan?

    Chloe Cash

    Jobe Jacobs since the jump !
    Los is the King of 'em 👑

  50. Main aru

    I heard wayne n king los now but Joyner got this, now if mo3 hopped on this there will b a debate

  51. m10Grizzly

    Lol yall aint peep what he did on this track...he really the g.o.a.t

  52. Axl Galindo

    does this nigga really sound like other rappers? #GOAT

  53. jeffreyMMVIII

    Joyners lil brother

    Tevin Thomas

    jeffrey he older than Joyner & Better lol

  54. _.GCutter 900

    ass af king los cant do better & he be trying be like j.cole & k.thot

    venot raas

    _.GCutter 900 los been around before those two bruh 😂😂

  55. Collin Knight

    By definition, there’s only one 🐐...& that GOAT started by saying he was the best alive...then put out 1,500 songs...mostly free...surpassed Elvis for the most top 100 Billboard hits of all-time, earned 5 Grammy’s, 30+ “Best” awards, 20+ “other” awards, has been nominated 2-3 times more in each category, has been professionally rapping for 20+ years, & is about to make yet another storm, the majority of rap fans is either excited about or will be after they hear, & is one of the best live performers out there & he’s the same age as you Los - and you’ve done a ton of great things aren’t that.
    Do awards make someone the best?, no. Do album sales, listens or downloads make someone the GOAT? No. Does huge market share of mind-share make some the best? No. Does putting out more music for longer than anyone ever make someone the best? No. But it might be worth considering that a combination of surpassing most if not all in all those categories + when people see you, they can feel the substance and are moved by you greatly. There are only two who even resemble that complexity in modern time Tupac & Lil Wayne.
    & there are only 2 kinds of rappers in “your lane” los, those that want to align w The GOAT like Quevo, Big Sean, etc. or...those that try to steal some “water-whip” off his Tsunamis 🌊 Thugga, Future, etc.
    Either way, “you know Wayne is the sh..., & you strainin the sh...”.
    You might consider a Title like B.R.A.R.N. (Best Rapper Alive Right Now), prove that...and ratchet up your claims from there. But you’ll never catch or be the have too much more to do and not enough time, & he’s still working harder than you w just as many yrs left. But you already know your the 2nd type of rapper described above. And if I was you, I’d be the same. I respect your strategy & rapping &...GET $ know your not the GOAT and you know who is...everybody’s favorite rappers favorite rapper...😎🕴🏾...
    Keep doin what you does Lil daddy, I respect U.

    Todd Maek

    But he got wayne on waynes own track soooooo, there's that.

    Collin Knight

    Todd Maek , Got Wayne? Los ain’t got 💩 Mayne...and jus Murkd there’s that. Los does infant #s but he’s tha same age. Weird you guys never check that...the facts &’s a Lil: Dedication 6 has sold 540k since 🎄, D6 Reloaded has sold 161k since Fri (it’s Fkn 🔥 U should get it). For Los GOAT (who calls themself that 😂) is @ 93k, available B4 D6, & Moor Bars is @ 38k. I think he can do 100k w a Lil Moor practice...Tune did more in 2 Days than Los has ever on 1 there’s that...

  56. sha floyd

    Looks like kemdrick + xxx

  57. Mike Reed


  58. Mike Pantaleo

    Wow I miss this guy bringing me back to high school

  59. Muddy Blunts

    King Los and Joyner Collab please!!

  60. Simon Sez

    i like you a lot los but you should just delete this now after joyner owned this beat.

    Robert Ritchie

    Simon Sez Every word Los spits has purpose. He’s basically at the point where every syllable of every bar rhymes and the bars are 10s Joyner just not there... YET


    Simon Sez it wouldn't be a surprise if this was off the top.


    Tevin Thomas lmao you can't name no punchlines he did 😂😂 L


    Simon Sez W


    Simon Sez

    Proof it's off the top

  61. P Sanders

    Trash. DIDDY laughing at u now bitch

  62. Richard Ayala

    lol Wayne was better

  63. Poet RAWNESTY

    Lol delivery and focus wasn’t enough to just throw up the goat word

  64. DeathlyAlive225

    Straight fire !

  65. Mike B

    He went in

  66. Born Sinner

    when he flipped it to Kodak flow

  67. Isiac Artison

    He’s better than this

  68. Nimbolimbo

    He seriously is the G.O.A.T

  69. UnderGroundHero671

    Joyner murdered this cant listen too this one. Fuck man joyner ruined it haha

  70. Daath

    Wayne killed this...sorry

  71. Young Minuz


  72. Won d3rful

    I heard UNO DOS TRES QUATRO... Joyner- Gucci Gang

  73. HIGH AL

    King Los , has been slepted on for so long, 2010 was listen to him

  74. Brandon The Vegan

    King Los killed everybody who tried to freestyle on this beat !! 🔥🔥🎤👀

    cody evans

    Brandon Smith negative listen to Joyner Lucas version

  75. New Life Energy

    Some of y'all need to fuckin stop talking about Joyner remix son other niggas remixes like he is giving us sum shit we ant never heard before Joyner dope but still average asf! No bars just a lot rapping 🤷🏽‍♂️

  76. dollarB88

    Joyners was a little harder but i fuck with king los i wish they would collab and fuck some shit up.

  77. Caine Garcia

    You out here stealing flows lmaooo

  78. King Kevo

    Joyner Lucas did it better


    Los would shit on Joyner, they're not even in the same league

    Keoni Hillier

    Undxfined (Quit)
    Lmao, delete your account right now


    Keoni Hillier haha it's the truth. If you believe otherwise you need to check your knowledge of the game. Los beats Joyner in literally every aspect of rap.

    Premium Dreams

    lol no joyners miles better but los is really good

  79. King Kevo

    This some got garbage

  80. Vladimir Klizschko


    Robert Ritchie

    Vladimir Klizschko its sad that’s the only flow you heard. That was the point


    He used Lil Uzi too, Chance the rapper, lil pump, Kodak Black, and I think Tay k

  81. Pootie Wang

    No one could touch this beat like joyner did lol


    Los so Slept on it's so crazy

  83. TheSinkotsu

    He just said “Imma use everybody’s flow, it’s whatever haha”

  84. My Music Karina

    This cool but......Joyner's is wayyyyyyy better!!!!!

    Deon Godspeed

    King Los freestyles everything. That's hands down top charts to me

    Jay Burrows

    Deon Godspeed lol not everything damn wtf you think he is a computer? He freestyles on radio and shit way more than everyone but he doesn't just freestyle all his songs. The dude is an incredible writer I feel you can't take credit from that

    Deon Godspeed

    Jay Burrows freestyles more than everybody doesn't he?

    Jay Burrows

    Deon Godspeed yes


    My Music Karina, Los whole purpose to this song was to use other rapper's flow to show that he's just as good if not better using their own flow, hence "The Goat."

  85. Nathaniel Corbin

    Did you purposely take KYLE's flow or nah?

    Kyah Omar

    Nathaniel Corbin the whole song he's using other poppin artist flow.

    T K

    Nathaniel Corbin the openings some straight up chance the rapper type vibe. This shit goes hard as fuck

  86. Tyler Whatley

    Los and Joyner killin everyone they need to do some together🔥🔥🔥

    Nowu of the North

    Ocho Gaming
    True. Was actually surprised by Weezy.

    Tyler Whatley

    Yeah wayne did kill this song too. I was glad he came back with some classic punchline style cause he been slacking compared to these new non mumble rappers

    Tyler Whatley

    Los aint as new as lucas but both them need some more recognition

    Darian Borneo

    Ocho Gaming Wayne snapped

    M WeBz18

    Joyner is wack af

  87. Javy A

    I know yall peep that joyner lucas flow💯 .. bro murdered it

  88. WestCoast Stylin

    This hard cuz

  89. Carlos Camacho

    No one caught it but their was alot of indirects directed at Joyner on this geeeeshh

    Jasper van den Berg

    Lmfao Joyner's nowhere near Los, not even close, only thing he'd "beat" him in is storytelling

    Todd Maek

    You are BEYOND CRAZY Joyner cain't fuck with LOS! Lyrically AT ALL, Aaaaaaaaaaaaand Los can spit just as fast as joyner so Joyner literally has nothing on him accept maybe passion of words. other than that, Joyner ain't even got next to Los OLD SHIT, You better do some homework. Dont get caught in the hype. I would LOVE to hear them on a song tho


    wow you are dense los is ways ahead


    Yo, Todd! Real shit fr.

    bz.27k uno

    Keoni Hillier King Los would slaughter Joyner Lucas lmao

  90. RaZoR da LyriCaL MiraClE

    Joyner still got this beat.. Nice try tho

    Keoni Hillier

    Ocho Gaming
    Joyner took this beat and made it his bitch then pimped it out to Wayne for a couple buckz


    Agreed, Wayne slaughtered it.

    joey Huey

    Wayne's and los was alright but Joyner murdered it.

    B.O.A Yang

    Ocho Gaming wayne??? 😂😂😂 gtfo!

  91. William sumah

    Nigga that's kyles flow you ain't foolin me smh😴

    P Gonz

    Ibrameshi he killed it! you cant say he didnt


    The point was he used a bunch of dudes flows on one beat

  92. john luongo

    This beat tho......

  93. Famous Spellman

    Fire bout time u said something

  94. Trippyy

    sounds VERY similar to Ispy

  95. J H

    Los version > Joyner Lucas version> 21 savage version

    Jobe Jacobs

    hugo martinez facts

  96. Alex Stachura

    You guys don't even know what flow is lmao

  97. Kount Cristian

    Joyners version much better sorry not sorry

    Tevin Thomas

    SYRUP nah lol

    Vladimir Klizschko

    Kount Darko agreed but i love los

    venot raas

    i would only give joyner flow.
    his flow was better.
    but the wordplay,metaphors,multis,pattern rap,substance,lyrics
    he is not touching los


    Venot rass, Yep, people tend to forget about that part. But you're on it. Happy New Year!

    Tomahawk Cherokee

    Still not better then him. Joyner kill it but still not on his level though