King, Freddie - Someday, After Awhile (You'll Be Sorry) Lyrics

But someday, someday baby
After awhile, you'll be sorry

Ev'ryday, my clouds are gray
Wind change it'll roll
All my clouds away
But someday, someday
After awhile, you'll be sorry

Troubles, trouble
On my mind
Troubles, trouble
Way down the line

But I don't need
No-ooh, sympathy
So baby, baby
Don't you pity me

I may be blue
But I don't mind
'Cause I know
Way-ay, down the line

But I said, someday, someday
Someday, someday
Someday, baby
After awhile, you'll be sorry

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King, Freddie Someday, After Awhile (You'll Be Sorry) Comments
  1. Ramon Sanchez

    Great versión with Mr Freddie" Blues" King, classic song 🎸

  2. bill Dee

    The King..

  3. kutsbothways

    Peter Green mentor.

  4. Yu-Lin Chou

    Like both the original version and Clapton's interpretation! Sincere lyrics and playing...! Great musicians...!

  5. Francis Kralovec

    Jesus this song is magic. The sensation of hearing those bended blues notes. Sexy. Sweet sexy. Like touching god. Amazing. Jesus this man had a gift for making his guitar speak.

  6. Tough guys don't dance

    I feel the pain in that great voice.

  7. Dwayne Sanders

    I wanna know what happen good music like this ? Damn .

  8. Otilia Donaire

    Love, love this song! One of my fav ballads to cover!

  9. Gustavo German

    Clapton, Bonamassa, but nobody like Freddie..

    Dustin Horrocks

    Gustavo German

    No one like Rory Gallagher ..!!

    Clout Lord

    I like peter greens version of this song in 67 john mayall sounds like shit but peter green sounds great


    i disagree. i think clapton knocks this one out of the park. freddie is an all time great. but this is one of the few covers where i prefer the cover. still love the original tho ( listening to it/on this page)

  10. Kristyleigh Hallman-North

    i love playing this song on my bass but i do bass and gutair on my bass

  11. Therman Merman

    Is that an old Ludwig Speed King bass drum pedal squeaking in the background?

    Jeff Kahl

    i would not doubt that in the least

  12. Fernando Garcia Yun

    And don't forget the cover by John Mayall. Bonamassa's is a copy of it


    I agree but Bonamassa is better

  13. Andy Antoniou

    I only knew EC version......but would imagine this is the original>?.....I m told Bonamassa does this well too...I will go there too...nice blues song.....each version is lovely in its own way...!!!

  14. Satchel Williams

    Freddie King had a great voice (guitar and vocals)

  15. Przem

    kapitalny kawałek

  16. Murp h

    He had such a great voice ---- wonderful wonderful blues giant---- his music is forever ---- go on King !! RIP thanks my man

  17. Francis Kralovec

    One of my favorite blues songs of all time...

    Connor Chen

    I can see why

    Nicholas Gehman

    clapton's live version is way better than bonamssa's

    Josie Hill

    Arguable until the cows come home but Freddie is the best. Of the 60s and later white guys the version on the A Hard Road album by John Mayall with Peter Green is very difficult to beat. Peter's phrasing in the guitar work has never been bettered.

    Néstor Alonso Vázquez

    @Josie Hill Agreed. Peter Green kicks some serious ass in that cover.

  18. bluesclassic

    real king

  19. Luciano Marapode

    vas a arrepentir eso ya lo se

  20. Cats in Space

    @Kenya Nkhrumah                           
    "Freddy King is unique in that his vocal prowess..." I totally agree! In fact, vocals/singing are where most white blues guitarists/bands are lacking most imho! When it comes to singing, I'd rather listen to Jimi Hendrix; Albert, Freddie, or BB King; Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy, or Junior Wells, MUCH more than J Mayall, E Clapton, or S R Vaughan.

    I think R Plant's up there with the best tho. Or at least, he was in his prime.

    Cats in Space

    and, yeah, he is def a commanding influence. In the liner notes to the CD of 'John Mayall's Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton', the musicologist specifically points to the fact that the guitarist E.C. replaced was trained, and performed, in the tradition of T-Bone Walker, whereas Clapton had more of that 'Freddie King spirit' with him.

  21. Cats in Space

    @yourtreat2 "amazingly poor job"- fuck no, he did an amazingly GREAT job imo. I prefer PG's version of this tune, too, but I also enjoy Mr. F.K.'s in its own right. Regarding the Mayall album 'A Hard Road', which contains the abovementioned PG guitarwork, to which you have referred, it was released in 1967, not '65.

    Cats in Space

    I agree that this ain't Freddie's best performance, but still think he did a good job.

  22. daniel lemon

    some proper R'n'B

    Cats in Space

    you rock!

  23. Cora Visser

    awesome awesome is this so beautifull played  ,incredible.

  24. bluelightproductions

    Maybe he was in a hurry that day,bee-atch.

  25. Kenya Nkhrumah

    Freddy King is unique in that his vocal prowess and his guitar technique and tone are singularly, and conjointly masterful, and that he is, in fact, a commanding influence in what became British And American Rock, ie, Clapton et al. The bite, the sting, the pulloff, the burn, the scorch, the bend, the bite/simmer.

    Clout Lord

    Clapton peter green Stevie list goes on..

  26. Daniel Higgins

    @yourtreat2 Oh wait...let me guess..."you" can do better...yeah, right.

  27. Marco Chiapponi

    freddy è anche tutto!!!!

  28. yourtreat2

    Freddie was the King and creator of this great song, but given his amazing ability and talent he did an amazingly poor job of playing on this song. I do mean amazing. Freddie's playing and sound is actually terrible on this song, and I AM a Freddie King fan.

    Peter Greene and John Mayall took this song and (far beyond what Clapton ever has done with it in the past 50 years, they recorded a version approx. 1965 that STILL beats any other).

    Here it is:


    Clout Lord

    yourtreat2 ive heard peter green play this all he did was channel some bb king in there as well as freddies licks i dont see the point in listening to it john mayall cant even sing lol

  29. spacedoginnebraska

    This may be one of my favorite blues recordings of all time.......I don't think it gets the respect it deserves, so HERE'S to FREDDY!

  30. David Cascant

    Muchísimas gracias por compartir esta tremenda interpretación.

  31. Peter Williams

    Freddie and EC are the best guitarists in history


    everyone loves to talk about bb king and clapton . guitar players know better: its freddie and ec.