King, Freddie - Play It Cool Lyrics

Some people can love one at time
Say every woman bears a man
My baby said she wouldn't put here forever
So she gonna love as many as she can

But what can I do now?
I just play it cool
I just play it cool, people
'Cause that's the only thing I know to do

Now, women look good these days
They can look sexy in so many ways
They can wear those dresses up above their knees
And that will make a man take his life away

But what can I do, people?
I just play it cool
Yeah, I just play it cool now
'Cause that's the only thing I know to do

People may be wrong sometime
They can't be wrong all the time
Like they say, I can't have nine lives
But my baby says she can love that many times

But what can I do now?
I just play it cool
I just play it cool
'Cause that's the only thing I know to do

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King, Freddie Play It Cool Comments
  1. jjohn341

    Golden era Blues , just love those vocals , and of course that 335 guitar is pure heaven

  2. rock kirby

    Freddie lived by mother blues in Dallas. He would play nonstop for hours..everbody drank danced and partied hearty..70s were awesome..glad i lived through it

  3. Wile e. Coyote

    Out of the three kings Freddie was the best hands down.

  4. Paul West

    This cat was the KING of the blues. My favorite all-time bluesman in every category: vocals, playing, performance. He gave every song his absolute all.

  5. Joke Kerkhof

    The best King ever🎸

    Kev Dean

    All the Kings were great Joke!!!

  6. Ghost THC

    How did we go from this to the bullshit being pumped out today thank god I was brought up surrounded by real music

    Leo Van Vliet

    I ask myself the same question everyday


    Thank God we have all these wonderful videos.

  7. Bruce Nix

    The late, great Freddie King

  8. DEADHEAD712

    Now that is SOUL.

  9. Kenya Nkhrumah

    So deep. Like HRH Freddy King.

  10. taildragger53

    I saw him there also..i saw him for the last time with Clapton & Larry Coryell in 1976 at Crystal Palace just 6 months before he died.
    He commanded the stage with his presence.

  11. Hakuna Matata

    God, I love blues.

  12. Buddy Yarnall

    This song is soo good. Just found it yesterday. Late is better than never i guess.........

  13. Georgie2047


  14. fourty5mag

    Very Cool!!!