King, Emily - Off Center Lyrics

Little flower of summer
Once your seasons pass
Do you ever wonder
Why your petals fall so fast?

Little hope in my heart
Have I let you down?
Once I looked towards the stars
Now my gaze falls to the ground

Show me how to live
Tell me I'll be fine
Before the night is over

Cause I'm all alone
Center of my heart
Is there a way back to you
Or have I gone too far?

You're aiming too high, you want it too much
You're aiming too high, you want it too much
(I wanted it bad, so bad)
You're aiming too high, you want it too much
You're aiming too high, you want it too much
(I won't let it go)
You're aiming too high, you want it too much
(I wanted it bad, so bad)
You're aiming too high, you want it too much
(Ooh, would you let it go?)
You're aiming too high, you want it too much
(Ooh, would you let it go?)
You're aiming too high, you want it too much
You're aiming too high, you want it too much

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King, Emily Off Center Comments
  1. Paris Armstrong

    YEBBA got a daughter!!!💞💞💞☺☺👌

  2. Keith Smith

  3. Shaina Ziggler

    I am so in love with this song. The words, the melody when you have nothing else to say.. the instrumentals carries in a wave of emotions. Please make a longer version.. pretty please!!

  4. Pearl Harris

    I haven't listened to this for a while but I love the vulnerability of the song and almost orgasmic build up towards the end.

    That's my earterpretation anyway.

    This is a beautiful piece.

  5. Kizzie M. Greer

    This song is soo beautiful.

  6. Intle Ntsinde

    Omg 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  7. Tasha Hester

    this beautiful

  8. Archie's Cleaning Service, LLC

    Emily is by far one of my favorite artists & this is my favorite song. I can feel it in my soul. When an artist can speak to you that deeply, their talent is endless.

    I love this album, I love how she can mesh so many different sounds into a composition and make it cohesive. I wish I had discovered her from the start so I could grow with her, but I truly appreciate being able experience her music, finding different sounds to fit my mood.

    If you haven't heard her before, give her a chance. She is a phenomenal woman, absolutely breath taking.

  9. Antrecia Staples

    Beautiful Lyricist!

  10. Antrecia Staples

    What a Voice, Soulfill!

  11. Prynce Pisces

    You are incredible! I love you for this Emily! This album is amazing!

  12. Kelli Hullaby

    @EmilyKing This song evokes so much emotion in me. I really love it! The transitions, the powerful struggle between just being and the ego... Beautiful song.

  13. margarida

    This song awakens my soul. Definitely one of my all time favorite songs. Thank you for such a beautiful, timeless work of art! xx

  14. Erica Mcgee

    this is beautiful!!

  15. TheGuitarvette

    Been hopping around playing samples from this album. Wow, great stuff! This one gave me chills.

  16. privacyplease

    she can write a frickin song

  17. dashedah philando

    Beautiful..her music is

  18. Da'yana

    She's amazing

  19. Tyler Evans

    I was just recently introduced to Emily King's music and I couldn't be happier. This is what true artistry is. This is what singing it. (And she proves belting out songs and singing the highest notes is not what makes one a great singer.) It's beautiful just as she is.

    Jenee Bailey

    Tyler Evans I AGREE!!! I just saw her in Atlanta last night. Ive been to many concerts but THIS QUEEN IS EVERYTHING I COULDVE IMAGINED AND MUCH MORE. I also met her before the show. SHE HAS ONE OF THE MOST HUMBLE SPIRITS OF ANY ONE PERSON IVE EVER MET.

    Tyler Evans

    Oh my gosh, I was there, too! Haha. She is SO sweet. I actually had the chance to meet her after her last show here and get a pic with her!


    Timeless....... amazing arrangements!

  21. Olivia Osueke

    When a song describes your current situation in life...the FEELS, man!



    Stephanie Fields

    I am right there with you.

    Jada Carter

    Olivia Osueke IKR?! Talk about "water works"! lol

  22. Benjamin Arce

    Love the way she's reinvented her sound on this project. she nailed it. feels so genuine and epically arranged. so happy for her as an artist, seeing how hard she worked.

    Kelli Hullaby

    Benjamin Arce didn't she nail it? This album really got my attention and she is a real live entertainer! I saw her in concert and I was so impressed.

  23. Shauna Ka'bri Tazanai

    I can't stop playing this song. Officially, my favorite song from her.

  24. Sugarplum704


  25. 26gabraanna

    The girl Prince!


    26gabraanna Princess lol

    Jada Carter

    26gabraanna EXACTLY! She does give you that Prince feel! I bet he has reached out to her or coached her on some songs!

    Jada Carter

    Matthew Busby now that you have mentioned it on the whole Emily King not wanting to appeal to just ONE gender in her music, she even LOOKS male AND female! Notice how she looks!? She has an androgynous look to her. Like she's attractive to BOTH sexes. I'm straight as a bone and had a lesbian moment! lol

    Shelby Johnson

    Yassss....Aint she tho!!!


    My Gee! My thoughts precisely ev-ery time I listen to her! ☺