King, Emily - For Them Lyrics

Lead me to water
Songs of my father
Show me the rhythm
Records in the kitchen
I'll get along, playing my father's songs

Lead me to shelter
Songs of my mother
Show me the meaning
Music and wonder

I want my mother, I want my mother to be happy
I want my mother to be happy, and I'll be

I want my father, I want my father to be happy
I want my father to be happy, and I'll be

In light from the dark, there came a spark
Carried me down with a loving heart
Where do we end
Love never far
Home is all I wanted
Never do we part

I want my father, I want my father ooh ooh ohh….

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King, Emily For Them Comments
  1. Hine Ngaropo

    This song makes me feel homesick for something haha


    I love everything!

  3. Robert Schulz

    That's real talk! ♥️

  4. Angelo Ragaza

    Rarely hear an album where I love every single song. Yours is one of them. Look forward to catching you live.

  5. Yolanda Daniel

    I don't know if you will get this. I know spiritual blessings and you are. Thank you beautiful being for your shinning light. Ase

  6. Mary Wilson

    Love this song so pretty a beautiful dedication , I hope that's what it was about lol 😱😉

  7. Colleen Wilkins


  8. Marquis Mccune


  9. Denise Lwande

    You are amazing Emily! listening to your music all the way from Kenya...with love ❤

    Israel Onyach

    Denise Lwande 🙌🙌

  10. Jasmine Espy

    I didnt know you had a new album, I am literally trying not to cry at work


    Her new album is out in February 2019 so get ready!

  11. Anjeline de Dios

    Love you Emily. Can't think of a more perfect way for a perfect album like this to end.

  12. Tony Gin

    New albummmm :)

  13. Nkosinathi Mavuso

    This is already my favourite song off this album

  14. Angiie424

    Such an incredible song and album!