King, Emily - BYIMM Lyrics

You carry the load all on your own
Took care of the house when I was on the road
You gave me money to pay on my telephone
You always treated like a queen up on a throne
You helped me out you were nice to my friends
You took my mama out to dinner paid the bill in the end
You were there for me when I needed you
You were there for me when I needed you

By you, I mean me
By you, I mean me
By you, I mean me
I was the who tried my best to keep it strong
By you, I mean me
Wouldn't you agree

You laughed at my jokes when they weren't even funny
You never slept around when I didn't give you honey
You waited all night while I stayed out late
Drinking whiskey with the fellas and you never complained
You made me a key to your house one day
Even wrote me a song from a little café
You were there for me
When I needed you
When I needed you

By you, I mean me
By you, I mean me
By you, I mean me
I was the who tried my best to keep it strong
By you, I mean me
Wouldn't you agree

Remember when you left the flowers by my door
(That was me)
Remember when you wanted more I gave you more
(That was me)
Baby, maybe it's time that you will see
Just why I let you go free

I never wept when I wanted to cry
I didn't wanna say goodbye
Don't you remember
Ooh, don't you remember yeah

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King, Emily BYIMM Comments
  1. Crystal E Salandy

    Take a minute to acknowledge how awesome Emily Smith is....

  2. Jessica Collins

    How cute is this video though?!! I love this friggin song!

  3. Casey C

    my gosh, she is incredible!! and tituss burgess is the face of perfection for the message in this video!

  4. Nah Nigga

    Just when thought the video was ruined... 1:34.

  5. Kim Clarke

    That hook is everythang!!!

  6. Desiree Sloan

    Why did you not make lyrics to your song?

  7. Bran Flake

    1:26 I LOVE HIM

  8. Ian Garrett

    This song is cupid playing a harp with his middle finger, i love it!

  9. Cynthia Laurore

    Why am I just seeing this!?!

  10. Courtney Nicholson

    YOOOOOOOOOOOO!! This is awesome!!

  11. dalambchop Hyde


  12. Vivian Torres

    This video makes me happy :)
    I love it!

  13. MrSensical

    So just realized after listening to this and "Distance" (a song from one of her previous albums) that these songs are about the same person. In Distance, at some point she sings "makes me wanna clear my head, find a little cafe and write the words to a song," and in this song she sings "you made me a key to your house one day, even wrote me a song in a little cafe," with the neat gimmick of this song being that wherever she says "you" it refers to what she's done, meaning she wrote the song in the cafe.

    So in this song she's talking about her very specific actions in the past song. I just love love LOVE little self-referential things like that, that explain things (like what happened between her and this person between that album and this one) and boy do I love this music already, so finding deeper layers than that it's just hnnngh.

    (also I'm the hundredth comment whooooot)


    MrSensical observant..i missed that..good job

  14. chanel moon

    anyone know the lyrics ?

  15. Gaia Min

    I love it I love it I love it

  16. Lindsay Kirscher

    This is a good song for Titus

  17. Lisa Grivas

    Complete garbage...don't know why this was a recommended video.

  18. Zoe

    Pinot Noir

  19. Mr Flat Taxi Rainbow Chemtrails

    Best song I heard in ages... Prince wud be proud

  20. wait who tf is this

    tituss is my fucking idol

  21. anonymous mc

    No hair big hair....

  22. Jonathon Lastname

    I wish half of these commenters would listen to this song and the vocals, they are smooth and remind me of Janelle Monet. I love Kimmy Schmidt as much as any reasonable functioning human, but stop being one track minded guys.

  23. Bachelor Van

    Don't quit your day job !

  24. Cheddah C

    No youtube this shits gay, i dont want this in my suggestions



  25. Divine Zeal

    Here for Tituss Burgers

  26. solo dolo

    crazy but it jams

  27. Stanley

    I love this! Give me life guys and lovely song!

  28. aquanu85

    i died when I saw Tituss!! lmfao Love him <3

  29. Nathan S

    I love Emily's voice for this song it's so soothing and uplifting to me at least. Good work ❤️❤️

  30. Strawberry Donutking

    i love Titus for this

  31. MMA life

    who are these people

  32. Rosangela Brito

    i love this

  33. Mountaindew

    I thought his name was titus andromedon

    Madison Koonce

    His real name is Tituss Burgess


    @Maddie Kay I was joking

    Madison Koonce

    Oh my bad

  34. Britt F. Morales Portlock

    i love, love, love this.

  35. poignant4insights

    what ever happened to Crystal Waters? I love that broad.

  36. Tee Carr

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  37. Lily Abrams

    amazing song

  38. eliza_thunderbird

    Up until 1:34 it was a great song. Then it became shite

  39. Castle Black

    Corey in the house changed a lot.

  40. MZ4E

    Tituss could have tightened up the lip syncing at the beginning but it still made me smile.

  41. Allan Manzanares

    Now that's a guest star. Tituss is everything. Great song, great video. Congrats Emily!

  42. Pete Taylor

    Got to see Emily King at the Bowery Ballroom last night. Can’t praise her enough! Best singer/songwriter I’ve heard in a long time.

  43. __Val

    I only watched this so I could make an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt comment.


    ...where is it?

  44. Andrew Deshields

    Titus' facial expressions are so fucking funny.

  45. lux luz

    very good music :)

  46. Andie R

    One take of pure ADORABLE! <3

  47. ygnightkid



    that's why i watched this... for the unbreakable comments 😂😂😂

  48. Screarnt

    I think I would rather have heard this in Tituss's voice.




    I love Emily King and Titus if you want to hear titus go watch him singing dont be rude

  49. Asimovum

    Is she a white janelle monae?

    Sherri Figueroa

    She is mixed race tho

    Samad Savage

    She's great, Not better tho

  50. Prince Of Cats

    Great track

  51. Brandy Crystal

    I like it, but could use a touch more Pinot Noir.I don't care Pitchfork buy youtube views from *AUTHENTIC* *PLAYS* *dot* *com*

    Loyal To Me

    Someone stole your comment for likes😕😕

  52. B Steady

    yasssssssss Emily.

  53. Kaila Bohler

    His sass makes it

  54. Shae Lee

    I freaking love this.

  55. getsugosharingan

    Titus was playin Pokemon go

  56. Dan Crowley

    dude. so good.

  57. danzachick

    I loved it!!!!!!

  58. Frannie Berkowitz

    this needs a DOUBLE THUMBS UP or something! One thumb ain't enough!

  59. Glitch z7

    I wasted my fckin' 3 min right now

    Dear God, the Drama Mama.

    You mean you wasted your entire life up to this moment...

  60. quincy cain

    YASSSSS TITUS love himmmm

  61. kittykat

    This is fucking hilarious. I had to pause it so I could scream!! LMAOO

  62. Jenee Bailey

    LMBO!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  63. Mr. lollipop

    Хорошая музыка

  64. zaywop14

    this is good, but cannot take it seriously with tituss in there

    Monique Adams

    You're right. He's so hilarious that its distracting.


    I feel like a record scratch will sound at any moment and i'll hear PIIIIIINOOOOOOOOt nOOOOOOOIIIIIIIR

    Lee Lii

    Carrera Diego 😂😂😂😂👍👍

  65. Diego Alcántar

    Titus!!!!! I love him!!!! 😍

  66. Andrew Burger

    pinooooooooooooot noooooooooir

    Derek Louster

    enlighten me, why is everyone calling it Pinot Noir(I know that's the correct spelling), but the in the tv series it's Peeno Noir?

    Andrew Burger

    +Derek Louster the real life wine is actually spelt Pinot Noir, they misspelt it in the show as a joke.



    Tyrone Bradford


  67. Rai Gresham

    I like it, but could use a touch more Pinot Noir.

    Rai Gresham

    @TinyMarmalade Mid-sized car


    @Rai Gresham Revenge can be spectacu-lar

    Adriane Chism

    I see what you did there. lol.

    Sik Vicious


    April French

    Stop!! Lol