King, Emily - Believer Lyrics

Darling, I know that you could be the enemy
Leaving flowers at my door
And soon you'll be asking for a key
Don't understand
Why someone would be so good to me
Is there something else?
Something you're trying to achieve?

I'm not a believer
What I see is usually what I get
I'm not a believer
But I haven't seen it all yet

Darling, I know that you must think I'm just a fool
I spend my time questioning all the good you do
Well I've been around
I know that nothing ever comes free
So fess up now
Or darling, forever hold your peace


It all yet
It all yet

Darling, I think I'm going to take a leap of faith
They say sometimes something just cannot be explained
I've been around
I know that nothing ever comes free
Just give it up
And you just might get the best of me


It all yet
It all yet
It all yet
It all yet

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King, Emily Believer Comments
  1. k park

    Crazy bass, Crazy groovin

  2. thuwonline


  3. emusman1928

    Musical genius.....thank you thank you thank you thank you Ms. Emily King. With every lyric in every song, you bless my mind,body and soul!!!

  4. X Willy

    I heard this yesterday and thought I was listening to another newly released Prince-joint.
    My jaw dropped when I read who sang this.
    Major props to you, Emily King.

  5. Robert Schulz

    I am shook I don't even know how to describe this magnificent arrangement I just heard!

  6. AwPheebs

    honestly if you're not listening to this song with headphones in, do yourself a bloody favour and get on it

  7. hope dean

    This song reminds me of Make Me Feel by Janelle Monae and I love it

    Kathy Gaalaas


  8. hope dean

    Bless some dude's playlist on spotify for introducing me to this song

  9. Amy Marie


  10. Susannah Banna

    80s vibes!!!

  11. Charlotte leto

    Dodie anyone? 😂

    Big Blue Skyla

    Yes I listened to all of the songs lol


    meeee!! googling all of them this is cool, not something i would regularly listen too but its original and I love originality.

    Ur mum Gay

    well duh

    kit kat

    Yep so glad cos I'd never heard of her before ❤

  12. Fabiola Maldonado


  13. Arthur Bolton

    I like never comment on anything but I gotta show some love for this. Thanks lady keep the good tunes coming. Much needed in this time 💓💓💓💓

    Mrs. M

    Arthur Bolton, you wonderful wise man you! Much love and respect from London. ;)

  14. J B

    This is f-ing FANTASTIC!

  15. LenVrijhof

    I am living for those subtle synths and bassline in the second verse. IT’S SO GOOD!

    Big Blue Skyla

    LenVrijhof lol I spent ages trying to work out what a subtle synth was I’m such an idiot:D

  16. S. Lyre

    BEGINING SAMPLE IS FROM BING CROSBY - WHITE CHRISTMAS (at the end) , wow it feels good to recognise a sample.


    Super groove et un brillant hommage au défunt PRINCE !!..

  18. Rene'e Rose

    prince little sister

  19. CaliBelle

    Why have I had this album but haven't listened to it.

  20. Tarik Abdullah

    dam the guitar came in i was done after that! FIRE!!

  21. Mary Wilson

    Yes it is like a prince song you can tell she is a fan too .

  22. Rhianna La'Shannon

    So Prince 💜💜💜💜

  23. TheGuitarvette

    Groove central!!

  24. Tiago Marques

    gurl u tight

  25. Boyonspace


  26. Melriah Hampton

    This woman is phenomenal. My goodness.

  27. Lil' Lina

    Just close your eyes and listen Emily King.

  28. Pre S

    This is my joint right here. Yall are really missing out on my mean two step right now lol.

  29. Mikaele Tue

    I love every single song on this new album!!! l have been listening to you this past year and it has truly been a pleasure!! thank you for making such great music that gets me through some of my most rough days! I will always be a fan of your amazing music!!

  30. dstxb

    Not a believer in God?


    Doubt it, but who cares?


    Obviously me...

    Mary Wilson

    I hope that not what she is singing about . It would be a shame smh cuz I love her voice I have to watch who I listen too .


    shes not hurting your personal jesuses. hope you guys got over being schizos and started to feel the damn music


    if you only listen to musicians that believe in your religion, you're missing out on a lot of pure musical geniuses. sad.

  31. Ross Jenkins

    VERY PRINCE. This girl is awesome!

  32. Thomas Patterson

    Prince would be proud of this artistry of achievement. Wow woman. This song here is is pure fire. Emily King your are indeed an artist of our time.

    Kalaya Tazanai

    She's definitely channeling Prince in this song.


    Thomas Patterson I was thinking the same

    Kathy Gaalaas

    I thought the same!!!!! It's like he's right there with her!

  33. LaVar Carmichael

    I love this woman seriously! !!

  34. Stephanie Williams


  35. angelique thomason

    love this song!

  36. Tony Estrada

    This song is on replay for me.

  37. fathom dj

    get it girl!

  38. sulkygrrl

    Your album is absolute love, Emily! I'm telling all my friends about you! <3 Thank you for the joy and energy and beautiful melodies. Kudos to all the wonderful musicians who worked with you as well!