King Diamond - The 7th Day Of July 1777 Lyrics

Count de LaFey uncovered his cheating wife
Nine months of loving and sharing
Oh, it was a bastard child!
How could he have been so blind?!
"No bastard baby will inherit what's mine!"
Another one of her affairs had left him in despair
So he pushed her down the stairs to die
"No!" she cried

In 1777, on the 7th Day of July
The Countess broke her neck
And the embryo came out dead
Then he burned his beloved wife
And the embryo he gave a name
"Abigail, you must rest in shame!
Rest in shame!"

With a strange idea
He wanted to mummify
The girl for the future to find... and he did

So he pushed her down the stairs to die
"No!" she cried
In 1777, on the 7th Day of July...

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King Diamond The 7th Day Of July 1777 Comments
  1. Louis Csanko


  2. Justo Hernandez

    I saw King for the first time and it was like Black Metal Heaven.

  3. Deaf2Demands

    One of my fav songs of all time.

  4. Dafyd Maddz


    *STAY HEAVY, 2020!* 🤘🏻

  5. Louis Csanko


  6. Jimmy Howe

    Damn... I LOVE this.

  7. gvyx

    Eu sou ratasana paraiso tenho pauzao caralho parece mt judas esses afudossao muito fodas

  8. Bo Astrom

    Micky D drumming was head of it's time. Blew my mind when this came out.

  9. Justo Hernandez

    I just heard him play this in Detroit last was perfect!

  10. Jamie Close

    Who else is listening in 1845?

  11. Travis Brady

    I can see a lot of randy Rhoads style licks gotta love it man

  12. Travis Brady

    King diamond will be playing at my black funeral

  13. Louis Csanko


  14. juhki898

    R.i.p Timi Hansen

  15. Thomas Castrovillo

    The greatest concept album ever written!

  16. Thomas Castrovillo

    What a intro!beuitiful

  17. Caveman Bricklayer

    Beautiful acoustic and demented at the same time

  18. vizagoth x

    anyone else here to hear the real song brann dailor sang badly in his rolling stone interview?

  19. Michael Bryant

    i was born on the 30th day of July.

  20. Diego Sousa

    Escutava muito quando era pivete véi !

  21. FuriousWolf666

    27 people are Kiss fans

    Metaluna Zombie

    Yooo hooooo! Black Diamond! lol....

  22. Patryk

    i came from 7/07/2777
    still rockin'

  23. Jerry Gonzalez

    Today is my sons birthday turned 16 on this day...

  24. Gustavo Loría

    Happy 242 anniversary hahaha.

  25. Brantley Myers

    Checking in on this 7th day of July 2019

  26. BardockPOL

    Hello there on the 07.07

  27. El Diegool Arenas



    Of course!

  29. contra007

    Every July 7th!

  30. Marco Crispi


  31. timsmd61

    I was born in July 1425

  32. Roman Krylov

    this is a ,masters of the metal.

  33. Mussun Mussun

    My favorite King Diamond song

  34. Yu Le

    מי שר פה?

    Yu Le

    who is the higher voice?

  35. Nikki Nikac

    King diamond rules

  36. Han Lac

    Yes sir

  37. stelios xorismenos

    Perfect track

  38. Sicksoullleee

    most underrated band ever

  39. victor xavier Alencar


  40. Stelios Xorismenos

    The best song of king diamond

  41. Caveman Bricklayer

    That intro is amazing

  42. Domino Lexington

    Happy 241st, Abigail! 😈


    nice one

  43. El Diegool Arenas

    Today It's july 7th

    El Diegool Arenas

    Jajaja salu2 😂

  44. MrSackH

    Its the perfect day to listen to this (07.07.2018)


    MrSackH Perhaps, but was it the perfect year?!

  45. Unholy Shaman

    Like if youre listening on July 7th


    Happy July 7th everybody!

  47. palavos 3

    Abigail Happy Birthday sweetheart.

  48. Daniel Hedberg

    Listen to this one every 7th July...

  49. XtremeVille

    No!! -She CRIEEEED!!!!!!

  50. Rob Simpson

    Like I have said in the future and the past.............BEAUTYFUL!!!! (Beautiful)!


    1777 .... 7th OF july ...............................................

  52. The Taco Channel

    Best solo on the album hands down

  53. joseph montague

    Gene Simmons sues this guy for makeup similarities...what a douchebag, he would rather see a hard working band crumble for a few bucks...Kiss are not rock and Gene Simmons is a talentless fuck who never gave a shit about nothing but money...could you imagine all your favorite bands acted that way? What a they shit on their own band mates in their shitty autobiographies for more money...only Ace was talented

  54. joseph montague

    Out of all my favorite metal bands when it comes to writing clean riffs, solos and melodies I gotta say Andy Laroque is you'll never see a better show than these guys...they are next to Pantera in making sure their fans have a great time

  55. Nobody At All

    Born 7/7/92!

  56. KE mafia

    hail to the king!

  57. Asum Jessen

    That spine ripping evaporating guitar riff gets me every time.

  58. Megapedro87

    This solo is a masterpiece. He has to be one of the greatest metal solos of all time. It' so emotional...i can't describe it. King a genius. Best album, period.

    Dwhizzle Dizzle

    Reminds me of Randy Rhoads a little. Fucking awesome.

    Acid Hologram

    It is a mastic song for Andy

  59. Mass Murderer

    The 7th Day of July 1777 777k views

  60. Jean Claude Julien

    👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

  61. louis martin

    i bet the guy pushed the girl down the stairs disliked this lol

  62. Load Game

    I was born on that day! Ah! 18th century! What great time period to be alive!

  63. Joan Perez Gimenez

    Fav song of King Diamond with The Candle. Simply incredible.

  64. Joan Perez Gimenez

    What an album , i fucking love King Diamond.

  65. Daro Blackheart

    That Andy's solo! Pure brilliance.

  66. Anthony Pomarrosa


  67. navertudes

    gene wishes his face paint was as badass as the Kings!!! fuckin kiss sucks anyway! sorry Dime! happy B day Abigail!!!

  68. Antonio Marcelino

    Date Today,.7/7/2017
    240 Years Back \,,/


    Oh fuck you were faster than me.

    Antonio Marcelino

    hhehhehe Sorry My Friend,My Names Is Barry Allen,Hehehehehe

  69. shawn m

    Today is the 7th day of July 2017.

  70. WingDiamond

    Happy "Un-Birthday" Abigail!

  71. Jorge Cota


  72. Fabio1349

    Hayppy 7th day of July, 2017 :D

  73. J S

    7/7/2017 checking in

  74. TurboMonguer

    nooooooooooo bastard baby!

  75. Uncle Midnight

    🤘 Merry 240th anniversary! 🤘

  76. Isaac Lux Signifer


  77. thomas jester

    i can still hear her screaming on july 7th 2017

    Load Game

    Well, if you listened to Abigail II - The Revenge, you would know that Abigail burnt down the mansion 18 years later. You, sir, are lying, since you can't walk these stairs in July anymore.

  78. alexander fernandes valu

    what an atmosphere! Love this introduction and the whole fucking track.
    King is a nice horror- supernatural-occult themes songwriter.

  79. Mario Lomeli

    Came here because my favorite Death album is Individual Thought Patterns...where Andy LaRocque appears.



    He still comes around sometimes...he lives in Dallas TX

    vizagoth x

    he likes texas for for some reason (i live here and i cant understand why anyone would like it but whatever) he used to play san antonio a LOT - merciful fate was eventually blacklisted from every venue here - so they put on shows outside the city limits in, like, cornfields using a flatbed 18 wheeler as a stage...

    Thomas Castrovillo

    @vizagoth x texas sucks

    Louis Csanko


  80. Vagrant Otaku

    Kings vocals always crack me up man

  81. SuperRowdyone

    This song rules

  82. demon lover1996

    Die Stimme ist wahnsinn ;)

  83. wijnand klomberg

    Awesome  as always.

  84. Jimi Neel

    this album is just so self explanatory, I don't need to say how heavy it is

  85. Wolf man Grim reaper

    Three people like Gene Simmons

  86. Rude Valve

    Certified Gold!!!!!

    Rude Valve

    Certified Gold!!!!!!

  87. Thiago Costa

    Mestre king !!!!!

  88. yaman himmat

    OMG <3 <3

  89. lola Von Vegan

    the king 😀☺

    thomas jester

    the king forever

  90. SkullCrusher

    3 morons disliked this.

    wijnand klomberg

    must be deaf

    stelios xorismenos

    Fuck them

  91. 2metal 4you


  92. bla bla

    I was born 21st of October but but it's not the album release date ;-; What's wrong with description?

  93. filthyswit

    21 people are Gene Simmons fans.

    Fred Herbert

    Proto Razor kiss sucks!!!


    Actually King was forced to change his makeup, so I wouldn't call that a win... but yeah fuck Gene, he's such a money hungry douchebag, that's why his makeup design is different now. King said it himself that he had respect for him until that happened...

    Chris Oros

    little fucker!

    Nick Waters

    "I wanna be an asshole all night and douchebag everyday." - "Douche" Simmons(I'd call him the Mr. Krabs of rock music)


    @TheMetalWarrior1993 I heard something about King was planning to change his makeup style anyway despite Gene's douchebaggery.

  94. Traveling Adventure Variety

    It's July 7th.


    ahhhhhh  today brought me here lol!


    Yup, me too.


    Hahaha literally the first thing i thought of when i woke up today.


    it's my birthday.


    7/7 again.

  95. Baerghet Trulmaelder

    Huh, I was born in July 7th of 1777. Beat that ! :D

    Baerghet Trulmaelder

    @skrapas4ever :D

    Baerghet Trulmaelder

    +Alec Sedate Oh really? How can you be so sure about that?

    Alec Sedate

    Baerghet Trulmaelder it's called math take 2017 and subtract 1777 from that and you get their age

    Baerghet Trulmaelder

    Man, you're being really annoying, you know that?
    Trying to state the obvious in an obvious troll-comment...get outta here and stop replying, because I'm getting all these needless notifications for no reason..

  96. myname ismud

    amazing vocals

  97. betzabet gonzalez alveal

    I was born in 7 of july of 1990 ....


    Happy Birthday

    Guillermo Pinto

    Feliz cumple entonces pue!!

  98. Sol Bellafiore

    r.i.p Harper. this one is for you..