King Diamond - One Down Two To Go Lyrics

The sun has risen, just above the trees
The birds are singing, it's just like a dream
What a perfect morning it... could have been
Salem's in the kitchen, and that's sin
Eggs for three and a little tea
Mixed with the graveyard dirt... from yesterday

Anybody eating Salem's "a la carte" today
Should be taken ill and... waste away

[Salem thinking to himself:]
"You used to be so beautiful, but now you're gonna die
Die, die, both of you... are gonna die, die... die"

Salem's walking up the stairs to the second floor
Silver tray in hand... knocking at the door

[Salem thinking to himself:]
"You used to be so beautiful, but now you're gonna die
Die, die, both of you... are gonna die, die... die"

In a fever, sick as Hell
David's got a snake bite... and all is well
(Salem thinks to himself:)
One down, two to go. "Oh Madame he's got the flu"...

The problem is that Sarah's morning sick again
That pregnant woman, always something wrong

You used to be so beautiful, but now you're gonna die
Die... Sarah die, Sarah die
Die, die... Sarah die, Sarah die

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King Diamond One Down Two To Go Comments
  1. Argelia Hernández

    Simply the Best , oh madame this guy is awesome when he sings

  2. Metaluna Zombie

    been stuck in my head since 1998

  3. ronnie james Dio

    "You used to be so beautiful, but now you're gonna die
    Die, die, both of you...are gonna die, die...die"

  4. Teutonic Bohemian

    I first heard the song in Lakai’s fully flared Alex Olson part. Back then I was in high school, fast forward a decade later and I am a huge fan now of king diamond and I’m going to see him in a few weeks in downtown St. Paul. Hail to the King.

    It all started with a skate video.


    Hell ya man, it always feels good to discover/rediscover some amazing metal. King Diamond is one of those bands where every single member is talented as fuck, and you can hear it in the sound.

  5. Chris Litts

    I'm in a bad mood this is what I needed 😈

  6. Leviathan


  7. Sulu Boya

    From yesterdaaaaay!

  8. veress domokos

    one of my favourite

  9. King Diamond

    Not so best sounding album but better than spider lullabye anyway.

  10. Kelly Castleman

    Alex Olson FTW

  11. onetwo1207

    Fucking master

  12. Melvin the Mop Boy

    Alex Olsen brought me hurr.

  13. Ronald Abinsay

    Killer song

  14. Ronald Abinsay

    Killer album a masterpiece

  15. Ronald Abinsay

    King diamond rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ronald Abinsay

    Heavy metal rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ronald Abinsay

    King diamonc rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ronald Abinsay

    King diamond rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ronald Abinsay

    Killer song

  19. Ronald Abinsay

    Heavy metal rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Ronald Abinsay

    King diamond rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Ronald Abinsay

    Killer album a masterpiece

  22. Ronald Abinsay

    Killer song


    Now THIS is an evil fucking song, but it is awesome.

  24. crom14/88 Pitbull 666

    kimi 666,here's your favorite k.diamond song

  25. Eriche

    Thank You My Master..My King 4 ever 3:)

  26. LilJinn

    "you used to be so beutiful... BUT NOW YOU GON' DIEEE!!!"

  27. Caz H.

    I want this played at my funeral. 👍🏻

    Callum Moore

    You used to be so beautiful but now you're... Dead

  28. kromo997

    i remember when i was about 7 i used to sing this in the car with my mom. knew all the words too. im 19 now haha man time flies

    RetroDeath Reviews

    wow that's weird.
    I was about 8 when my dad and I listened to this in the mornings as he took me to school, and I'm 19 now too.

    Jeremiah Lawrence

    I left my prom just to see king on this tour. Made my date go with me right from prom lmao. Good times

    Viktor Lukáč

    Haha 😂

  29. Jester Green

    A film for this album please..., the BSO will be perfect!!!!

  30. Kadyn L

    I just recently started listening to King Diamond. this is so badass!

  31. Thao Hien

    One down! Two to go! "Oh Madam, he's got the flu!"

  32. Joseph Anthony Angel

    Do you  know how many times I have slammed my fuckin' skull (not literally..) to this song..

    Ana Martins

    Joseph Anthony Angel Hi darling! This is really good!

  33. Ricardo Vargas

    king is The master

  34. John Doe

    love this song!

  35. jim ritzheimer

    It took me over ten years to find this song again. This is a good day.

  36. Ryan Newman

    that alternate picking


    for all the skaters,lakai fully flard!


    +lishai malki that is how i started listening to metal, thanks to that guy's profile Alex something was it?

    Modests Reynoso

    alex olson

    Hot Rod !

    +Seijurojushi Alex Olson

    SLAAAYEEER civini

    I'm here for that

    Gabriel Callizaya

    Hell yeahhhh!!!

  38. Yazerhoun

    Magnificent. Reminds me, for some reasons, of A Visit From The Dead

  39. Xaiphon

    Alex Olson's Fully Flared video brought me here :)

    carlos marin

    yeah me too!!!!

  40. Spencer Nelson

    From about 1:00 onward, this song is metal as fuck

  41. Daniel Simon

    haha no I'm the 69th like

  42. MCenergySD

    im the 69th like... i  like that

  43. Alex Pn

    Abigail-Them and Voodoo!

  44. Itss Beatss

    Alex Olson Lakai Fully Flared

  45. Aaron f

    Hell Yeah. Honestly I think King Diamond is the best metal singer of all time. Would you agree?

  46. Hari Menon

    Oh no, my friend. No disrespect meant. I love all King Diamond and Mercyful Fate albums - Fatal Portrait, Conspiracy, Them, etc. every single one of them absolutely - each one is a massive masterpiece in its own right. Voodoo just sounds so hectic and hardcore like King re-discovered his true dark side somewhat similar to the same rage in Mercyful Fate's 9 album. King's entire catalog is a a must-have collection.

  47. Aaron f

    What about the Fatal Portrait, Them, and The Conspiracy albums? Do you not like those albums? Well either way I respect your opinion. I mean you obviously have good taste in music! And I'm sure that we both agree that King Diamond Rules \,,/ \,,/

  48. racewiththefalcons1

    Man, that riff is so fucking METAL!!!

  49. john goforth

    I very much agree!!!!! Good Albums!!!

  50. Hari Menon

    This album, Abigail and House of God are simply off the charts.!

  51. Derek Pettys

    SALEM Ate my fukkin Eggs...WTF??

  52. Jugulator

    Long live the King!!!

  53. D Carter


  54. Krieglocke

    This was removed from youtube. Gotta thank you for uploading it to youtube. One of my favorite king diamond songs!! \m/

  55. oldmaninacave

    Best song on the album IMO