King Diamond - "LOA" House Lyrics

1932, North of Baton Rouge
Louisiana nights are darker than before
Along the Mississippi, that is where it is
The old colonial house, a mansion if you will

White as snow, the mansion still seems to have its glow

And when the moon is full and white
You can hear the drums of voodoo echo in the night

In the "LOA" house, misery will strike again

Jean le Noir, the first to own this house
He was a voodoo priest, a Houngan so they say
The voodoo cemetery, that is where he is
Died at the hand of an evil Bocor's will

They say... he's been walking the house ever since that day

And when the moon is full and white
You can hear the drums of voodoo echo in the night

In the "LOA" house, misery will strike again

They never should have come, no no no
They never should have come to the "LOA" house
They never should have come, no no no
They never should have come to the "LOA"

7 days ago... the Lafayettes moved in
Sarah is with child and Davis is the man
This is no Abigail, this child will survive
And Grandfather dear, why did they bring him here?

White as snow, that's all he sees, oh he's been blind for years

They never should have come, no no no
They never should have come to the "LOA" house
They never should have come, no no no
They never should have come to the "LOA"

And when the moon is full and white
You can hear the drums of voodoo echo in the night

In the "LOA" house, misery will strike again
In the "LOA" house, misery will strike again

And again... and again... and again... and again...

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King Diamond "LOA" House Comments
  1. frank74zakk

    Un grande artista e una grande band, fantastici!

  2. Emetal Madman

    king diamond freakin rocks 🤟🏻🎶

  3. Jeffrey Dohnger

    Now if we can get King to share some of that throat soothing tea with Halford..

  4. Thomas Ericson

    He sounds incredible!

  5. roo deejoo

    Same to you....;-)

  6. Jeffrey Dohnger

    King Diamond made one of the most of not THE best comebacks in recorded history. 💯%

  7. Efrain Duarte

    Is this live? Noticed at 1:58 on drums. Snare was off compared to what he was doing visually. I could be wrong.

  8. 10nestaw1993

    he never fails to impress probably one of the most consistent voices live ever.

  9. jhon dhoe

    i love you danmark,god bless danmark forever, much love from norway, man king diamond is awesome, not as awesome as the real danish patriots tho, viking for the win

  10. orestis nalmpantis

    Suprise suprise motherfuckers ! The king is back !!!

  11. YanksOnTop

    OMG!!! AMAZING!!!!!

  12. Glenn Mark

    enough following this channel anymore okay okay i will buy the dvd.

  13. 97warlock ismyname

    The stage, basically is derived, believe it or not from KISS's Love Gun stage back in 1977. Atleast the stairs and the drum riser is atleast. Most metal bands copied that stage layout. 2 stairs & a wall of Marshalls.

    We'llAlwaysHave VALIS

    Interesting bit of lore there thanks.

  14. Gazember Zsolt

    Beszarás! Nagyon jó.

  15. Dan The-Man

    Never heard King Diamond before now...WHOA, the vocals are terrible.


    Dan The-Man I would say give them a chance but you listen to Deftones, the angsty phase of any 90s teen expressed as a band.

    Dan The-Man

    @6026961 Deftones is very unusual for my taste. Within the Ruins, new Chelsea Grin, Fractalize, Thy Art Is Murder...these are my faves.


    Dan The-Man I guess you can try some proppa death metal bands instead of those sellouts, go listen to bands like Death, Suffocation, Immolation, Incantation and Morbid angel.

    My favourite modern death metal band is most definitely Ulcerate.

    Dan The-Man

    @6026961 I've tried most of those bands, they just don't excite me. Also, I fail to see how the bands I mentioned are sellouts, I just like the sound of the instruments, the melodies, and the vocals (not to be confused with lyrics). Especially Fractalize, they're nobodies at the moment, haven't even produced a full-length album yet.


    Dan The-Man well I guess you can stick to your immature bands then, all I'm saying is you don't like something immediately but most of the bands you like are unoriginal anyways.

  16. carlos florez

    Full DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. John León

    The best part of the song is missing!

  18. Héctor Licona

    Fuck! I want to buy the DVD so bad

  19. Reaper Syn

    Absolutely no bashing ov the King, but he has better live recordings ov this tune from the same tour......still, long live Diamond

  20. Joe Santonocito

    Absolutely amazing

  21. Zim Babwe

    King Diamond - Home Renovation For The Elderly

  22. Diamond Kid

    His voice is still incredible in his 60s at that!! Metals best all time front man!!!!

  23. Orlando Delgadillo

    Matt is back...awesome musician and metalhead

  24. Jhonny Walker

    King Diamond is the Master King, hail my king, hail my master

  25. Julio Ocasio Albino

    Dimmu ,cradle , ghost and most of Black metal bands took something from King diamond show some respect to the king

  26. Pazuzu DxCx

    The true Metal King 🤘

  27. legge del fuoco e della benzina

    Shitty smartphones is the first thing I notice

  28. Wendio Silva

    Muito foda ver um video do King, em qualidade alta de atualmente :)

  29. miroslav christov


  30. Metal Heart

    Wow! ...ce show avait l'air fantastique \m/

  31. Clinton Miller

    Both my sons are grown now, but when they were very young I would listen to King Diamond while driving. (Yes, I deserve a good parent award for having my kids in cat seats rocking to rock and metal). Once my kids asked to listen to "the angry mouse". It took me a moment to understand they meant King Diamond. They loved it. They still enjoy King Diamond, as do I. Parents expose your children to real music young or risk them listening to fake music like Rap.

    Lakota Ya Guy

    Clinton Miller By my guess, It’s still you.

    Clinton Miller

    @Lakota Ya Guy bet you can't even tune a guitar. No surprise you like Rap. Lol

    Lakota Ya Guy

    Clinton Miller As a seasoned musician, it’s not that hard.

    Chris Brown

    @Lakota Ya Guy ok. Theres like 5 dudes that can rhyme intelligence. Be real. It promotes A BULLSHIT SOCIETY AND CULTURE. bitchs money hoes cars n BLAM..FUN GHETTO LIFE replicates. Metal is fantasy and political MOSTLY. Our musical culture does NOT promote civil unrest and immature content such as fantasy story lines is NOT A REFLECTION on our Civility. THATS THE POINT..POET GUY.

  32. Mika Saukkonen

    Fucking awesome

  33. Luann Milan

    King king king 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  34. FatalArrival

    "Grandmaaaaaaaa" - what a great performance! KING DIAMOND forever! \m/ \m/

  35. Roma Pauk

    Dk Gorbunova 2006 было круто я там был

  36. Michael Holmgaard

    King really does sound better than ever.... so incredible for his age! And of course, Andy LaRocque is still the coolest dude in the room. Though, it would be cool to have Michael Denner on guitar, and Mikkey Dee on drums ;)

  37. P.F.H.

    His voice has not changed at all.

    Domicidal Covers

    @Bobby Brown Sync'd? There are other videos out there, and I've seen him live twice on this tour and he was absolutely amazing both times! He does have a female backing vocalist live, but that's just for the effect really and to enhance the vocals overall. most of what you hear is him. It's hard to believe but he really is THAT good.

  38. S W

    Badass...ain't it.

  39. Rafał Matejczyk

    Me god song from album Them.

  40. Jeffory Young


  41. Tuco Oliveira

    Stay heavy forever

  42. Stelcio

    Grandma looks like Ronnie James Dio lol

    Clinton Miller

    Now that is funny

  43. Cutty Nichols

    So excited 4 this dvd.....fucking awasome....was hoping for the Detroit footage (that was pro shot)...TY Metal Blade)

  44. Mike White

    Grandma what was it like
    To be at the holiday site 🤘🤘🤘

  45. Carlitos Gamexane

    Awesome!! Someday I Will a show. I Hope ser It before I die...

  46. frank .foduw

  47. RodrigoDigoJunho

    Metal made with pure good taste, show with excellent production! King Diamond proving to us that Metal is still worthy to be on top!


    Totally agree. Hail to the King. \m/ \m/

  48. Green Man

    Dude is 62 and still brings it. That’s insane.


    King doesn't have an age. He is Diamond!

    Vladan Marjanović

    He sounds live better than in 80's. :O :D


    King Diamond vs Rob Halford. Who would win?

    Green Man

    @wiisalute I think Rob goes through phases in which his voice will sort of get bad for awhile then slowly gets better, but KD has always been fantastic.


    Type O! 🤘🏻💚

  49. homero siplon

    Cuando sale el DVD?

  50. slayernut 666

    ???!!! Why was it cut short??!! Add a dislike just for that

    Steven Lornie

    Buy the DVD...

    RubyMetalCat 18

    They like to tease everybody 😂

    Domicidal Covers

    Why would you dislike a video that you knew was only a clip(clearly states it in the title) for it being cut short? If you like what you see then buy it and support the band, Disliking a video that does exactly what it says and isn't missleading whatsoever, just because something isn't exactly the way you like it is pathetic.

  51. Gleyson Peres Toledo

    Master King \m/

  52. Robert Adams

    And he still has it,you either like him or you don't,but in my world, King Diamond is a amazing,been listening to him since 89,first concert I ever went to,and he hasn't seem to hasnt lost any of his vocal capabilities,pretty Awesome I think

    Welliton Luís de Lara

    And remember, he had his heart operated few years ago.

    RubyMetalCat 18

    The fact that he was a smoker for a very long time and is still able to hit those high notes is absolutely incredible. Even back then he sounded great. He sounds even better since he quit.

    Welliton Luís de Lara

    @RubyMetalCat 18 heeeelll yeah, I forgot about that

  53. Alex Saucedo


  54. Roberto González Montiel

    Eternal King Diamond Forever

  55. Eet fuk


  56. Christian Jackson

    soft rock King, I'll say to that!!

  57. Dan Víkingr

    The best band!

  58. Melodic Metal TV

    Awesome performance!

  59. Thibaut D. Akeley

    They cut out the good part

    Turi Tamás

    So that you can buy that.


    @Turi Tamás Perfect 🤘

    Thibaut D. Akeley

    Turi Tamás that's how marketing works right?


    Just Buy the dvd or blu-Ray. It’s worth it and you won’t regret it.

  60. homero siplon

    Veni a SudAmerica argentina king diamond x favor jajaja no pude ir a Chile cuando fuiste. : (

    Cristian Valenzuela

    homero siplon ojala venga man pero la situacion economica del pais no ayuda mucho para q viniera.

    homero siplon

    @Cristian Valenzuela si eso es ver dad mas con los chantas de los qe train las bandas qe por ej en judas priest pusieron campo vip a mas de tres Lucas una locura y la de iron Maiden de octubre de este año en velez casi dos mil pesos esta: ( ya empeze a guardar para esa de maiden hajaja

    Elver Galarga

    sería un sueño ver al rey

  61. Vorka Vaako


  62. Diego Sanctus

    Hail to the King🤘🏻

  63. Егор Сизганов

    My favorit song

  64. Thebtechdavemustaine 5


    Michael Beddoe

    God, but not evil

  65. Егор Сизганов


  66. Now I Am Become Death The Destroyer Of Worlds