King, Carole - No Easy Way Down Lyrics

Your toy balloon has sailed in the sky
But now it must fall to the ground
Now your sad eyes reveal
Just how badly you feel
'Cause there is no easy way down

The view from the cliffs must have been exciting
And up to the peaks you were bound
Now you're stranded alone
And the path is unknown
And there is no easy way down

No, it isn't very easy
When you're left on your own
No, it isn't very easy
When each road you take
Is one more mistake
And there's no one to break your fall
And lead you back home

We all like to climb to the heights, I know
Where our fantasy world can be found
But you must know in the end
When it's time to descend
There is no easy way down

You know you're gonna find
There is no easy way down

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King, Carole No Easy Way Down Comments
  1. nursemedic17

    I want this song and Zeppelin's Nobody's Fault But Mine played at my funeral.

  2. Julia Miller

    Dusty Springfield sang this,
    #1 version for me
    But Carole can take me
    to church with it 😍

  3. bradly2007

    High School days "It Might As Well Rain Until September" a captivating gem on 45rpm remember playing endlessly, wondered why no more from Carole King then "Writer: Carole King" appeared and played Lp endlessly then came "Tapestry" & two masterpieces in a row from Carole King...raw & soulful love this just as much as "Tapestry" and still play both endlessly...

  4. Surfer Joe

    That has to be Ry Cooder in there, right?

  5. Alan Mundy

    Glad someone else thinks this is her best album. Much underrated. This is an interesting song and given the era when it was written, surely it alludes to the down from being high on whatever the chosen drug is. Ms King's voice has a melancholic quality which suits the tone of the songs especially Goin' Back and Child of Mine.

  6. jlw


  7. Clara Bellino

    Great voice and awesome melody! Thanks for sharing!

  8. John LaStrada

    This song sounds like Carole King was listening to a lot of Procol Harum  --  it's very Procol Harum-ish in approach and done very well. Lyrics, music, arrangement -- it's all cut from that Gary Brooker-Keith Reid cloth. There aren't many Carole King songs written in this manner -- so it must have been Carole stretching her skills into a more progressive ballad style and not a commercial one. Very impressive.  


    John LaStrada Very interesting comparison to the wondrous music of Procol Harum. Thanks for sharing this acute observation. I'm not sure if I quite agree (yet). Lol
    But if I ever see Carol, I'll be sure to ask her. I'm a major Carol and Procol fan so I really appreciate the analogy. Let me think about it for a bit and see if my other friends agree with you.