King 810 - War Time Lyrics

(Vio... lence...)
(Vio... lence...)

(Know that its old men for council young men for war)

It's the motherfuckin boogeyman
Push your hands together
Pray to whoever
Bullets with no name cut through the air at night
If theres no masks on our faces then we came for your life
Tell God bring the suffering I can take whatever he sends
My bones are stone there are no nerves in my skin
I was built for war I'm the beginning and the end
I am the Alpha and Omega close your eyes and count to ten...

(It's wartime!)
This is the best day of our lives this could be the day that we die [x2]

Violence... took my family...
Took my life from me...
Took my everything...

Okay... [x2]

You asked for it (what? Nah!)
Your mouth done wrote a check that
Your pussy ass can't cash out
It's time to mob, me and the squad ready to mash out
They comin to get em and off of that trip ready to smash out (gangsters, ready to kill somebody)
Brains mashed out (fuck em) kick in the door at your dad's house
Think its in peace we'll pretend to be deke'n them fags mouths, now pass out (it's war time)
Make a killer pull the gas out, make me wana throw that .50 caliber at em while they up in that glass house
All this maniac and then this murder and it's because you had doubts
Cuz you couldn't get a hand-out since you gotta leave
And I'm believing that with the pistol off in your damn mouth

Violence... took my family...
Took my life from me...
Took my everything... [x2]

Hands up!
Dont shoot...
We drop the window then we loot
What did you think we would do
I threw my body on the bomb on the truth
This ain't the time or the place
We dont speak where we're from we put guns in your face
I'm not your partner or friend
If they move they dont see their families again
If I take your life I promise you I won't lose sleep at night
I'm only living to fight
Fuck what is right
I came to die

It's wartime! [x3]

Violence... took my family!
Took my life from me!
Took my everything...

Violence... [x4]
Took my everything

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King 810 War Time Comments
  1. Anthony Baker

    Still one of my top ten favorite King 810 songs

  2. sandercohenbird

    Totally using this for my deployment comp vid, the boys will love it. Thanks guys, keep killing it!

  3. Reverent Reckoning

    This isn't a reach for help, it is a Battle Cry. How such understanding goes passed over by most these days astounds me. I will appreciate and continue to Live and eventually die by this. The Spiritual War raging outside, and even within, is very real and every moment counts. Prepare yourselves..... stand ready to answer your call-

  4. Werner Fischer

    This song would be so good without this "trick trick"...

  5. Gibson Paquin

    Eat a warhead while listening wartime

  6. John The King Robinson

    King King👑👑

  7. Jayvin

    Some deep feelings attached to this song

  8. JJ Video uploads

    Flint shaped me into the creature I am today. #IsurvivedFlint

  9. Dillon Chapo

    Uncle trick snapped shoutout from east Flint MI i partied with yall a few times

  10. Very Good

    Any one from malaysia ? Love king 810 .

  11. Alex Murphy

    Damn trick trick got heavy on this shit!!!

  12. Steve S

    Is that Stitches at 1:40?

    Sub Zero

    The title is clearly telling you that its trick trick

  13. Mitchell Banner

    Song is fucked up in all the right ways

  14. RUN-A-MUK

    Such a hardcore song 💪🏻

  15. Gerber Gerts

    Why r all the comments from a year or more ago XD i STILL bump these songs n memoirs and suicide king

    Spring Smith

    Still listening.

  16. Adam Swiggity Swooty _MAGA!

    Wheres trick tricks lyrics?

  17. Balor

    Pure rage !! 🔥🔥

  18. Eddie Ackford

    I was built by dragons and raised by a lion but violence... took my family.....too

  19. james logan

    King 810? More like The heaviest shit you ever heard 810

  20. Sid Sugar


  21. Sid Sugar

    Is it just me.... that doesnt like trick trick in any of king's songs?

    Fauniel Azura Odum

    this ssounds exactly like trick trick, the gate keeper album man

  22. William Taylor

    I can’t tell if he with the devil or angry at god for what he been through iam not judging love his music but just curious

    Michael Harrington

    how can you be mad at one and not the other. they are both the same to all of us fuct up introvert's. but one introvert can destroy them both. so either or he's probably mad at both.

  23. Zainab Alramadhan

    I think I'm the only fan who's from Saudi Arabia

    Matt Richards

    That's fucking epic dude! 🤘


    Lol nice

    The Legend

    Probably lol.


    Without a doubt!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘

  24. marvlina marvin

    Andajen and Zena tvna who

  25. Seth Amphetaminess


  26. son vult

    I like. Michigan boys too? Right right!

  27. RaimiTheKidd

    2:57 has to be the best shit I've heard in a while. Fucking awesome.

  28. Makeup by Tabitha B

    someone point me in the direction of lyrics for trick trick's part

  29. codie colon

    i wonder what this would sound like as an instrumental with the chorus singing the violence part


    codie colon would be awesome

  30. FlatlandWulf

    Who else would love to hear this in the upcoming Punisher series, I realize this is about real life shit in Flint but it fits perfect to a character like Frank Castle/The Punisher as well.

    Reondo Gaskins

    FlatlandWulf Dam , I was thinking the same thing, And I would also use the BLACK SWAN SONG BY KING

    thatguy fromnaysa

    Someone just needs to cut that shit up and make a montage or something.

    thatguy fromnaysa

    Also proud new owner of two punishers comics both issue ones...i may be gloating


    Gay ass schill bitch

    Nigt Blade

    Vere true

  31. scotty norris

    fuck what is right I came to die its WARTIME!!!!!! #hailtheking

  32. mattlsmith20

    The beginning of the chorus line is so epic!!

  33. Dames

    i grew up in bad neighborhood's, so i can relate to some of this because ive done some of it. but dont think where i lived was quite as bad as where he grew up 😅😅

    JJ Video uploads

    Flint will accept anybody and everybody and welcomes you to participate in the game of survival and Carnage.

  34. Caleb Jenderseck


  35. Dani Disaster

    finally realized he says "violence took my family" not "islands took my family"

  36. Robert Metevier

    810 Flint

  37. Millertime

    This is probably my favorite King song. I wish they would do a real music video for this one

    Kyskies :3

    i hope we get to make a video for this one too i love this song!

  38. Salvatore nicolazzo

    violence took my family
    took my life from me
    took my everything

    doesn't anyone feel the pain in those lyrics and emotional distraught coming from those very words

    Salvatore nicolazzo

    JustNoah no my friend, if you knew how painful it was for me to live my life you'd want me gone.

    Magnet Shakur

    Salvatore nicolazzo i feel that shit

  39. Robert Opitz

    Why are trick trick's lyrics not in the description? :/

    Matt T

    Because they're black

    reel guido

    they're?? trick trick is a solo artist u dumb fuck!

    Matt T

    @reel guido
     The lyrics are as black as he is Gweedo

  40. Sd Ny

    Lyrically King 810 is great. Like quite a few of their songs. One thing I noticed as a long time heavy music fan & musician. Is the rythem of all the lyrics in almost every song is the same. Choruses are different but the verses not lyrically just from a groove stand point very similar. Think they need too mix it up. Maybe they should go back & listen too some bands I grew up with for inspiration. Like E town concrete, Fury of five, Pro Pain, Earth crisis & even bands like Body Count or Downset. Bands with similar style but so much more range. Candiria as well. Plus any fans into King should check these bands out too. New Candiria Oct 7th on Metal blade.

    Sd Ny

    They came out in the 90's & just got a deal with Metal blade. Cause they were so ahead of their time. They were doing the off timing stuff before Meshugah. I know I opened for both


    The lyrics are the worst part IMO. Not a fan. Music is great though.


    +Sd Ny I don't think they really give a shit about your opinion.! You're seriously no different than any other hater complaining about their sound. David even states it in one of his interviews that their music is strictly for those that understand and support their message. The rest is history. Congrats on being a musician. That's sarcasm btw. I don't give a shit.

    Rusty Shackleferd

    And wind hurts

    Rusty Shackleferd

    Sd Ny slipknot. linkin park. limp bizkit. shit 10000 others. lol. must be new to music


    This band is amazing!!! Hail to the KING


    i hope you fall on a nugget

    Dave country

    Yea face first

  42. Liberalism Is Cancer

    Fucking awesome

  43. Dawid Bartczak

    That last verse and breakdown aftewards is so epic!

    V&J FOREVER 666

    Dawid Bartczak IFKR?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

    scotty norris

    Dawid Bartczak I swesr the breakdown is what makes me love the song so kuch

  44. M. Arbabistocrat

    : Love.

  45. themorbidsymphony


  46. ThatOne UnicornGuy

    I can't get over how diverse this band can be. With the new songs that came out, you can tell how the style has changed a bit and has possibility gotten a bit softer instrumentally, but still sends the message and sends chills fown my spine. I love it.


    Nick Martin same man I'm in love haha pure genius

  47. mike lee

    we get it, your the boogie man. dont have to say it every song.

    david gervais

    How many more videos do you wanna comment on? sad

    MetalRocksMe \m/

    mikey caputo That's like saying "oh Eminem we know you're slim shady, don't need to tell us in every song". Just saying...

    mike lee

    MetalRocksMe s well im the mutha fuckin boogie man!!

    Kyskies :3

    He knows he doesn't have to he just wants to because its HIS music and people could not care less with what you think about his music and the lyrics if you cant see the beauty in these songs then move it along because nobody asked you to be here

    Brandon Dinse

    David Gunn would smash you like a cockroach

  48. Michael Rogers

    On the vocals is that Tech9? Kinda sounded like it.

    Bryan Lenihan

    who's trick trick


    The rapper featuring King on this specific song...

    Black Rifle

    trick trick he was in some of Eminems music

    The Legend

    How do you guys not know who trick trick is lol

    Sub Zero

    @The Legend lol he even was mentioned in "not alike" the mgk diss track by Eminem

  49. клешь бонт

    это потрясающе..

    Gene Williams


  50. Douglas Magno

    música foda!