King 810 - Vendettas Lyrics

I'm finally back home
Hand guns and drug runs and I'm not on my own
I'm surrounded by dead ones
All people that I've known
And handguns and drug runs left me on this earth alone
But now I'm in my zone

And it reminds me of the time that oh I lost my mind
And it reminds me of the time that oh I lost my mind

But I promised my whole city I wouldn't let the world forget us
That's 100,000 people in me all with vendettas
All with vendettas, all with vendettas
That's 100,000 people in me all with vendettas

(those who have killed a man can I get a show of hands)
(those who have killed a man can I get a show of hands)
(I press my hands together and pray that god will understand)
(those who have killed a man can I get a show of hands)

This is something that you know in a way you never knew it
And everyone is lookin' at me like there's rules to music
I am drawn to those that I can share the struggle with
Sadly most of my peers are little fuckin' kids

And I know the Vedas and the universe is holographic
And there's collective consciousness and fractals and cymatics
I know these things, I know I'm god in this land as a conscious being
"I am the I am" and I created everything

I see in formulas, the zero point, my entrainment
Phylotaxis, patterns, Universal Disenchantment
All things past and present,
Space and time flow through me and I don't grow old
I have 100,000 people screaming from my soul!

All with vendettas, all with vendettas
That's 100,000 people in me all with vendettas
But I promised my whole city I wouldn't let the world forget us
That's 100,000 people in me all with vendettas

(those who have killed a man can I get a show of hands)
(those who have killed a man can I get a show of hands)
(I press my hands together and pray that god will understand)
(those who have killed a man can I get a show of hands)

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King 810 Vendettas Comments
  1. Jd Vega

    this is how Slipknot should sound by now, i´ve listened to Slipknot since i was an angry kid, then i became an adult, i grew up, but they didn´t. they still sound like angry teenagers and does music for angry teens. as a result i can´t listen to them anymore, and fuck i´ve tried, im still waiting for a more mature sound, or im just talking shit, what do i know

  2. NomadOne33

    People who are bashing King probably won't last a day in Flint. I probably won't either.

  3. TheMattMattik

    The must of been one of the acts BEFORE Tech N9ne I seen that Bat and Snake on the wall

  4. Ryan Bergen

    Long live the KING!!!!

  5. Darwin Combs

    WV Parkersburg live ?

  6. DerHalbeEuro

    Sounds a little bit like Slipknot influence

  7. slater_sonn Raya Rae


  8. Dracoon Records

    0:52 isnt that a 'strangemusic' flag in the background ??

    Chris Bro

    Thaught I was the only 1 to notice

  9. michael dixon

    It's easy to be an animal its difficult to be human!

  10. Austin Carlson

    Finally Whitey taking it back no need to be black


    There is a second amendment attorney in California that refused to serve me. He specializes in gun rights cases.
    I Hate that man. There is reward for the hero who ends his life of wickedness.
    The nra is a target as there anti gun actions cause me harm.

  12. Andrew Betancourt

    Not a fan of rap guy but it’s whatever. Love the song either way

  13. Matthew Clark

    King 810 is badass if you guys dont like them fuck off

  14. kross1488

    I co wielki bunt i co z tego NIC ! bo jesteście kundlami ekonomi polityki i prawa !

  15. Il Sommo Imperatore

    KING 810 MOTHERFUCKERS!!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  16. Liam Ward

    Deja vu from a trip i can't remember

  17. Blackspot87 M.R

    Still a bangin track.
    The the lyrics are real and deep af!!
    King 810 🙌

  18. Blackpisc

    Come to Mexico please!

  19. andre Apocalypto

    Cant wait to see yall on Devils Night!

  20. Noel Smith

    You want the kids to listen to it, they are the future

  21. Tommy G

    I just popped back in to Flint this looks like things are getting a little better since I left in 17..🚱🔫💉...🚜🚧💰🚿🚽👍💪🙏

  22. Tommy G

    Left Flint for Lansing a couple years ago. I kind of miss the honesty. If you are going to live in a shit hole..knowing what to expect makes it alot easier

  23. Issac McIntosh


  24. Евгений Удовиченко

    Охеренное музло!

  25. Victoria Phychedelic

    Wtf does Eugene's shirt say tho

  26. Anna Angermeier

    I need some yeger...

  27. Jacklynn Walker

    The only reason I don't like that Zuse is in this cuase I'm really not a big fan of rap.

  28. JR wood

    Respect from 34

  29. Very Good

    1:59 i love the scream ... to much anger and pain .

  30. Shannon Riedel

    Will forever love you guys!! Your town being next to my town is even better!!!🥰🥰 keep up the good work y’all!! #fanlove

  31. Very Good

    Malaysian fan here . Any malaysian listen to king 810 ?

  32. American G.D.A.

    Did You Forget Lead City,
    When You Moved Out?
    Cuz, You Missed a couple 100,000!

  33. Harley Quinn

    I'm 45 days clean and sober I feel you

    Karl Slack

    Gratz mate! Hope you're still going strong. Xx

    Justin Y. Fake Clone

    I'm happy that you feel free to say it

  34. pyrogian


  35. American PropertyMaintenance

    Jealousy .. lmao ... dont confuse it ... ppl r just mad cuz they didnt make it and king 810 are bahahahahaha cowards u are for trash talkin ... u prolly still staying in ur childhood room at ur parents and never had to shed a drop off blood to protect those u love or wat u believe in ... jus my opinion ... king 810 kicks ass

  36. Praedyth Ahzidal

    Still bumping this.

  37. Matchew IVXX

    Anybody catch the smake and bat at 1:02 & 1:49? Strange music collab concert!?!?!

  38. Scott Gillette

    King810 talks about life, childhood and shit they went through. I've been there, I understand. That's why they are so great. They talk about experience and that's why they are my #1 group. David, keep tearing that shit up bro.

  39. Vera Cooper

    I fucking love this band! Kicks ass all the way!!!

  40. Matchew IVXX

    Anybody heard the song before zuse got put over the second part of the verse?!


    Matchew IVXX version without Zuse came later, one year after this mixtape bro

  41. Shouldnt be Friends

    Fuckin God Like

  42. Kyle Register

    King 810 fucking kills it, if you think otherwise, its not for you.

  43. Grant Wallace

    Three days ago, I had never heard of King 810. Love it. Like a Rage Against The Machine for a new generation.

  44. Bruno Bozon

    One of the best.

  45. Pablo Leon-Luna

    Zuse's flow is fucking lit as fuck.

  46. Pablo Leon-Luna

    young homie from the projekts young homie from the ghettoooo!!!!

  47. Rico Suave

    The most full of shit band on earth. Took the aesthetic and subject matter of hardcore and turned it into nu metal nonsense. I don't mind the music, just the vocalist and his image he tries to portray is just so full of shit...

    John The King Robinson

    STFU 🖕🏼

  48. Aidan D

    The chorus is fire

  49. Brandon B

    That Snake and Bat banner in the background, though

  50. DJ_GLyTcH Custom & Religous T's

    Im a new fan.....Reminds me of Grade 8 but 810 is better in a metal way.....florida here

  51. Dark psyde

    Is that a tech n9ne symbol on the speaker?

  52. slayor05

    Where’s the other singer (sorry don’t know his name) in the new songs?

  53. josh shoup

    Whats the srory beind this song

  54. James Dies At The End

    Me when I go to the buffet.

  55. Geddy Lee's Owl Nose

    I love when David goes over and hits the audio keys

  56. Draven Angel

    Did anyone see the strageulation sign

  57. Chance Last

    This video reminds me of the time that i almost lost my mind

  58. iceagod

    1:26 - are they for real with these lyrics? Cause its real. Life is exactly like that and what David says really explains how life is working. Love, compassion and forgiveness is the key to almightiness! I absolutely love King 810 and Yavid (who I found first a couple weeks ago, then I wanted to learn who Yavid was and of course that's why I found King 810). I am a Fan! No kid here! A boss and above 30 from Sweden! I'm also involved in geopolitics because I spread awareness about money creation (which is almost totally private instead of being public).
    From one I am that I am to another. Forever and ever, peace with great joy is coming for all, and I am very grateful for King 810s music and Yavid, because its real and it comes from our oneness experiencing life in a separated way creating evil and all things we've up until now have experienced individually and collectively. Peace!

    Andrew Simpson

    :-) Most Excellent, iceagod! "I spread awareness about money creation" ..... "WE" GROW in NUMBERS, "Goyim"!
    You are helping the WHOLE "Western World"!! RIGHT NOW, at this moment, it is THE MOST important thing to do ... WE NEED MORE NUMBERS and I have been watching for MANY, MANY years (96-ish)... It IS happening on a scale which I have never seen before ... BUT ONLY because of HUMANS such as yourself!
    Wearing my Best Table Flipping Boots and Rods are always at the Ready
    -Atlantic Canada

    Andrew Simpson

  59. Cole Karpuleon

    So am I the only one that enjoyed the rap part? Alright.

  60. CLS 137

    Merci, ça détend 👌

  61. Jacqueline Simpkins

    Fuck it just let it run!!! Always hype after I hear that.... can't wait for November! Gonna be a dope concert #flint

  62. Gab P

    Bring me a fucking bottle of Jack fuck that i got whisky lets mix this shit

  63. Michael Stewart

    Man I hate being the troll but [email protected] all of you that keeps trashing the Zeus part of the song. I love how the song breaks down and he comes in and lays his flow. Maybe you should be more open minded and think outside the box. Go listen to yavid and trash that if you are such a king 810 fan... everything this band does or can do I will listen... where were you when we would ride!!!!!

  64. Invinci-blaaalls

    Those who nearly killed a man count?

  65. Alec Jackson

    Ok, ok, I get that everyone has their opinions, and everyone wants to express them, but seriously; fuck anyone who doesn’t like this song, the addition of Zuse, or the diversity of music that this band can create. It’s refreshing af

  66. rememberdis11

    The only thing I can say to people talking shit about king is I bet you won’t say it to their face.

  67. Richard jezzard

    All the people saying dude shouldn't have his verse included, look like they lick their sister/cousin's vagina behind their trailers.

  68. Barre Wilks


  69. Bobby Byrd

    Direct Hit

  70. Stoic Templar

    King is shit and die haters.

  71. Dr S4T4N

    King 810 Respect From Poland !! ACAB

  72. Z SSIDE

    Big up to Zuse

  73. Invinci-blaaalls

    I just lost my mind because this music video reminds me of a time

  74. Michael Gustin

  75. Vera Zitzow

    I was born in Anchorage, Alaska and they have Vendettas.Just, because there are too many rapes.

  76. TheWhitesinner

    Grow pot cheaply

  77. Christopher Borgerding

    Anyone notice the "strange music" logo????

  78. Trenton Tislau

    Killem all

  79. KoRnFlake

    Are they signed by strange music? Or was this on tour with a strange music musician?

    Peter Pan

    fuck Teck Ni9e...strnage deep heep one want figned with this house


    Peter Pan do you know how to type?

    Peter Pan

    My fucking keyboard freck sometime by the way im say Teck Ni9e is a real big garbage paste other artiste and strange music house is 4 people and crew in hell


    Peter Pan go back to school. I Can't tell what the fuck your trying to even say man.

  80. Matthia Luè

    Nu metallllllllllllllll

  81. danny kennedy

    to the 398 fuck you

  82. Keely J

    I'm still Fucking angry king isn't huge yet

  83. Dagon Duke

    Do you want to know something that i promise i know you,your children, and so on and so forth will never be able to do in yours or theyre lives? Be the 420th comment on this post, because im the 420th comment on this post!! ;) ;)

    Peter Pan

    error 420 ...4D 83 Familly N-KCLMNOP Support The kingdom 4 Freedom

  84. Justin

    §Drug Runs§

  85. Danny Lopez

    I am...

  86. Danny Lopez

    And I can't believe that the government poisend your waters... Fk them anonymous

    Peter Pan

    if you know what your govermment prepared with the Aliance 4 change the mind world...and work 4 this world come more godd...but this depends 4 whoo hahaha

  87. Danny Lopez

    I'm from Texas

  88. Danny Lopez

    Much respect for flint Michigan...

  89. Haylee Rae

    I am drawn to those that I can share bananas with.

  90. Haylee Rae

    All with bananas

  91. Unorthodox Wisdom

    "Those who killed a man, can I get a show of hands.?" 👐👐👐👐👐. (No lie here)

  92. Tiedieandflyhigh

    all have vendettas!

  93. Josh Cooley

    I wish GENO CULT$HIT could of made a song with these guys that would of been sick. R.I.P GENO

  94. Douglas Lamb

    Awesome dud

  95. kross diamond

    and they hating but 810 is on strange music stage

  96. Rashaan Allen

    R.I.P slipknot

  97. Ciaran Smith

    Fucking dorks.