King 810 - Life's Not Enough Lyrics

I've seen the Eiffel out in Paris
I've seen whats left of the wall in Berlin
I've seen Cusco, Giza, Serengeti
Can't say I care to go again

I've seen many of natures wonders
I've seen it rain I've seen it flood
I've helped a starving man a sick man some children
It didn't move me like they say it does

Lifes not enough
Lifes not enough
Lifes not enough
Lifes not enough

I've went 200 on a motorbike
I've jumped out of a moving plane
I've lived poor and I've lived well and I've lived in jail
All of it felt about the same

I've had more than 1 woman
I've had more than 2 or 3
I've stood in front of 15000 and sang my songs
It really didn't do nothing to me

Lifes not enough
Lifes not enough
Lifes not enough
Lifes not enough
Lifes not enough

I've been shot by another person
I've shot back and didn't blink
I've seen phenomena miracles small and large
It didn't really move me like you'd think

I've seen a child be born
I've seen a fortune be made
I've seen the Devil I mean the real God he is in me
But that don't really make me wanna stay

Lifes not enough
Lifes not enough
Lifes not enough
Lifes not enough

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King 810 Life's Not Enough Comments
  1. Dan Dek

    I dropped tears on this one. #longliveKing

  2. Geddy Lee's Owl Nose

    It's never been enough..

  3. PayneKiller69

    The instrumental sounds like something out of a Silent Hill game. Simply amazing

  4. Elisa Tolbert

    I get chills every time🎼🖤

  5. Matthew McGrath

    Michigan has a huge musical influence. People seem to forget that. I am picking up a Portished vibe myself

  6. Robert Henry

    2 loyal

  7. Sky Pilot


  8. Alias Avery


  9. Amanda Panda

    passionate! real! and anyone that says negative comments on here, don't. ...just stfu and go on about your business!!!! Obviously you don't understand!

  10. sosikaful

    imagine while driving through the city in the dark and this song is playing... oh boy. A dream for me

    James Metevier

    sosikaful com visit theres never a dull moment in flint.

  11. mattlsmith20

    This song somehow reminds me of Turn The Page.


    Thanks for pointing that out! You're right! Great observation!

    Joey Trimble

    it has that feel to it don't it?!?

  12. K M

    Definitely getting some I've seen it all (thom yorke + bjork) influences from this; though I really can't choose which I prefer

    Matthew McGrath

    Portished and Tricky kinda vibe felt here as well

  13. Tina Savcheva

    tha sax gives it a very bowie feel and i love every second of it


    I say more David Lynch than anything

  14. shortk23

    Listening to this 10 minutes away from Giza is viscerally profound.


    shortk23 no. No it isn't.


    KrazyChillTV Get bent.

  15. Наташа

    uggh omfg! ♡♡♡♡

    Joshua Stone

    Felt like home when I was just at moms... with the 15 inches of the subs and we traded songs rolling down the slab. G-Body Cut

  16. SbMick

    David Lynch out the ass on this one!

  17. PayneDiCay

    Reminds me of the band Massiv Attack. The mood,the style...everything.

  18. Michael Siedhoff

    that jazz resembles my life

  19. EnigmaticNeurosis

    Love the jazz. King is so versatile.


    this song will be played at my funeral, whenever that happens to be



    PV Metal

    Holy shit, that's the best idea ever. I need to start making my will...

  21. gypsymetaller

    Such a diverse album, never expected the saxophone - almost like David Bowie's Blackstar meets LA Noire in places - just goes to show heavy can be ambient and texturally dark and not just downtuned guitars - I do love how at the beginning of the album we are blown away with they heaviness of the band and then comes the bleak aftermath - such a good collection of songs that flow so seemlessly

  22. CaseyFolds

    holy fuck

  23. S B

    heavy days!

  24. Harley Vasquez

    Fucking excellent,brilliant and bright ! Ever changing and not catering to the regular formula of how most expect it to be. That is a admirable and a good quality to posses as far as I'm concerned . King 810 is doing exactly as they feel . Keep the good work going gentleman . Looking forward to hearing more new material and witnessing King 810 Live !

  25. Liberalism Is Cancer

    Where the hell did that saxophone come from? Brilliant.

  26. wes isreal

    What happened these were they went soft and suck


    seriously? how is this soft? heavy doesn't have to be sonically destroying your ears. man - broaden your horizons - I love the heavy stuff too but the fact they can be heavy in ambient stuff like this shows their musical dexterity; at least unlike nearly every heavy metal band they don't conform to a structure or one style


    Clearly you haven't heard all their other stuff, as there is a lot of soft stuff on the previous album. If you want hard, then listen to Alpha And Omega and Vendettas and War Time, on this album. Versatility is musical genius. If you want one-trick ponies, then go to a different band. It's their story. And they can tell it however they wish. If you dislike the way they tell it, then don't listen to it.

    jeremy peterson

    No dude they don't suck ur face does

    mauiiwauii mann

    Long live the king!

    Matthew McGrath

    That's what your girl said.. you went soft and now you suck dick..

  27. Mike Bertelsen

    I love how they change style so much, they are extremely talented!

  28. KyDa

    fourth, i guess!!!!! Whats up KING FAM!

  29. Judas Grins Back

    they legitimately cant make a bad song. some are worse than others but i can not remember a bad song they have put out.