King 810 - Heartbeats Lyrics

"How can we give them something new that's serious but entertaining too?"

The wind blows relieving the chain gang the whole thing
The full moon the war drums lookin for a pulse here if Mother Earth's got one
How far down can we really go
Maybe all the way
Well I don't know
But when you get there tellem I sent ya
And I want the army back that I lent him

Like the earth is pulsating and there are shovels tearing into the ground
And we gotta wake the dead up and we gotta wake the dead up now
Like there are people in my city and they're demons and they're running all around
It's enough to give a dead man a heartbeat

I walk through the graveyard like the police walk through prisons
Knowing I put some of these boys here but these boys aren't as forgiving so they'll haunt me
I dug him up cuz I missed him
And I was all in and Ill soon join him and well settle our difference

Like the earth is pulsating and there are shovels tearing into the ground
And we gotta wake the dead up and we gotta wake the dead up now
Like there are people in my city and they're demons and they're running all around
It's enough to give a dead man a heartbeat

Le-Olahm, Amen

Like the earth is pulsating and there are shovels tearing into the ground
And we gotta wake the dead up and we gotta wake the dead up now
Like there are people in my city and they're demons and they're running all around
It's enough to give a dead man a heartbeat

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King 810 Heartbeats Comments
  1. Austin Carlson

    I miss old school videos...born 1980 seen the peak of all that's good

  2. Il Sommo Imperatore

    this guys live are fucking incredible

  3. rare

    Fuckin' awesome, wow. Down the wormhole, booom. King indeed !

  4. Denis Vadimovich

    Ааа, так вот как выглядят вандалы, которые памятники на кладбищах ломают!

  5. Take Me Somewhere Nice 01

    Great work

  6. Dog upper

    Love this so fucking sick

  7. jason parmelee

    Song starts at 2:17

  8. Dog upper

    Fucking sick I love it

  9. Jimmy Cornhole

    Ah yes, the king810 porno

  10. Mr. Cheese

    Song starts at 2:20
    I don't need a like and you don't have to thank me later. Just enjoy the song.

    John The King Robinson


    Mr. Cheese

    I should be thanking myself because I was listening and I was looking for someone who timestamped the end of the skit
    Turns out I was that someone

  11. games guitars and gore

    Him intro on the radio??

  12. Jade Countryman

    We gotta wake the dead up, WE GOTTA WAKE THE DEAD UP NOW!!!!

  13. Troy Klapperich


  14. mk2 1074

    Heart beat so strong it exploded... Damn 🤘 💀 🤘


    I miss raw aggressive gangsta metal this shit hits home keep it up

  16. Vick Lynn

    Just noticed that it's an Elvira calendar, nice

  17. B-RAD !!!!!!

    Get back to metal intead of just talking

  18. Dustin Lindsey

    This Jesus shit kills me lol

  19. monsoonspoon

    Found my heartbeat, how long have I been sleeping on this🤷🏿‍♂️

  20. jason parmelee

    How do we give them something new, that herpes, but syphilis too?

  21. William Wentworth

    Seeing the our Midland magazine in the beginning is so crazy. Keep doing your thing and representing Michigan.

  22. John L

    Fuck yeah, finally

  23. megan fox

    Love love love this c.d ❤ this band...

  24. Richard Spillers

    They have come a long way

  25. mega man

    Wtf is this shit trash what happened to them

  26. Frankie Susnak


  27. Kayla Jean

    I literally freaking loved this video so much. Absolutely, 100,000% entraining.


    HOLLY F***!!!!! Im 40 yo metal head since I was 10 and this is one of the most original creations EVER!!! WELL DONE GUYS SO CREATIVE!!!

  29. All Shall Perish

    oh yes finally <3

  30. 8Lucky7

    I love how the radio actually teases songs like Braveheart and A million dollars before they actually got released.

  31. K Richmond

    Sic sic great to hear new songs sic!!

  32. Rio Makaveli

    Flints Finest..

  33. Syver Strømme

    Great band, great song, stupid video...


    Yeah would imagine something else for such a great song...

  34. Marlon Englemam

    you guys rock!

  35. Dry My Tears

    At first I was a bit troubled, but I kept listening and am now really looking forward to see how it sounds and looks live. If I get the privilege to see them one day. Can't look more forward to the release of the new album!

  36. Melancholy Oxidase

    Snippet of Braveheart on the radio, anyone else get that?

  37. Adrian Monge

    Hellz ya some epic eargasmic metal to slay many earcunts !!

  38. Nylon Python

    Is that Heathen from Zimmers Hole at 4:14?

  39. LargeSoda24589

    Аааа Господи охуенно, ещё клип как у Queen

  40. sitnger73

    They still suck the cum out of a horses ass.

  41. Sky Pilot


  42. Саня Пупкин

    очень хорошо!Мне понравилось.

  43. Steel2Bonez

    Queen/Bohemian Rhapsody reference? 3:17

  44. Dawid Bartczak

    Do anybody know what the ritual before the last hook means? I try to research but there's not much info on it on google.

    Kyle Hayes

    If you can find my comment someone explains and i expanded on their explanation. Its rather interesting.

  45. Nicholai Monroe

    fuckin love this

  46. Sugondese Nuts

    This one is a grower. The first time I heard it I thought it was ok but not great. I'm fucking loving it now

  47. StockingsTube

    Yo I was at work singing this. It grows on you!

  48. K Richmond

    Sic sic sic

  49. Nyarlathotep

    2:12 is when the song starts, you're welcome.

  50. Asher Gemini

    I Had So Much Fun Reacting to this video! King 810 Is BACK!!!!!

  51. Der 536er

    I Love this band

  52. Twisted Malkavian

    What is the man in the end doing; what is it called?

  53. chris schworm

    Fuck yes! This song is dope!

  54. Ben Ward

    Oh wow such edgy music........

  55. projectjer11

    I used a lot of these same soundclips for my silent film too.

  56. pyrogian

    this is gonna be mad at 02 oxford 19th dec 2018 can't w8

  57. Cannabliss 7

    I fucking love it

  58. K zer

    Yeah "Kill em all" has over 3 million views, many also with a lot of songs on their first cd.. Then the Talking/ Soliloquy cds Completely dropped off the earth to me.. Just wish you guys would get back to Metal.. Notice the # of views, Just saying..

  59. Simon Boardman

    I love this band but dame this song was shit

  60. Skmanga

    Welcome back!

  61. The Inscrutable Fufy

    Definetly a new kind of song, and I love it!

  62. Jesc Martin

    The devil kinda creeped me out tbh

  63. David Patterson

    I's alright.

  64. Fire Childe

    All the awesome people here should Check out our band!!! :) <3

  65. Raeshawn Barber

    I like it because i fckn dig KING and always will. This aint got shit on old king tho..........

  66. Vergil Son of sparda

    Not a fan

  67. Tim

    This is the shit. The room with the radio reminds me of a nightmare I had years ago. Thanks for the fear.. Salute!!

  68. Paulinashi M

    Holy motherfucker!!! I’m so fucking happy that I found this

  69. Terra Junior June

    Why the fuck hasn't tech n9ne hit you guys up!!! Ft with Twisted insane would be legendary

  70. Seamus Mckenna

    This is crap bro... Where did King David go?? Your bando commando bullshit and now this??! Wtf man your Killin yourself

  71. NonEntity

    This is my favorite Rob Zombie movie.

  72. kathleenmms

    This song popped up on my iTunes playlist. I instantly got goosebumps. What a fucking badass song.

  73. Kirsten Royer

    Straight garbage. I love king but this.... This belongs in the trash on flames and never spoken of again



  75. Mark Raleigh

    5 hours later the song starts...

  76. David Curtin

    Killer tune! Very Devil Driver sounding in a great way

  77. R F

    All in one week we've been given, new architects, new 810, new slipknot and new Whitechapel! What a week for metal heads! Keep it heavy my brothers and sisters \m/

  78. David Flynn

    Lame, esoteric fluff a decade late

  79. lemonlimelukey

    i guess this would be cool if ur 12

  80. James Quick

    KING 810 RULE

  81. son vult

    Fuck YEAH.

  82. Annabelle H.

    ...that bass line tho 🔥

  83. Dale St.pierre

    Fuk yeah

  84. Shawna Drake

    Fuck yeah this shit is dope!!! King is back 😈

  85. Michael Harrington

    Makes me want to skull Fuck this cop in front of me.. Fuck it I'm going for it

  86. Kyle Hayes

    Theyre probably pissing on the graves of someone who david put in the ground lol. Curious as to what he says in hebrew(im assuming thats what that was)?

    Apex Rex

    @Kyle Hayes

    Le-Olahm, Amen

    Kyle Hayes

    @Apex Rex plugged it into google and was not disappointed. Thanks alot man. Kings always pushing the bounds of exploring consciousness. Theyve definently played a role as a powerful catalyst in my personal expansion of consciousness.

    For others that are curious its a qabalistic prayer that translates translates to "as above, so below the power and the glory. Forever, amen."

    Its said the prayer is accompanied by hand gestures:
    Ateh – pointing to above the crown or touching the top of your head.
    Malkuth – pointing down to your feet.
    Ve Geburah – touching your right shoulder.
    Ve Gedulah – touching your left shoulder.
    bringing your hands together in a prayer gesture for Le Olam and bowing on the word Amen.

    Apex Rex

    @Kyle Hayes so I'm assuming it is Hebrew or some form of judeo belief as opposed to voodoo ritual speech

    Kyle Hayes

    @Apex Rex yeah i figured it was, hebrews is the ritualistic language. Its crazy. The judeo belief system stems from the from the kabal, the kabalistic text being the kaballah is written in hebrew along with other sacred text which uncoincidentally is pretty much texts the very broadly cover subjects such as mysticism, alchemy and things outside of the box our minds have been put into and are unfathomable to comprehend.


    Kyle Hayes the Talmud is an excellent supplement to the Kabbalah. Helps with rationalizing the spirit of the text.

  87. Michael Rogers

    This is different that I have ever heard from them. I’m digging it though.

  88. Jason Balkham

    Epic track.

  89. Mc 76

    King is King! what a crazy track! 🤘

  90. Jack The Man

    Ritual of the Pentagram: Ateh
    Le-Olahm, Amen

  91. Caliber Charlie

    Is this the band that wanted people to bring guns to their shows? I remember these was an article about it and i think it was this band. Not sure though what the context was all about.

  92. games guitars and gore

    Sounded like him wings of a butterfly intro on that radio cutting in and out....

  93. SonicWavePassenger Music

    this is really fucking impressive, video and song. incredible. this band have come so far

  94. Phantom T.V

    They got their new best song imo

  95. Drake Cutrer

    This ain't it, chief.

  96. KingVonMudder

    Meh. Cheese fest.

  97. Frank Gonzalez

    Very different from all. Appreciate this.

  98. Kamil Kamyk

    Game changer!! I'm preordering!