King 810 - A Conversation With God Lyrics

If you get sick of following
Sit down near me
I want nothing from you
I'm not here to lead
Let your mind be focused yet without a single thought
If we sit amongst each other its a council of the Gods

And you know that they hate us
You know they keep us locked in these cages
They wanna keep us fighting over races
You know this cause they show this if you look to the past
So you should know that this time won't last

If you get sick of following

Sit down near me, thoughts are really things
And there's more than what we see
We work longer and harder more often than ever
Explain to me how you think its getting better

Cause you know that they hate us
You know they keep us locked in these cages
They wanna keep us fighting over races
You know this cause they show this if you look to the past
So you should know that this time won't last

So when that day comes, will we pick up our guns
Or roll over and be had like we've always done
Public schools kept me stupid and my diet kept me weak
A civilization isn't civilized without peace

Lord forgive me I'm not helping much at all
If they come for me I'll use their blood to paint the walls
I'm no better and I'm trying just to pray
But I won't leave until I'm done with what I came here to say

You used to make an angel smile nothing on earth has excited you since
Plus if you're a KING wheres your prince
We're all fighting a hard battle mostly with ourselves
Slavery is very much alive and well

You used to make an angel smile nothing on earth has excited you since
Plus if you're a KING wheres your prince

The boy that stabbed you do you remember his eyes
Do you think the day he did it he kissed his mother goodbye
Did his family stay up waiting for him that night
I wish I could've told him were both fighting to survive

Christ took a spear to the ribs you can take one too
Remember that when they crucify you
They walk on land you walk on water and they know not what they do
Remember that when they crucify you

And the sea parts and the clouds make way
Its the most horrific story that we've heard to date
And its death painted on a childs face
And there are eyes big brothers watching over me
And we the people gun each other down
Like we forgot we we're equal and I still hear the sounds

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

I woke today someone new my eyes weren't heavy
There wasn't pain through and through
I didn't force myself to move or think of getting killed
I was content I spent the whole day still

So while the earth still spins and the sun still sets
I found strength comes the day after rest
I found the terrible bait of the world doesn't lure me in anymore
I found the ability to walk through a locked door

All my illusions became defined and I was of one mind
And I was everywhere and I was not alone
I found matter moves through me
Theres nothing a man can do to me
And I'm finally on my way back home...

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King 810 A Conversation With God Comments
  1. J.L. STONE

    Yavid2ty 4 mind of thoughts reapers got me got back but I cannot let them get stay up night waiting for em. You are appreciated Memphis's redheaded bastard.

  2. Jesc Martin

    This is absolutely my favorite song ever honestly

  3. Sky Pilot

    David he is pouring his spirit on me right now and I could really use your advice. Something is happening

  4. zeroblackdeath 13

    This music can make you dead lift 1,000 pounds

    With one finger

  5. Gibson Paquin

    If u got the cash to Travel to Mexico and watch these fking pyramid Man u wont beleive it

  6. fishfingers1985

    Seeing an artist branch out evolve and mature into other genres and sound is amazing and david has come so far since the beginning.. Some of his songs I can personally relate to very close. Yavid, King810 please dont ever stop making music its the realest raw talent this world has had for a long time...

  7. Josh 'Smalls' Turner

    Today's governement

  8. Sir Sheoldieayto Sir Solosveros Sunwoo De Solomon

    #Your_Boss Under The God For #Israel

  9. Bob Higgins

    Fuck , love it

  10. Robert Henry

    2 loyal

  11. Geddy Lee's Owl Nose

    Sit down near me..

  12. Josh Darnofall

    In darkness is where he got left. His dad was taken. His mother beat him with the belt. He was whipped like a slave. She took a hammer to his fingers. It got dark inside. But then the flames came. Now he serves the god of darkness. He drags the souls back to his lair. Where they listen to davids music as he gives them to satan. He wears the devils mark. He giggles at the sight of blood and murder.

    Carol Ketchum

    He's a lightworker, for the survivors that turn dark, while tryin to help ppl ascend to the next level.. A strue warrior empath, putting his fuckin soul out here and no one even gets what he's saying smdh

  13. PrinceOfM4rs20 __

    lol this song is proof that people that say King 810 are shit are just straight up ignorant. people like what they like, and if this isn’t your cup of tea then i get that, that’s cool. but to say they are talentless is beyond dumb. this is better songwriting than 97% of artists out there now. there are plenty of bands im not big about but can still admit they have talent. and it usually tends to be the “ooooh they write songs about guns and shooting people. that’s bad” type of people. like honestly, when did metal fans start becoming like my grandmother.

  14. Noah Mayn

    Thoughts are really things and there's more than what we see...

  15. Jordan E

    This song takes me places. He paints a picture with his words and emotion, that's what art/true music is about. Without a doubt one of my favorite works of David's.

  16. Tom Foolary

    Yavid is a wise man. A old soul. Starseed

  17. AI Robut

    Creepy and amazing, can't imagine their past

  18. Patrick Maier

    That's a really dark masterpiece

  19. All Shall Perish

    Still one of the best albums i own to date, king 810 <3

  20. Atahan A.

    Fucking great

  21. ob lop

    KING 810 and Landon Tewers are just amazing

    James Peck

    Fuck yes! They are pretty much my entire playlist atm.

  22. firstname lastname

    I literally just sat here and clapped in front of my computer.

  23. A SAXON

    Beginning reminds me of gears of war lol

  24. Yannisoo

    One of the biggest music slap I have taken in a while love your content keep up the fucking amazing work

  25. Beyond Deviation

    Fuck i love this ! <3


    Perkeleen hyvä ja kolahtii!

  27. KCon

    Brings me to tears. The shit is fuckin awesome

  28. mxzh

    Can anyone tell me what the french part says?

    Jordan Speight

    She's counting to 10

  29. Karma scribs

    they are so bad ass

  30. Travis Taylor

    Amazing. Most moving group I've heard in a while

  31. The Goat King

    Hey man if you guys don't like it then either don't listen to it or write something better and start your own band

    Hail Satan

    CaliSthenics Workout

    David gunn is not satanist like you

  32. Jason Grimm

    fuck you all!! kings unite 936

  33. Beyond Deviation

    Prolly the best song off the album. This song speaks to me and i love it.


  34. Noah Stottlemyer

    A wonderful closer to LPMOACWG

  35. Josh E

    lol big brother watchying us

  36. trauma

    15 people who disliked are probably just strict Christians

    Christoffer Olsen

    they themself are christians

    OrchardBird XIV

    Rob Morrison im strict christian.
    Please stop condemning christians.

    Mehl's Dad

    Strict as fuck bro. If you got a problem with God, square up with Him, not us. But no matter what, I guarantee our armor is thicker than yours.

  37. chxrbel blxck

    damn i just discovered them. they are SOOO GOOODDD

  38. mattlsmith20

    Live like a KING!

  39. Matt Krista

    Godamn Stompdown

  40. trauma

    I honestly don't understand why people feel the need to say how they think this music is shit , if you think it's shit why are you listening to it ? go listen to something you like instead of being a bitch about how you don't like this band like a teenage girl on tumblr.

  41. guthy ranker

    I would be so embarrassed, if i was like in a car and this was being cranked. Heavy Metal for children.


    How is this heavy metal for children? Do explain.

    john hotline

    guthy ranker go back to your chelsea grin video you insecure little boy.

  42. King Smiley

    My Favorite Band ! Love King 810. Has pulled me out of a lot of rough stages.

  43. ItsTheFiReClan

    Best song iv ever heard 💯💯💯

  44. ItsTheFiReClan

    It's a council of the gods!

  45. Slavelike Constructs

    This song is fucking EPIC.

  46. Silent Killer

    2:40 Chills

  47. Colin Mcwha

    Got their last album will be getting this new one still David still King

  48. EnigmaticNeurosis

    Fuck. That's it. Just fuck.

  49. Monolith Of Fracture

    Hail king

  50. salemsblood

    This song crawled up my back and stabbed me both of my ears.

  51. ReflectsCoD

    Should be called a conversation with our shit government.

    Glock 19


    Black Rifle

    The elite see themselves as gods


    Tammy r beat me to it 🤘🏻


    Lol how dumb

  52. CODE-CARRY-ME Gaming

    love it. i have never supported a band like these guys, amazing music, its truley heart felt, intense, raw music. its what we have needed for so long for music. hopefully there is a flint show or somewhere near by so i can go.


    Hail to the king!! Guys fuckin kickass!! 🤘🏻

  54. Brandon Renz

    holy hell this is intense!

  55. Jordan S

    Heavy isn't just about the instrumentals. This shit hits heavier than most of the crap the "heavy" metal bands put out recently. There's nothing sellout about this just keeping it real and grounded.
    Thank you King for this album.

    Sd Ny

    Yeah well some people are close minded cunts. I consider myself a heavy music historian. Been listening & creating Metal & it's so many great subgenres for over 30 years. I just want too say there is alot of good original heavy bands out today but very hard too find a band doing something completely different & their own. The poetry, the messages his passion. The blues, hip hop, hardcore Metal feel. The non PC lyrics. Glad these guys are getting some recognition. I won't plug any other bands right now except 1. If you enjoy original heavy music check out Candiria while they were sleeping. King is the tits.

  56. siddharth singh

    which motherfucker disliked the video

    Metal Never Dies!

    Don't worry, He got hung, drawn and quartered.

    Matt Sunday

    Dumped their ass in Mott Lake....


    Black swan is by far the best on this album imo, then war time and alpha&omega. Takes some time to listen other tracks to think about them and feel them. This album is not in traditional manner 'heavy', it requires listener to have head on his shoulder and listen. There's some deep context in the words.

    Ultimate Metalhead_97

    Black Swan had a string section which added A bit more depth to the hard hitting guitars and drums.

    Sd Ny

    Alpha & Omega is one of my favorite songs of the year but I do like almost all of both albums I have heard

  58. Petro Milley

    wtf is this shit? garbage... wow a whole album with minimal guitar riffs a shitty poetry all the way out. wtf

    The Goat King

    Damn keyboard messed up my comeback
    Now I'm the idiot
    Thanks a lot God

    The Goat King

    Wow dude you have mom issues

    Petro Milley

    Learn to laugh. Fuck

    The Goat King

    Learn better jokes

    Black Rifle

    Petro is a simp

  59. mike lee

    these fans are the fakest ever. you put out this garbage and everybody pretends they love it. all these 20 year old metal heads are now supposed to be fans of slow angry talking songs. theres literally no heavy songs on thr album. sell outs to the fullest


    because you can't see the diversity of the album. it is heavy, just because it isn't packed with slams and breakdowns. and besides, this is king 810. this is very much their sound

    Vidkun E

    It's odd that you preach the same verse on ever King video. I'm assuming you've got a crush on David's rough voice and don't want to admit it lmao.

    MetalRocksMe \m/

    mikey caputo It's funny when people continuously waste their life preaching about what they hate. Life is precious & over quicker than you like to think. It's better to spend it focusing on what you love rather than what you hate. Just saying...

    The Goat King

    your cat is your profile picture
    you know nothing of METAL

    Carol Ketchum

    Everyone always misses what he's fucking talking about.. Conscious Awaking!! Wake up mfs

  60. raul rojas

    I cant pick a favourite song AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH they are all Very good.

    MetalRocksMe \m/

    raul rojas took the words from my keyboard. Lol 😝

  61. Amethyst Wonderland

    love it.

    Bobby FTDF

    the instrumental sounds like a Tim Burton movie I love it!!!

  62. John Lackdal

    King is King, thats it.

  63. Teghan Wade


  64. dave steele

    fuckin killer!

  65. Jefferson Deleon


  66. Stokely Fan 666


    mike lee bad