Kina - I Still Dream Of You Lyrics

You're building a family
I'm alone at the bar
Your friends are lawyers
Mine are passed out on the floor

I hope you're having fun
I sure am
With a loaded gun
A list of regrets
In my hand

I still dream of you (and I don't want to)
I still dream

Every night (every night)
Still still still
Still dream of you

I don't wanna dream
I don't wanna dream

I still dream
I still dream
I still dream

I still dream
I still dream
I still dream
I still dream

Every night
Every night
Every night

I dream of you, right in my head

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Kina I Still Dream Of You Comments
  1. ms taariq Powell msp

    I fall in love with this song every time I get it

  2. İpek Aydın

    2.34 - 2.50 just listen.

  3. Goodbye 2019

    I still die inside every time I think about that girl in 6th grade... We hanged out a lot during summer break, She was so nice to me and I felt like we had a connection, then after summer break when we started 7th grade she completely ignored my ass. She hasn’t even said a word to me since 6th grade


    i saw u in my dreams again,it felt so real and i don't wanna wake up

  5. Moon :

    Who else wants to die but scared to so u try to get your mind off of it and the key is THIS music 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  6. Jul hairi Rasid

    "mustard cheese mustard cheeeeeseeee"

  7. MelloI3igBro

    I like the part when the guitar says: sqæk

  8. mundo da alegria da sasa

    Alguém aí que é brasileiro? Curte se sim

  9. Dixie Normas

    Bruh these comments are to painful but I can’t stop myself from reading them....

    Stay safe depression gang.

  10. Jasmine Escondo

    i don’t wanna die..
    i don’t want to go..

    i just want to close my eyes and disappear...*sight*


    i hope everyone are beautiful and you are not worth less than the other

  12. The Car Guy Morales

    Don't change, keep dreaming, the mind is more powerful than you think... This life, is just a test for your soul to reach another level in the real life, so in other words your are dreaming now...

  13. Kevin Santos

    Gente amo todas músicas da kina

  14. got jams ARMY

    I'm coming here everytime when I want just.. to dream..

    sad army hours: open

  15. Lenington

    I'm still Jim
    I'm still Jim
    I'm still Jim

  16. Forming ._. Rainbows

    Cheerleaders (what people think) =
    *wants attention*
    *always a wh*re*
    Some cheerleaders =
    Bullied,scratched,beaten upto blood and wants to die

    I heard this somewhere and this has been a thing frequently

  17. John Benedict Atole

    all of kina's songs are awesome but i observed that it is not one of them

  18. John Benedict Atole

    all of kina's songs are awesome but i observed that this is not

  19. Jorge Campusano

    Hora sad💔

  20. hehheh

    anyone knows how to play this in guitar?

  21. Дмитрий Алексеев

    Человек сейчас читающий это
    Не грусти
    Ты найдёшь свое счастье, как бы не было плохо сейчас
    Все проблемы которые кажутся важными ты будешь вспоминать через год со смехом
    Ты найдешь любовь своей жизни ❤️
    Я верю в тебя 🖤
    P.s. Hello from Russia

  22. SUP 007

    Eu sou tipo isso

  23. VG gameplays

    *Algum brasileiro ouvindo esse sad foda além de mim por aqui?*

  24. SUP 007

    Me fodendo um pouco

  25. Fluffy The Bunny

    `` I don't sleep, cause when I do, all I dream are dreams of you and in yours you say your teeth have fallen out~ ``

  26. Vitinho Soares

    Alguém brasileiro da um salve ✌🇧🇷

  27. Dxrespectx

    I wanna die peacefully

  28. ̊Red Velvet ̊

    *crying for an hour doesn’t make you depressed*

  29. ava d

    I loved some one, with all my heart, and I still do. I thought you loved me. But you left, I still hope that maybe one day you'll come back.

  30. ava d

    I still dream
    I still hope
    That maybe one day you'll come back..
    I realize that it doesn't matter anymore..

  31. CastleDweller

    You can feel the pain in his voice

  32. t o m o r r o w s

    God I miss her so much 💔💔

  33. B R O K E N

    i can only relate to this song.

  34. Albert Rodriguez

    this song warms my heart

  35. r 765.x

    I like songs that have deep stories they touch my heart deeply 💔

  36. Gigi Lee

    the squealing ruins the song

  37. Hailey Hulette

    Headphone warning the stupid guitar ruins it all

  38. Lexie Flying Bye

    Big Brother.. If your reading this.. I made bad choices I'm sorry.. Your just looking out for me.. It's all my fault that your gone and You made me Happy.. I'm sorry.. I Love You 💞☹️

    I'm not being dramatic.
    I'm just telling the truth.
    Once again, big bro.. prayers & Love you.


    i'm cryin'. it hurts

  40. Miguel Macias Gonzalez

    i really want to make a animation for this song a depressed animation
    in the beginning at his family funeral
    he passed by sees his or her friends with a baby
    he gets in the car alone
    he passes by to see his or her friend with another friend with a lawyer
    and then he is at his friends grave
    he sees his or her friend partying
    he has a gun pointed at his head
    he sees a list of his regrets.
    then after he shoots himself
    after he says i still dream of you
    he is thrown to the water drowning
    his body full of water feeling the pain
    (btw i really love this song and i really want to do this but i am a horrible drawer)

  41. No Pe

    To all you sad ducks... It's OK. It does indeed get better. Just keep on quacking on. Don't stress. P R O G R E S S 💜

  42. KenZorio

    Recomendate me something of this so depressive songs like this and ' Can we kiss forever?' plsssssss

  43. good girl with a hood playlist

    This one kills me every time 💔

  44. AyeeewedT

    1.25 speed is the shit. Period

  45. Haley Bondaruk

    what do i do if im still in love with someone, but they want nothing to do with me. i cant actually believe i said “in love”

  46. Young Waste Of Space

    Does she still dream of me?

  47. demonyo

    “Why is it death that we crave”

  48. yam

    dear ex,

    i wonder why i cant forget you. i've tried various way to forget you but i cant. please help me, teach me how to forget someone? if can, please come back to me <3

    i miss you so much sayang


    sorry for the bad english hahaha btw sayang means like "honey" in malay

  49. Chloe Vandeworp

    I don't understand why my friends hate this music..

  50. Norm

    Its sad that my crush is hitting on another girl...why does it always have to be like that..

  51. Marlene Aparecida


  52. VOXLIO

    very much proud

  53. blood ninja

    𝙄𝙩 𝙝𝙪𝙧𝙩𝙨 𝙝𝙤𝙬
    𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧𝙚 𝙤𝙣 𝙢𝙮
    𝙗𝙪𝙩 𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙮𝙤𝙪
    𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝙙𝙤

  54. Phakez

    My girlfriend recently broke up with me and this song is replying all the time in my room

  55. t o m o r r o w s

    Get high and big cry ❤️💔

  56. dami o

    I’m popular. I have lots of friends. I don’t go a day without laughing.

    I still feel empty.

  57. Salman Fahad

    You know it's amazing when you see the name "kina"

  58. Aͥleͣxͫ•DIy࿐

    *que es el mismo tipo del sistema que no es de su empresa o que se le ha dado el mismo número que la empresa que le ha sido asignado en la empresa que le corresponde al sistema financiero del sistema operativo y su sistema financiero no es tan bueno para la gente del gobierno y por lo menos para la empresa y que es una persona muy buena para su trabajo de trabajo de la gente y la seguridad en la ciudad del Este de México con un buen precio en los que puede haber una mejor solución para el negocio y su desarrollo sostenible e inversión privada de su país de manera segura con un gran ahorro de inversión de inversión y desarrollo sustentable de la*

  59. Yeager.cant. aim

    anyone know the chords?

  60. Øliver Møráles

    kina 😍😍

  61. Liz King

    You are never to young to know what pain is and you are never to old to be scared of it either

  62. Muhanad Jebrin

    She’s still missin’ 💔

  63. ɪʀɪɴᴇᴜ ᴘᴀssᴀɴᴅᴏ

    Algum Br ?

  64. Rain Drop I made a cover for billie eilish, lovely. Please give me a chance to sing to you all 🖤🙏🏻

  65. She Doesn't Even Go Here

    *I Lucid Dream For You*

  66. Rokaia Wael

    i literally got goosebumps.

  67. killerpassword

    Please I know you've been watching I finally got my memories back on December 8th I repressed everything I'm sorry for what I did when you needed me the most but I want to be there for the baby even if he's not mine I will treat him as though he is my own and love and nurture both of you. We both just wanted a family I can only love you because you are special to me I just hope you could forgive me

  68. Jerish Corpuz

    Pls. Subscribeeee tooo this channel thisss isss sooo lit 😍😍😍

  69. Lauren Elizabeth

    Every time I like someone they leave or don’t like me back

  70. Multizela

    I miss u Every Night. I know u Will Never see this.

  71. Mario Lu


  72. Chantel Easton

    wow im answering this so late but this ooo song

  73. That Guy Silent

    Legend has it, he is still dreaming....

  74. Rebecca Hamson

    This is a sad song😭

  75. jake_ the_snake209

    I just nutted

  76. charlie

    thank you, kina.

  77. A K I I I R V

    I love you kiddo, stay safe.

  78. xdesiree.

    Your building a family
    I'm alone at the car
    Your friends are lawyers
    Mine are passed out on the floor.

    I hope your having fun I sure am, with a loaded gun a list of regrets in my hand

    I still dream of you (and I don't want to) I still dream, every night (every night) still still still
    Still dream of you.

    I don't wanna dream
    I don't wanna dream
    I still dream
    I still dream
    I still dream
    I still dream
    I still dream
    I still dream
    I still dream
    every night
    every night
    every night
    I dream of you, right in my head


  79. Baki Özkan

    Yağmurdan geldim güzelmiş

  80. moork tuna

    This is beautiful

  81. Roney Shabasy

    Also a daydream.....

  82. Henriqq

    It gets so intense by the end of the song, i love it.

  83. mario soler

    ..i like the way this song relaxed me completely..

  84. Jeane Jeane

    Every night .

  85. fuhkabitch310

    When you love someone more than they deserve, Surely they will hurt you more than you deserve.

  86. ルーカスŁŮČĄŞ

    Algum br?

  87. bibipeach66

    Bootleg boy has some of the most amazing and caring fanbase

  88. Antoine Bcrt

    This song isn't one, it's quite an emotion <3

  89. Myayy

    I don't want anyone to tell me everything is gonna be ok. I just need somebody to hug me and not say a word. I'm so tired of words

  90. Anthony Bamaca

    Anyone know the chords?

  91. yo yo

    Every fucking day I think of her

  92. Aimee Jacinto

    I'm confused... who is Kina, his music is so good but I can't really find him..

  93. Rambo Gilligan

    Seriously though guys, I want more like this to listen to, I don't want to kill this one off. I mean I have my sad lofi stuff to listen to, but... Where can I find stuff similar to this?

    Rambo Gilligan

    I wasted 3 years of my life with a woman I still love. After so much time has passed, I do occasionally dream of her. These dreams are as if I were continuing living in a time where I was lovesick and alive. A piece of my heart still belongs to her, and I often wish it didn't. I say that time was "wasted" because when I think about back, I can remember the people I turned away from, and the pain heartache brought. All I try to see from it is some sort of message. A silver lining. But nothing comes to mind... Just that you don't move on like they say you do. And in the beginning, I only wished that I could hate her, but it was and still is impossible. My opinion on love has changed and I'm not entirely sure it's for the better.

    Agustin A. Fontana Soto

    I'm sorry Bro... I hope things get easier... Blessings.

  94. nobody

    Letra en español:

  95. the bootleg boy

    Kinda always come through with the beautiful songs ✨

    Randy St Pierre

    luv my mandy

    Nataly P

    I fucking love your content man/girl/person...

    I was listening to this today and decided to YouTube it and guess who has it on his chanel my favorite music chanel.

    Jocelyn Rios

    i like this song its chill yet sad