Kina - I Feel Empty Lyrics

Shadows settled on the place, that you left
Our minds are troubled by the emptiness
Shadows settled on the place, that you left
Our minds are troubled by the emptiness

Shadows settled on the place, that you left
Our minds are troubled by the emptiness
Shadows settled on the place, that you left
Our minds are troubled by the emptiness

Shadows settled on the place, that you left
Our minds are troubled by the emptiness
Shadows settled on the place, that you left
Our minds are troubled by the emptiness

Shadows settled on the place, that you left
Our minds are troubled by the emptiness
Shadows settled on the place, that you left
Our minds are troubled by the emptiness

Shadows settled on the place, that you left
Our minds are troubled by the emptiness

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Kina I Feel Empty Comments
  1. Franda Nazla

    Ambyar Lur :v

  2. Vitoria Karoline de Andrade


  3. Franky y

    For everyone that feels empty and feel like you don’t have a reason to live ... i am not going to say you are not alone and that bull shit .. but for real guys don’t give up on yourself , Life always gets better and believe me it will , Last year was the worse year in my life , i started saying no one loves me and no one understand me , but right now iam one of the happiest people in the world , i started to believe that all of this shit that happened to me and all of that time that i was alone in was happening for a reason , i changed my self and i became a better person who believe in life .. i found friends that really love me and iam comfortable with ... my life became so much better .... you guys might be alone right now and i know its hard .. but believe me everything will be better just don’t give up and keep going and one day you will be the happiest person in the whole world .... I love you guys and please try to be happy

  4. Nikhil Bhatia

    I was always a sensitive kid and my whole life I've been struggling to fit in because we always kept moving, I got so good at hiding what I am that I can't find myself, there's so many of me but I can't find the real one, I want to feel something, anything there's just nothing there I wanna just go away but I can't because I have responsibilities and people depend on me. I'm so tired of hiding away

    Ayoub Solaiman

    So don't, u know man I'm 22 yo i got tired of hiding my feelings two years ago, my heart was relieved i have family and friends, just do what u do best, thanks and hope u good life ahead

    Nikhil Bhatia

    @Ayoub Solaiman thanks, I'll try

  5. Haku EnVy

    It was a good run
    Didnt get the princess in need
    Didnt get recognized for my good
    Now it's time to go

  6. CARLoSYT.

    La mejor musica sad es la de kina :D

  7. Iharantsoa Vahatra

    u gay bru?

  8. ImReapZz

    I have a beautiful girlfriend, I have a good family, I have great friends who support me, I have an ideal life, but yet I can’t help but feel empty, I look at everything I have and think it’s so good but that I don’t deserve it, I don’t deserve it, I never did, I’m a shit friend, a shit son, a shit boyfriend, but somehow I still have it all and for some reason I break

    Ayoub Solaiman

    We all feel that, and the fact that you know all of these or u think, then u can change it now u got a chance, hope u good things and happiness

  9. Terrence Pointer

    One day, I’ll disappear

  10. Alice Bùi

    whatever I do, i still feel empty, I don't know what to do, I don't need anything so I just sat down and listen to these music and wait until it ends :( I thought it could because I'm bored ?

    Ayoub Solaiman

    Hi, can I talk?

  11. Sam

    Guys can you tell me if this is on Spotify. I searched but still couldn't find it please tell me

    Guilherme Aworld

    Look for DAUGHTER - Youth.
    It's not the same song but is the inspiration from this song


    @Guilherme Aworld hey thanks I was trying to find it


    @Guilherme Aworld thank you once again I love the new version

  12. Mazz

    I dont even feel or cry i just sit there numb

  13. Ghost 375

    I still remember you Chrissy❤
    I may not be there for you however I'll respect your relationship as long as your happy I won't interfere anymore i just wanted you to be the happiest person it's just unfortunate I left you I had my reasons.
    I still think of you 24/7


    Quem e brasileiro?

  15. The Gaming Oasis

    My friend after years of laughter and a good relationship, left me to join another group, that group were a holes to me. In return, my close friend became one of them, he hated me, it only got worse. My favorite person, my great grandma, passed away. I also felt like everyone hates me. I feel alone. I feel sad. I can't take it. I felt like ending it all.... I feel so empty

  16. rizznrk77

    Hello if you "I feel empty" by kina check out 21Dansons song with Kina called "Firework" it's this song but with lyrics!!

  17. T¡nyStxr


    Edit: And I loved this song :/

  18. Sam Smith

    Ich hoffe dir geht es gut und du bist glücklich mit deinem jetzigen Leben. Ich werde niemals aufhören dich zu lieben und werde dich immer in meinem Herzen tragen, Cati.


    How to kill someone?

    1. fill them with love
    2. leave

  19. Wawi Aram

    Original song is (daughter-youth

  20. Holy Fire

    Intrinsic Empty Spirit

  21. Olha Capaa

    eu sou o único que escuta essas músicas sem estar triste, e sim pra dormir?

  22. Allie Turner

    I’m not sad, I just like the way this sounds. Can someone tell me who is singing this?

  23. Foxofthemoon Light

    I never thought we will don’t be friends Cosima...I thought we were gonna be together for ever but idk if you change or I did...Now I’m lost without you...I’m alone I have no one to make fun with or play Minecraft it was such a fun time but now I’m on my own and it’s my fault

  24. Foxofthemoon Light

    Im alone I’m not fine I’m heart broken I don’t have a will to live my life is a mess I need someone to talk but don’t want to annoy people my best friend don’t care about me

  25. Dustin H

    It's called falling in love.
    you fall, and they choose rather or not to catch you.

  26. Dylan Bowers

    I've seen a lot of comment on this video of people release shoved down emotions and thing they like to forget. As someone who is 3 years of recovery from a gunshot wound the threw my life into a deep dark hole of hate and closing myself off from the world, that there is a chance to dig yourself or there is always hope, a light at the end of the tunnel and love will find you again. Stay strong, Keep your head up and keep moving forward.

  27. Xeonaxe

    its hard to forget someone when they've given you so much to remember..

  28. Caterine Kub

    Don’t cry that it’s because it happened. //Dr.suess

  29. Sleepyhead

    4.01 am - Sunday 16.02.2020
    21 y/o
    Everyone’s asleep but not me. I don’t know what I want to do in my life . I don’t know what I like, what I want to be, what I’m passionate about and if I’m even needed. Middle of 3 siblings but I don’t feel like I had any to begin with.
    Things are just hard.
    Sometimes I feel empty and sad for no damn reason. I can’t tell mama and papa because things are hard enough for them financially.
    What do I do? I can’t seem to find a way out .
    I guess there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.
    Am I even important?
    They always said ‘this is my handsome son and my sweet younger daughter .’
    It makes me feel invisible.
    Even on our family trip .. they will always walk in pairs. It breaks my heart every time I recalled it cause I’m always left behind.
    Maybe I’m just worthless and I’m sorry for it.
    I’m sorry.
    I'm sorry.

  30. Wolf Nation

    Im cry my Good

  31. poeandannie

    just gon say bullet by hollywood undead was a bop

  32. Bl4z3 panel

    Weird that I'm listening to this song in feb 14th.

  33. HyperFizz

    It feels like the people have been hurt the most know what pain really feels like, and will do anything to make sure nobody feels that in their life.

  34. مترجم wx

    وصلت لمكان لا يوجد به العرب


    يوجد عربي هنا بس انا معاك ما اهتم بالعرب

  35. Geraldine Cabrera H

    I don´t believe in love anymore . . .

  36. Console G

    daughter song uwu

  37. Thiago Henrique

    Só quem dorme escutando essa música, deixa o like 👍

  38. axelrolon

    I only came here to say... Hi Marcos! I Hope u are good wherever u are. I miss you so much man... I remember when we go to school only for causing troubles jajajaja. But that doesnt care now... When you go in that car accident, i cry so much... I didnt even now if you are in a better place, but only that. I miss you here Bro... I need you here so much... Im nothing without you... Now i dont have someone Who cares about Who was my day and my healthy. Please if you can come here once again do It please... I miss you so much

  39. Pepper Poy

    does someone know the link to the picture?

  40. Ava Andres

    I swear this song literally reads to me;

    L O N E L Y

  41. Yuul

    empty? I dont even feel!

  42. Lorenzo De Graeve

    In front of my eyes...
    my best friend died..
    i knew him for 8 years… why did you didn't look when you crossed the street bro :( i miss you

  43. Роллтон Куринный

    Ничего то что это не ее песня?

  44. Randa

    November 4 2017 I remember I was just finishing class and I saw a notification from nourish uploading this song I sent it to my at the time boyfriend and it always reminds me of him of us how we connected with the Smallest thing like music... I miss you

  45. Sofia Navas

    In 2018 while this song was playing we were in my bed, and i remember look to his eyes and realize that I'm gonna love him the rest of my entire life. J

  46. Bárbara Alejhandra Santos Marques

    Música top demais

  47. Rudy Ortiz

    Hey Anna?

    I really miss how we used to play and hang out really meant a lot to me and still do seems like you’ve just forgotten about me and what we hurts so much and I don’t know what to do...I want to feel your soft caring touch again and just hold you so the world can seem like it’s perfect...but you left me...and now it seems like I don’t even exist anymore. I know I should just move on but you hold so many important memories and...I’m afraid to let you become only a memory as well

  48. AfroHit Musica

    Kina Has Dope medicine for Us
    We will be fine some days

  49. Patricia Cassandra :3

    me:* sighs *
    bff:are you okay?
    me: yes
    bff:do you have suicidal thoughts?
    me:never and never will!!
    bff:do you love yourself?
    read it backwards the you'll get it

  50. Fernando Knop


  51. GBK chels

    i’m only 13 bruh😕 dude i was so happy until one night one day in october that dude ruined my life bro😕 now i’m damaged ash😕

    Youwei Girl

    What did he do?

  52. •T a t a h K u n•

    Só eu que vim pelo bojack? Dia sensacional, de repente eu sou negativo, normalmente quando perguntam como eu vou a resposta seria uma merda mais não posso dizer que estou uma merda por que não tem nenhuma boa razão pra estar uma merda, então se eu digo estou uma merda perguntam por que? Oque ouve? Aí eu tenho que responder eu não sei. Então em vez disso quando perguntam como eu vou geralmente digo: eu estou indo muito bem.^^

    Davi Mesquita


  53. ronnnqcs ll

    1.25 sounds good

  54. josue hernandez

    Está estúpida canción es la copia de "Daugthrer- youth" le copió hasta toda la letra, ¡Qué asco!

  55. flacko

    q música do caralhooooooooo

  56. Jurist Oboza

    after all the depressing things happened
    what am i crying for?

  57. Brandy Liebel

    You ever just cant cry anymore so you lay in bed, staring the wall or the ceiling and feeling your heart break into pieces while you just stare blankly?.. oh sorry just me..


    Did you know you can't breathe while smiling!

    I am Kiding! | i am just helping you to smile. Keep smiling and be focused.

  59. sam sharlow

    still just as broken when I hear this song

  60. jhune tadeo

    this got deleted on Spotify, and i'm crying rn 😭

  61. Cheri Field

    Short story.

    Fell in love to hard.

  62. Nima Mardi

    Credit daughter.this is their song

  63. Doroteja Nikolic

    Hey Ilay i just hope you will remember me someday, i love you

  64. Eclaire the Fangirl

    Just realized they got this from the original song "youth" by daughter

  65. Hanschi Salvatore

    he told me he doesn't love me anymore, my heart is crushed

  66. Kleber Junior Valentim Palhares

    Vim pelo vídeo do bojack

  67. MrDopeJr

    I tryed to kill myself twice but I'm glad I couldn't bcs of some persons even tho it's still shit but I'm 17 and I could live longer, much longer. I tell myselfs that only the ones with week minds kill themselves. Keep being strong😊

  68. toucanbloom

    im surrounded by friends.
    yet i sit here late at night
    feeing like i don’t deserve them.
    like i don’t deserve love
    i don’t deserve hope.

  69. jessica zap zap

    Vou fazer um vídeo com essa música pulando da ponte :'(

    jessica zap zap

    Aiiiiinn queh dor mds :'(

  70. Jaime

    if anyone needs to vent my ig is _jaimeetje

  71. Xanx_iss

    We need it on spotify

  72. Arwa Ovais

    Hey dad come home I miss u the days we spent messing around going to the park I regret not spending as much as time with u when u come home I will never leave your side until I die I promise just come home dad please

  73. yoongi's starship

    i remember the first time i ever liked someone, it didn't turn out so great. he moved away. they just kept coming one after another and i didn't realize that they just kept ending the same way. i would be infatuated, they would like me back, i would suddenly feel numb one day and i know it's worse for them and i'm not in the position to say that i get hurt too and im tired that this always keeps happening and im scared because i dont think i have it in me to ever love someone so completely but i just want to be normal. i feel so empty and i think they already knew i was missing a part of me. they will meet better girls and it hurts because i won't get any better.

  74. gatito.

    can't be sad over someone if you don't let anyone in.

  75. Delaney Torres

    It's hard just acting happy and all you show is that

    Delaney Torres

    But it's not all that

  76. Gabriel Santos

    You don't realize what you have until his gone

  77. Darlene

    our minds are troubled by the emptiness

  78. Ravena Kassoski

    Apenas desistindo.. Infelizmente.. :(

  79. cláudiando

    i need your help, or someone help. im not me right now. i cant find me :(

    Youwei Girl

    I am here you can talk to me

  80. Michaela Rankin

    I feel so empty, and alone. I don’t even wanna feel anything anymore, I gave up on trying to love someone or hoping for them to love me back when that’ll always fail. I try to make friends and meet new people but they just leave me on read and doesn’t even give me a chance. I literally have nowhere to go or have any thing like a job or my license and a car to hang out with people. I’m trying my best to get everything done and to achieve everything and to meet new people, I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone but I get so tired of being knocked back down by someone who can’t even be kind

  81. audalic

    imagine going to school everyday as a completely different person because no one likes your real personality according to your sibling so you go along with it, come home, cry, and your parents yell at you for being unproductive, then your sister telling you to change everything you like and how you dress because it’s “weird”, then she tells you to change your friends because they’re “weird” too, so you do. now you need a new friend group and you find one and then you have to judge everyone constantly no matter how much you don’t want to, and you have to act like a rude, loud, obnoxious person everyday for the sake of your reputation because that’s how you become popular. and, coming home everyday knowing no one has ever called you pretty or beautiful other than your family, and no one would ever like you so you have to deny the fact that your crush will never be with you or like you one bit. hahaa imagine.. couldn’t be me

  82. ;THE - BIEL;

    Olá sad boys

  83. Ale

    I used to say that I was surrounded by darkness.
    Now even darkness has disappeared: there’s literally nothing but reality, that leaves me completely numb. I see events, ppl, life passing by and I just don’t care.
    Everything: every hope, every desire, every dream and goal (even the bigger ones, those that kinda built my personality) doesn’t exist anymore.
    They slowly faded away.
    I’m staying here, doing nothing but breathing.
    I don’t hate anything, not even myself...I used to, but now I went even beyond that.
    It’s hard to explain: I don’t even have the strength to “hate”.
    Now smt happens, I get angry or sad or even happy in some rare cases....but then suddenly that emotion disappear. It instantly becomes numbness. It’s like if my emotions can’t last. Emptiness.
    Such a deep emptiness.
    And I realize that I should do smt about it, that my happiness is up to me and that I have the power to turn things right but...why should I?
    It’s like if I don’t even care about feeling better anymore. Not even the idea of happiness and a better life seems to be worth the effort...I don’t know if that makes sense...

    Youwei Girl

    Gosh we need to talk you just described what i have been like for the past 5 years and i am only 17.
    It just seems like i exist...
    That is all.

  84. Francisco Lopez

    Who’s here just for the good music

  85. Bulbe r

    holy shit these comments are very relateable

  86. Joe

    I wanna know why I feel this way around my birth family, I don't need to but I do....and I can't do anything about it...

  87. nourish.

    hope you enjoy 😌
    check out our new *"sad songs for sad people"* livestream →

    Jørgen Thorsen

    Yooooo, why isnt this on spotify¿?
    I need this song on my playlist🥴🙃

    Obi Wan Jabroni

    Link to picture?

    Wicked Hate

    being hurt feels way better than hurting someone else. knowing that person will go through pain you've experienced and yet that person remains faithful to the idea of you coming back..

    Gusion Holy Blade

    I've enjoy sadness

    ricky iriandi

    I love This song...
    But i never move on from youth...
    This tittle song is daughter... right ?