Kina Grannis - My Dear Lyrics

I cannot live without you
I told you this is true
I'll take pieces of you with me
I'll take parts you never knew

And one day you will wake up
Without warning or a clue
And start to notice little things
That are missing parts of you

Oh, I need you here
Oh, you will always be my dear

The freckle on your shoulder
And the creases on your cheeks
The scar upon your forehead
And your whisper when you speak

I took them cause I need you
I took them to be mine
I took them so you miss them
So you'd want them back in time

Oh, I need you here
Oh, you will always be my
Oh, I need you here
Oh, you will always be my dear

If I hold on to you
Don't let me go
Will you, feel me, need me
Don't let me go
If I hold on to you
Don't let me go
Will you, feel me, need me
Don't let me go

(If I hold on to you)
Oh, I need you here
(Don't let me go, will you, feel me, need me)
Oh, you will alway be my
(Don't let me go, if I hold on)
Oh, I need you here
(Don't let me go)
Oh, you will always be my dear

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Kina Grannis My Dear Comments
  1. a-wanderingcloud 0-0


  2. marta artola

    hermosa boda...feliz vida juntos...los abrazo...

  3. Jehan Martinez

    Nice! Although slower cuts would've been better :)

  4. Jake Bennett

    I'm not ashamed to say I started bawling when I realized this was her actual wedding and not just a music video

  5. Kristin Kohlwey - Ross

    I might have to remarry my babe to this song very very soon. Ray Ross I will love you for always 🧡🤟🏻🧡

  6. CJ DSign

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with all of us! <3

  7. Lia Hakso

    I cried too... I wonder if my wedding day would be this beautyfull

  8. Insta: iamdanigboa


  9. Hippie chic

    I need you here... :(

  10. Hippie chic

    Don't let you go!! :(

  11. Hippie chic

    This was supposed to be my wedding vows..kina even said it was ok...too bad it didn't work out. You will always be my dear...

  12. Frater Isla

    This video gave me a seizure. ajdfh

  13. Yuki

    Kina I am so happy for both of you!!💕 this video and it was so nice that you shared your special day with us!

  14. Blu3Typh00n

    I wonder how it has been - this is the first day in a long time that I have watched your videos. So happy to see so much content to binge watch.

  15. Amelia

    I was so happy when I found out that she was half Japanese like me :))))

  16. Tinyfern

    2019 ✨💕

  17. Varun m

    Her hairstyle😍

  18. 117Oddlink -

    There is a really heavenly vibe to this song.

  19. MISS E

    My Love Candace Gibbs. You will always be my dear💖💖💖 I love you mi Amor. Can't wait!!!

  20. Angela Gonzales

    Where was the wedding

  21. Tausif Ansari

    Kina we love you

  22. Ian Brown

    Heard Kina sing for the first time tonight Amazing!!
    Song.... "Can't help falling in love with you"
    Such a Talented Lady !
    Looked like a Great Wedding ..great filming and editing.
    Congratulations !

  23. Miss kylie.

    I cry just about every time I watch this. I cannot wait for this day. 💜💜💜💜

    Miss kylie.

    And im single...damnit.

  24. maconlee labao


  25. Charlene Santiago

    Why did this give me so much inspiration just now? Thank you. Congratulations 4 years ago and every day on.

  26. Shadow Sport

    Beautiful and romantic

  27. Smarika Mishra

    I keep coming back to this, love to you both from India.

  28. MangaIsLife

    Who's watching this in 2018? They look really good together <3 they made my day <3

  29. Cindy Jones

    I can not live without you my dear ilu

  30. Baldgeta

    Thought kina and ryan higga were good friends.. Was expecting to see Ryan higa in this vid..
    Or she didn't invite him???

  31. Eric Robertson

    That's the most beautiful video of all-time :)

  32. Magdalena Dróbkiewicz

    W cudowny i subtelny zarazem sposób mówi wokalista o tym co najważniejsze w życiu każdego człowieka. Kochać i być kochanym...

  33. Cindy Jones

    True love

  34. Yalcin Dogan

    It's so nice, We love you Kina.

  35. Alex

    I always find my way back to this video… Even after these years. Thank you again Kina

  36. mel meka

    you are a twin flame and an empath. so am I. you music resonates in a twin flame empathic life and you know we are the light workers of this new world we want. you give twin flames such as I inspiration in our path of the awakening of twin flames. and calling to help heal this broken world. you need to touch other twin flames so we understand the journey of our on and off love while we both grow to love as equals.

  37. mel meka

    hi I hope you answer.

  38. Kira Reid

    Many waters can't quench love <3

  39. Gianfranco Lena

    Matrimonio bellissimo, video e musica fantastica, tu Kina sei incantevole ❤️

  40. Brian Meiers

    I love this video so much!

  41. Megan Slonksnis

    Such a perfect way to put this song into her music video for wedding

  42. Amia Jordan

    I have no clue why anyone would eva give a thumbs down to this video :( It makes me sad that people are that unhappy with their selves that they cant be happy for what's obvious true love and happiness. Maybe jealousy? Imma not sure, it honestly hurts me to my soul

  43. Father Of The Dao

    Superstars of Tommorow sent me hear

  44. Pepe Benitez

    wwwooww, I'm dizzy

  45. Cindy Jones

    Love you to be my Dear forever

  46. Cindy Jones

    I like voice she so sweet

  47. John Sun

    just revisiting my favourite list

  48. Cindy Jones

    My dear I wish could me again

  49. Cindy Jones

    Beautiful she so sweet

  50. Cindy Jones

    Sweet couple

  51. Andrew C

    What a bunch of cunts.

  52. sofi san

    This song makes me want to fall in love and get married 😍

  53. ns2004

    Thank you for sharing the most wonderful day of your life with us (so far )

  54. Zi Yue

    sometimes when I went to a wedding I didn't know this song was from Kina Grannis & it's from 2014 WOW 😍😍

  55. Sadiul Islam

    hmm thats video, not only video
    this weading & n8ce weading videos

  56. Cindy Jones

    She a sweetie love wedding it as cute as she

  57. Cindy Jones

    Love to love forever

  58. Tracey Largue

    Oh My gosh! Can I borrow your song for a highlights wedding video - love the style of this so much!

  59. Pao Xiong

    Purest of love

  60. Cindy Jones

    I needed to see this time your not going see why do not see me. Are afraid of me .

  61. Kylie Browne

    Simply Beautiful

  62. Rosalind Chioh

    So s..sweet!...😊😊and I'm so green with envy!😌

  63. Jess Mejov

    I love this video, the filming is awesome! please come sing + film at my future wedding ^^ <3

  64. Siggy Jewelry

    Mazel tov to the happy couple a bit late, but it's never too late to bless the young couple.

  65. Steph Maranan

    ❤️😭 still crying happy tears!

  66. Julia Hutchinson

    I. Am. Speechless. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  67. QWERTY 123

    I'm infatuated with your beauty. Your husband is lucky to have a blessing like you in his life.

  68. annabelle7123

    such a beautiful, perfect wedding (that I can only dream of...) and the same for the couple...!!

  69. Cindy Jones

    I pray to god that is gave that I'm praying everyday and nite I can love so much and decorated at the holidays you saw I love thought things tooo

  70. Cindy Jones

    The more your gone, I miss more every day wt all love

  71. Zeze

    oh, I thought she was gay all the time. Lol, poor me. but a very nice video 😍😊

  72. Ish

    i knew that this would be love since they collaborated. T^T

  73. kelllsey12000

    I pray you'll may always harbour this joy & love in the dark times & the bright times. May you'll never give up on each other 💛✨

  74. Kalikuku

    Rewatching this after seeing I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You and feeling all the radiant warm happy feelings

  75. Samantha S

    Wow, beautiful wedding and beautiful song! Congratulations Kina!

  76. Robin Yang

    Thank you for allowing all of us to witness such special, real moments from your life. Such a beautiful way to capture those memories. I know it's been several years...but I'm so happy for you guys! Hopefully you pull this back out and watch it again when things get tough. Best wishes for your life.

  77. Dinda Patricia

    it was so beautiful😭😍

  78. Carissa Yu

    ok this was absolutely gorgeous and I loved it so much ...
    but at "the scar upon your forehead" I was like AHHH HARRY POTTER I SEE YOU

  79. Ririchiyo Yoshino

    I'm so in love

  80. Riezl Aseron

    Oh my goodness! 2M!!!! I had My Dear on repeat all day today and only to realize that you had hit the 2M views! Congrats! It's an awesome song! Next stop is 3M hehehe

  81. Cindy Jones

    I can't live wt out I miss more as the days go by closer to the days you come back for your miss more that women as the love give to you I wish could that god gave you to so we both have smile love and happiness wt all my love forever if you don't want want I'm sure more out but you want forever in my life I'd you happy for the rest of your life. Be mine foremore I'll show you how to have good happy love. Forever

  82. Cindy Jones

    I wish would call me tell you would like to see me, just just tell me were may be ilu everyday

  83. Zac Ariah

    I hope and I pray you two last forever.

  84. Cindy Jones

    Good Luck in life you wanted I'm not a fool maybe you will be 😘

  85. Indira Firda

    wedding goals

  86. Cindy Jones

    I can't live wtout you

  87. Cindy Jones

    She sweet she sing like angel

  88. Kringe Inamsu

    what a beautiful couple omg! <3

  89. Alexandre Miranda

    Linda canção....Profunda e expressiva a letra...O Senhor em cada detalhe...Vale a pena esperar por nosso amor por toda vida :)

  90. Gabriel Alexander

    seriously though, why would anyone dislike this...I don't get it. XD haha

  91. cintyg

    So beautiful ... you are so beautiful ... I only just found you and I am really enjoying listening to you ... Thank you for sharing your voice with us.

  92. MIZK0NG

    I remember back in the day when she was just barely singing on YouTube <3

  93. Cindy Jones

    You going to stay there get mixed up what to what was playing

    Cindy Jones

    I need you my dear

  94. Cindy Jones

    Beautiful wedding song like her

  95. DidYouSayKateorCake

    Hello Kina! I LOVE your music and saw you in concert in Boston a couple of years ago :) I was wondering how I should contact you to get permission to use this song in a short film that I'm making about the people that I work with at a local nursing home, and their wisdom about life and love. Please let me know if this is possible, and if you have a preferred communication method at which I can reach you!

  96. Cindy Jones

    Maybe one I'll see again

  97. Cindy Jones

    You are my dear