Kina - Can We Kiss Forever? Lyrics

I tried to reach you, I can't hide
How strong's the feeling when we dive
I crossed the ocean of my mind
My wounds are healing with the salt
All my senses intensified
Whenever you and I, we dive
I crossed the ocean of my mind
But in the end I drown
You push me down, down

All the shame
When you called my name
I felt pain
When you came

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Kina Can We Kiss Forever? Comments
  1. Mehe di


  2. Abhishek Athawale

    Most satisfying music I'll be ever listening
    1:00 to 1:10

  3. hora bipolar

    *like si llegaste acá por tik Tok*

  4. Brø Thý

    When I listen this song make me hard 💔😭

  5. Aflan Syafiq

    TikTok bring me here...😭😭😭

  6. NISHAN music

    Never felt so sad before, it can be the new *_"Gloomy Sunday"_* song

  7. DerickNinja3

    alivia a alma

  8. BLD !


  9. Faiz Moosafur

    This song wants to make break up even if in not in a relationship lol

  10. NicoQ YT

    alfinnn lpm 4 horas buscando esta musica me mierd4

  11. your mom



    E buscado enta música por más de tres meses porfin te encontré 🥺

  13. Lety Torres

    Amo esta canción gracias me ayuda a pensar y a relajarme es hermosa 😍😍😍🥰🥰🖤🖤💙

  14. ib1el

    ouvir jogando me sinto o blackn444

  15. Gabriely Barbosa

    Algm brasileiro kkm pelo amor de Deus

  16. Søra.


  17. Madelynn Kemp

    Love dis song

  18. Ashlee Brown

    Who else came here from tik tok lmao😂



  20. Gacha Theus•

    Can we kiss forever....?

  21. x. marcc


  22. Bts Jikook

    Alguém br aqui ? Kkkk

  23. Sad Legends 悲しい男 2011

    O brasileiro fez perder a graça dessa música

    Com Free Fire
    E status de motivação

  24. pandora el comienzo

    Like si cuando escuchas esta canción te pones a pensar mucho
    Porfa suscribanse ami canal soy cantante de trapo y voy a subir los videos sería de ayuda muchas gracias feliz dia

  25. Norbi Shady

    "Yesterday is history,tomorrow is mistery,but today is a gift,thats why it is called present." :))

  26. Ana Gosme

    Gente sou do Brasil e amo essa música faz com que nossa mente Vai longe Ou seja no Boy ou Croch

  27. Rcyf

    The real depressed and sad people won’t comment anything.
    They’ll just sit and listen.
    No emotion.


  28. Ronaldo Najera Constantino


  29. Mateusz skrzyp

    Someone tell me why the beat sounds to me like alan walker

  30. Reyhan Elveren

    Türkler butonuyum

  31. Mary Tshan

    واقعه فحب الاغنيه😭💘

  32. Andrey Frazão

    Algum brasileiro aqui?

  33. Lara Aloisio

    0:44 0:57

  34. Кое Что

    I tried to reach you, I can't hide
    How strong's the feeling when we dive
    I crossed the ocean of my mind
    My wounds are healing with the salt
    All my senses intensified
    Whenever you and I, we dive
    I crossed the ocean of my mind
    But in the end I drown
    You push me down, down
    All the shame
    When you called my name
    I felt pain
    When you came

  35. Jessica 123 luena

    Amo essa música português

  36. matheus gamer lucas 2.0 Mateis

    Alguem br com depression

  37. yGabzz

    Quem é brasileiro deixa o like👍

  38. Volkan Efe


  39. Erasyl Salmekeev

    I love this song

  40. Мудрый Леон

    I dont now but i have nostalgia😥😥

  41. 쏘은 SSoeun

    I miss him

  42. Fakxo

    I A M D E P R E S S E D W I T H M Y L I F E =)(

    Chris Tindero

    Dont be so stressed.. you can be happy.. and remember that there is your family, friends and GOD who will never forget to love you💕

  43. Shandell Dieko

    i am here because of tiktok

  44. Дэйзен YT

    1:00 😍😍😍

  45. Khaled Ofi


  46. Juliana Batista

    Eu amo uma musica💕♥️ me faz relembrar de tantas memorias boas

  47. trocas de contas no avakin

    cbqpjqnv use esse cupom de desconto no wish e ganhe até 50% de desconto

  48. Manga

    Who else is here from the smiley face video

  49. Arda TV


  50. GG TiVi

    you music is emazing

  51. Juliana Dias

    This song is a really perfection.

  52. Qualikk

    To The 2% of People Reading This:

    Don't Worry About
    just beliave

  53. SK Somesh

    This music and beats won my heart

  54. Rittica Paul

    ❤I'm addicted to this song😔

  55. Leylaa 08

    Who is here from Tiktok

  56. Rambo magar

    Super song from me belion love from nepal

  57. Shpetim Ahmetaj

    When you don't have anything to say

  58. Rin Puii

    These song is very good

  59. Edralyn Balbon

    I have to admit, i'm addicted to this song.

  60. Ferr Gomez

    Sad cool

  61. Annaclaudia Silva

    A Melhor musica do Mundo!!!💔😖

  62. David Centacrill

    19/2/2020 Who ?

  63. Maison Irushadh

    Ain't gonna lie i once had a crush on a girl called mishka. So I texted her and we talked for like a day and the next day I confessed I had a crush on her and she was surprised and eversince then she never replied to any of my texts 😭😭 I come here everyday becoz of that loneliness

    Dhruv Sharma

    Fella you should wait for the right time...
    Don't worry one day she understand you feelings 😉

  64. นาย หนวด


  65. Maluu Guimarães


  66. Tay Metz

    this song is super cute i decided to sing it to get into quior and i am the leader

  67. Wagner Roberto

    Quem é brasileiro

  68. Rodri_ flores

    1:00 😭😭😭

  69. NWA KAKA

    Alguém do Brasil aqui?

  70. NWA KAKA

    Música muito boaa

  71. John Cena

    I found this without Tik Tok and I'm so glad about it

  72. Bili Gomes


  73. Caralyn Green

    0:55 My favorite part 🥺💗


    2020? Qm aí tbm conheceu essa msc pelos highlithes de ff??

  75. Nadyenka Coene

    Que música chata da porra

  76. Emersonn Barbosaa


  77. Makaveli827

    Im not suiciadal or Something Like that I am just...tired of livig

  78. Kabir Farha

    *10 Minutes Silence For Them Who Can't Find The Song*

  79. sonxakii

    WHATTHEFRICK I JUST FOUND OUT ITS FROM TIK TOK (not exactly, but there are tik toks with this music)

  80. Merix Aki

    Life is fucked up and so is everybody
    We go through difficult ass shits in life where we wanna end our own life but stay strong my bros👍🥂

  81. Henri Ludwig Gustavo Lopes

    This ost is somehow on every TikTok known to man, shit.

  82. Manohar Lal

    Who else is here who came just to listen the background music. 😍

  83. Pedro Landeira

    Eu não acho essa música triste acho ela muito top, os efeitos sonoros a voz, tudo lindoooo

    Idon't think this song is sad, I think it's very top, the sound effects are the voice, everything is beautiful

  84. Simon Gazdík

    This type of music makes me happy.. Whats wrong with me ?

  85. Kanhaiya Ultimatum

    Feel the beats 0:58 😢
    With this replay button (:

  86. Fraser Asokan

    Never knew the song was this good ♥️

  87. maria santos


  88. Матвей Лимонов

    Песня топп!!!Обожаю!!!!Кто русский из 2020?:D Давай плиз 10к лайков>

  89. marj balanquit

    I love this song so much ❤

  90. Rakib Hasan Hrian

    Me:Can we kiss forever..
    My Girlfriend:Listening song...

  91. rosine costillas

    hahahahahahah like im litteraly crying right now because of problems then heard this song from the tv...just made me cry more hahah

  92. Rossam A

    Meme song

  93. Jegan Rao

    Missing you💔

  94. the bootleg boy

    here before 1 million, Kina are amazing 💜
    listen to a similar track here -

    Ashutosh yadav


    Надя Глебова


    Anders LoL

    can you add to joox?