Kina - Baby You're Worth It Lyrics

I'm not so perfect
Baby yeah, you worth it
Come right here
Come right here

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Kina Baby You're Worth It Comments
  1. Stick Montage

    Paulit ulittPero oks na

  2. Sdn Ahmed

    how come from r.i.p stefan edit☹💔💔🔫

  3. WONP !

    "Baby, você vale a pena"

  4. Мария Чернышенко

    Умоляю скажите аккорды

  5. Be my Guest

    🎶🎶"I'm not so are you worth it? Come right here."🎶🎶🎶✊🖤

  6. Shan4diff

    Hope they’ll Remember me

  7. IvAne RochA

    Top 😙😙😙

  8. S B

    For everyone reading this

    You are worth it...never give up
    The fight isn't over just yet

  9. gabby cruz

    when u found a perfect minecraft girlfriend

  10. richard

    Essa música me faz pensar em desistir de tão triste que é tantas e tantas vezes me corto ouvindo essa canção

  11. ashuwu

    do you ever just like a song :D

  12. luhhfemale

    “ím ńøt śö pęrfēćt,
    bâbÿ ÿēãh, ÿóü’rē
    wōrth ít
    ćømē ríght hêrę,
    ćómë rīght—“

  13. Nehir Ekici

    lyrcscnm dan gelenler +1

  14. tali tinha

    essa música me faz lembrar do momento mais feliz da minha vida, papo

  15. Kabur Bin Jamal Dobleh

    (* ̄︶ ̄*)

  16. Tony Nguyen

    "roses are red
    love is fake
    weddings are just
    funeral's with cake"

  17. ツcruddixz

    velocity 2 lol it's sounds very rare like whit more sense

  18. Morgan Chaney

    I’m not so perfect but baby I’m worth is -2020

  19. o i


  20. Fxck Kawaii

    I heard

    *”I never felt broken baby ya your worth it im online im online.”*

  21. blackteachan

    its makes me
    feel appreciated

  22. Valeria Leca

    It's my favorite song now😂❤😍🥰

  23. My Soul Goes OwO

    *"B a b y , I ' m n o t s o p e r f e c t ."*

  24. hey peach

    This sound killing me 🤤
    Freaking awesome 😍

  25. Aguimery Silva


  26. RudeBwoy SoulJah

    Always thought the lyrics were
    How am I so powerful
    Baby yeah you're worth it
    Call my name
    Call my

    Both have strong meanings

  27. Natalie Madison

    Without U- beach goons iykyk

  28. Surmx

    Not feel

  29. Aguimery Silva

    I'm not so perfect
    Baby, yeah, you're worth it
    Come right here
    Come right❤😢

  30. Cherry Cola

    What I hear: im not so perfect
    Baby yeah you're worth it
    come right here, come right

  31. Klaudia Żukowska

    The picture is from Inuyasha ❤️🤍

  32. anne s


  33. Salua Gr

    Like por la botella XD

  34. Mister Chuckels

    you tear me apart and put me back together in the same minute, but you being here with me changes everything...

    I love you

  35. leslie 17

    Original song :
    Without U by Spooky Black

  36. Louis _wys

    On Apple Music it says this song is not in your region cuz I use to love this song and I’m so happy that h in can still listen to it on here

  37. Claudia Flores

    I’m sitting here crying over a guy I felt maybe I had a chance with but I was so wrong. We were texting while watching the same movie as he tells me how a girl he has feelings for doesn’t feel the same way and he would still choose her any day over any other girls and I had to sit there and try and text back with blurry vision because I was bawling and I had to act like I wasn’t hurting inside. And what hurts the most is that I am most mad at the fact that the girl doesn’t like him back because I would do anything to be with him and she is just messing with him. I could show him what real love is but he is caught up on another girl... God I love him but I wish I didn’t... no matter how much he has hurt me I still love him.

    Be my Guest

    "You're not so perfect.. baby are u worth it" your worth it.🙏🏽✊

  38. oh Breeze b.

    SPOOKY BLACK wrote some good shit

  39. ye boii

    Man.. Just listen to me.. Listen.. You dont have to but you can.. If she dont want you just move on and forget her.. One Day you will look to mirror a say "damn man, I háve a GOOD life" dont sit there dont bé sad just bé yourself and one Day you will find someone Better than her.. You matter man.. You are wanted every body love you.. Dont give it up man I believe in you. Dont give it up do not even try that.. Dont you dare.. Dont give up move on forget and bé fucking happy.. One Day you will find someone WHO will give you mucher love more than you love yourself.. That Day will Come so do not ever think a ou that fucking end

  40. Sammi Sammii

    miguel <3

  41. VíctorPro074

    Ah Mano tô amando as músicas do Kina

  42. Morgan Chaney

    Have you ever had that feeling when you told your crush you liked him but ....... you don’t know how to feel ..... no just me ok

  43. August Virgo

    Guys if you didn’t know, this is also a cover of “without you” by Spooky Black/Corbin

  44. WHITE 777

    Vc foi até às profundezas achar um comentário BR. 🤔 Vc é top se vc viu isso


    Eu fiz exatamente isso kkkk

    raissa da silva

    Eu fiz isso

  45. robson barboza


  46. Jdkr Bgng

    I lost my cat 💔💔

  47. Galaxy of Art

    I wish someone made a guitar tutorial on this. I can't find anything and I'm so sad cuz I wanna play this ;w;

  48. hernandez sisterz

    a hopeless babe .

  49. hernandez sisterz

    this song makes me think a lot more than I should 🥺

  50. pandora :3

    Amo esse tipo de música

  51. Jervin Cæbrërå

    Im not so perfect baby yeah worth it come right here come right

  52. Jc Verdin

    Spooky black?

  53. Gaby Romerocruz

    when you love him and know he doesn’t love you back

  54. dynamic xd

    Continue this:
    I sat on an empty table at the cafeteria..

    neqtunio 27

    @Reva Is yours the 1st of May?


    @neqtunio 27 my middle school maths teacher would be proud omg haha and trust me I'll remember to wish ya, marking it in my calendar


    @neqtunio 27 it's first juneee

    neqtunio 27

    @Reva Imma mark it I promise :).


    @neqtunio 27 hahaha thank you ❤️ that's very sweet

  55. Joan Jara


  56. Gamer girl Fortnite

    He is worth it BUT I AM NOT 😂💔

    Be my Guest


  57. cheenie wheenie

    🖤💔I need this support in my life💔🖤

  58. Jadyn Arnes

    This was my Fiances favorite song.. she passed away from Lung Cancer December 6th 2019. This was our favorite song to listen to. We were so happy together all the time we never had any sad moments and never thought about the bad when we were together. I'm absolutely heart broken, i don't think there really is anyone else out there for me that was as good as her. Life without her is just not the same, I hope no one has to go through the pain I have gone through. I wish you all the best in life.

  59. VvvvV

    cred corbin u lames

  60. MSPQueen Diamond

    Shiloh has the best songs for when ur in a car staring outside at the sunset

  61. Amanda Barros

    Where's the credits to Corbin (Spooky Black)?
    I don't knowed that you isn't the original singer.

  62. Dnkboi

    "S H E W O R T H I T"

  63. JustMe

    If youre reading this,
    Have a wonderful day
    Believe in yourself. 💕
    Don't believe in the rumors at school.
    Stay positive and believe in yourself.
    Hope you find your right one.
    Always look in the mirror and say " I'm beautiful the way i am."
    Love yourself.

  64. Life Hates me

    *i don’t feel sad,nor happy, I feel nothin,I wanna feel something but I can’t. I want it to change* 🖤🚶🏻‍♀️

  65. Mr.Sunshine 09

    Love this

  66. Roxanne Kalzi


  67. Cassidy Ryan

    What I hear:
    Found love so perfect
    Baby yeah you're worth it
    I'm right here
    I'm right

  68. Jesse Brusseau

    Uhh that's Spooky Black

  69. De Pradhan

    I love this

  70. dylanx

    it’s originally a Corbin song

  71. Jazmin Salinas

    everything is worth anything , But sometimes it seems like your life ain't worth nun

  72. DoenerMehmet

    1:22 <3

  73. Jo_yoLo is cute

    I can't love anymore.
    I can't trust anyone.
    I can't sleep without crying.
    I can't eat without thinking.
    Is that normal??

  74. Steven LComorien

    you're worth it

  75. jeremias maishazali-serrano

    wtf. is this really shiloh dynasty cos i'm p sure it's actually spooky black

    Adam South

    Shilo dynasty has a video where she covers it, I was just going down in the comments to check if anyone recognized that spooky black (or corbin now) is responsible for the original song. both amazing, I love them both so for Shilo to cover it I am very happy :)

  76. Mucio Adelino


  77. Briana M.

    Spooky black - without you
    Sings this song

  78. Ven Ven

    I feel worthless lmao

  79. Adilene Santos

    My boyfriend broke up with me for no reason 😶

  80. Arcanjø 007

    Alguem brasil?

  81. Vitória Palheta

    Kina só faz música top

  82. Anny •́ ‿ ,•̀

    "baby yuo're worth it"🎶🎶

  83. Relectzz :\

    Everyone stay strong we needa wait to our god gives us a right girl to trust🖤🖤🦋

  84. SG SlashGames

    T- Torn Apart
    I- Insecure
    R- Really Faking My smiles
    E- Eventually Falling Apart
    D- Drowning In Tears

    as if

    @LiSa Giovani just chill why you so butthurt

    Vanshika Singh

    Wow something i can relate to i am just crying and cutting my wrist....

    LiSa Giovani

    @as if I can't.why tf you are interfering. He is Commenting his opinion and I am commenting mine. 👀
    Or Can't I comment my opinion.
    There are people know as Clout diggers. Who post or do things just for attention fame etc
    And As you can see clearly he is Doing the same thing as those clout diggers.
    And if you can't find any Hot fact to reply with you can say the same thing to me that I am commenting these stuff on others comments for A T T E N T I O N and call me H Y P O C R I T E.

    LiSa Giovani

    @Vanshika Singh and? Anymore bullshit you want to say?

    LiSa Giovani

    14 years old teenagers after listening to Billie eilish song be like
    : I think I have ₲ø₮ "Đ Ɇ ₱ ₱ Ɽ Ɇ ₴ ₴ ł Ø ₦"

  85. nova13

    Spooky black🥰

  86. ムモれモち工ち乃尺Uれ口

    Vim pélo guidino k81 passa lá top a edit delle

  87. Rocio_uwu UwU

    Estas si son canciones 🤤

  88. canal j-z caua

    it doesn't matter if Shiloh among us or not what matters and that he is in everyone's heart that is his songs

  89. Keila Rojas

    {\ /}
    Heres a taco to make ya feel better. :)

  90. Keira Daniel

    She always has the best songs

  91. Oakes.Edits

    baby yea your worth it

  92. Karen Weston

    ax’s Brother.

  93. ff乃ム乙Ʋζム

    Bem eu escuto essa música sem saber a tradução mas me sinto bem pois sou triste todos os momentos 😭

  94. JotaP _

    " b a b y y o u ' r e w o r t h i t "

  95. Claudete Lameu

    *Melhores músicas para ouvir sozinho, no escuro, no frio, pensando na vida...*
    *Simplesmente amo momentos com essas músicas..♡*

  96. Nessa Molet

    Just found out he was talking to another girl and nonchalantly screwed her. I'm sad asf fam.

  97. the bootleg boy

    it's been a while, but kina are back with a new shiloh track ❤️
    come hang out on the new 24/7 livestream -

    Pokemon Austin

    Aye bro, thank you for posting this. My dog Max died recently and i'm 13 years old and I had him since I was 4 years old. This song made me have joy for some reason.

    Anisha Upchurch

    @GSuSS I like u're mine. That is my favorite by Kina

    Safety Doggo

    Adarsh Katheria.

    Benjermin Franklin

    bbbut, I love you bootleg boy 8*(

    Dii Tiểu

    Hey i love you the bootleg boy ><