Kimbra - Plain Gold Ring Lyrics

Plain gold ring on his finger he wore
It was where everyone could see
He belonged to someone, but not me
On his hand was a plain gold ring

Plain gold ring had a story to tell
It was one that I knew too well
And in my heart it will never be spring
Long as he wears that plain gold ring

Nighttime comes calling on me
I know why I'll never be free
I can't stop these teardrops of mine
I'm gonna love him till the end of time

Plain gold ring has but one thing to say
I'll remember till my dying days
In my heart it will never be spring
Long as he wears that plain gold ring

Plain gold ring on his finger he wore
Plain gold ring on his finger he wore
Plain gold ring on his finger he wore
Plain gold ring on his finger he wore

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Kimbra Plain Gold Ring Comments
  1. Andrew Makatita

    After 9 years listening this song still giving me goosbumps

  2. sergio88413

    Wow. 😮

  3. Mariana Mawa

    1:11 - 1:36

    So talented.

  4. Dora Živulović

    Raw ♡

  5. Shaquoya G

    This never gets old !! Nostalgia ..

  6. Ryan-Andrew M. Villanueva

    Hands down her best version of this song. I think Nina would have loved it. Wish she'd make a version of 4 Women.

  7. Greg Hussey

    NZs best export ever - so damned good!

  8. Risingofthephoenixx x

    As a music history major this girl is a bad ass for sure! Loved the way she went off at the end!! Nina Simone would be honored to hear this interpretation I'm certain!!!

  9. Asiatic OverLord

    sex appeal on 1,000

  10. Andre Bell

    2:07-2:12. That voice. Goosebumps. Freaking amazing. Run on a loop indefinitely. Never gets old. Despite being a Grammy winner why she is not better known the world around like many stars with less skills I've no idea. Or perhaps she is right where she wants to be and doing what she wants to do as she chooses to do it. Either way I hope this is one star who continues for years to come. Awesome voice.

  11. Aidel L.

    god i wanna worship her

  12. G T


  13. Fred Baron

    Was it bad advice that kept her from more of this direction of her obvious god given talent?

    So frustrating to see raw mastery of her craft not pursued!

  14. Gullar Aliyeva


  15. Ereri Stark

    One of the most CRIMINALLY underrated singers of our generation. Amazing music, amazing voice, soul filled performances - a goddess!

  16. I Am Frank

    If you pit this against all the pop that's come out since this video was posted, you quickly realise that Kimbra out-performs, out-classes, and out-talents pretty much all of it.

  17. Margurett Forlorn

    Her mouth is a vessel of dynamic and sass

  18. Sachi i



    With ya girl

  19. Dasha Birkina

    ive listened to this cover since it came out on youtube and i ALWAYS get chills at her incredible performance. thank you kimbra for being so amazing and sticking to your style through all of these years. <3

  20. Harvest

    absolutely stunning. her connection with her craft, how she slowly creates the layers of voices. unbelievable wow

  21. AngryKoala Insane

    Why the fuck she turned into a shit pop now in 2019? :(

  22. FoodShowFan

    Whoever was in audience must have felt that they were in the presence of a real life Angel

  23. Raymond Rogers

    This arrangement is absolutely stellar.

  24. Project World

    She killed it and she really gave it her All.

  25. Tiger301

    I know no one gives a shit in 2019 but who is still here for this beautiful masterpiece???? Shit I can tell you I am for sure.

  26. takara starks

    This video's still moves me 🔥🔥🔥

  27. Acar Kasım

    "amın feryadı"

  28. Lisa McLaren

    Thank you for being yourself and singing sooo unique! I really love your style and your beauty! Your on an awesome roll! I Love it! Lisa

  29. Ayame Gasai

    Ong i can listen to this whole day

  30. Thomas Rogers

    Who's listening in 3025 on isocubes? Too early..😔

  31. Marcio MB

    It sounds like Bjork.

  32. jorge munoz

    Dam talent...

  33. VirtuosArte

    I love it💓💓🐼

  34. Ewa

    I think this song is absolutely amazing! I'm listening it for 5 years already, it never goes out of style.

  35. Manuel Branco

    I am TOTALLY in love with her - TOTALLY

  36. Derrick McAdoo

    ' This is why you need to keep your women away from the pot, cocaine, and jazz musicians.' - 1930s

  37. Derrick McAdoo

    I may not be lucky enough to marry her, but I at least hope another Libra/ Tiger sign will. We love the shit out of this woman.

  38. Krisna Castor

    If kimbra would like to have my husband, i would gladly let her. in a condition that I can have free tickets to her concert.

  39. The idiots are Winning

    One of the greatest pieces of music. Brings me to tears. Why did she move away from this style and create the following trash albums. I assume in an attempt to be a super famous generic pop singer. We have enough of those and I’m hoping the failure of those albums will bring her back to the greatness of vows. There are a niche of people who actually have taste. Be satisfied with that audience please.

  40. Jessica Ward

    Not a fan of her newer music, wish she would sing more stuff like this to show case her fantastic voice. I think Nina Simone would be proud


    The kinda songs never die

  42. xinzie arusuke

    2019 and still loving it...

  43. Erik Johnson

    I’m here in 2019 music is timeless

  44. thebaddog410

    MesmoriZing vocal abilities.

  45. VL DT

    Watching again in 2019

  46. Sub Bot

    This should have been the Billie eyelash.

    Lamar Lewis

    or perhaps Billie eyelids ?

  47. Allen Love

    Scat singing! Wow she is talented! I love her mouth

  48. Julie White of the best videos on the internet.

  49. Puerto de Beethoven

    He does it to everybody, Kim and Nina. Don't listen to him.

  50. Chris Taylor

    2019 Anybody?

    I'm revisiting all her albums from Vows to Primal Heart

  51. Adrian Daniels

    Fuck, still one of my favorites

  52. Boi wot

    Getting mad blues vibes

  53. SilverSwan16

    gosh, my throat hurts just TRYING to hit some of those notes!!

  54. Mark Chappell

    Only one more day left. A time will be no more.

  55. Mark Chappell

    Thank you.

  56. Brandon Dinse

    I love HER!

  57. 정푸름

    Can i see kimbra in colors show?

  58. Peter Moreno

    Where is Kimbra now? Is she still making hearts race?

    Nick Piacente

    She just finished up the South American leg of her tour for her album "Primal Heart". From what I've been following on social media she has been in Ethiopia checking out a women's organization there. Rumor has it she's about to go back into the studio to start on her next record!

  59. Barış Biçen

    Kadın şarkıyı yaşıyor resmen. Hayranım sana hayrannn ❤️ Türkiye’den selamlar 🇹🇷

  60. Dylan Henke

    She’s so damn cute

  61. Yeyetzi Kopitl

    2019 ♥

  62. Neko Grunge 666

    I am an atheist, but i feel to God

  63. pisces84

    Dayummmmm chills😜👍🏻🙆👏👌🏼🌻

  64. It's what You make it

    This is what you can create when you channel your Highest Self

  65. The Ambient Shrine

    ...when the music´s over, turn out the lights... and invite... Kimbra! :-)

  66. 黃勗瑞

    who's here in 2019 ???

  67. Usty

    A lot of skill, a lot of talent, was involved with this. I’d love to work with her.

  68. Sarah Hasan


  69. Y G

    3:10 Dang, Those harmonies are beautiful!

  70. Melody Valdivia

    2019 viewer. Can't get enough of this 😍

  71. catcrapinahat

    Mesmerizing beauty and style. Wow.

  72. Javi B

    Such an epic Preformance

  73. mafarmerga

    What amazing range. So much sound from one person. Just amazing.

  74. Brooks Cochrum

    Unnecessary to say how amazing this is

  75. Macey Lynn

    I am severely changed by this wow

  76. Charisma Pruitt

    The fire in this is crazy

  77. No ah

    what the fuck is her range???? I’m floored. wow.

    Riccardo Lucifora

    Something like 4 octaves. That's double the average human range lmao she's just incredible

  78. Татьяна Карташова

    Лепс в юбке)))))

  79. rob smith

    anything RECENT, not 1000 years old? lol

  80. Thanapat Marangkoon

    Relaxing ~ I'm fine to listening

  81. Ricardo Viana

    2018 e essa música ainda me emociona! Voz de anjo!

  82. Three lil PIGS

    She is so dang special. Just, man. That voice, the band, these GOOSEBUMPS

  83. aditya kiran

    I can't explain the range of emotions, this song makes me feel. You probably get goosebumps when, your mind can't decipher what the hell is going on. Only after a minute, have I realized that, the song was over. Took me a to a whole different zone from which I didn't wanna come back.

  84. takara starks


  85. Merkwurdiig

    Lmao when I heard this years ago I had noooo idea it was a Nina song. Oh jeez

  86. Sin Valenciano

    Still listening 😊 i really love kimbra ❤❤

  87. Soaribb

    She's always at her best live

  88. Markus Bruun

    Still wished these were the studio versions... Sorry Kimbra but hated the studio version.... This is music and its best here, sadly studio stuff was so overproduced and it lost all its soul...

  89. Brianna Eckenrod

    Pls put this on Apple Music😓

  90. Nathália Rossetti

    From 03:38 on... Just pure magic.

  91. Kay B

    I've always been the type to get teary eyed to songs but actually seeing your emotion, I'm crying a river right now.

  92. Nathan Spalink

    She is captivating!