Kim Wilde - Song For Beryl Lyrics

The years have taken hold,
A young girl now so old,
She tells me she'll be fine,
Alone at Christmas time.

She has a little tree,
With lights for company,
And when I go she'll be,
Alone at Christmas time.

Although the years they tried to break you,
You just kept holding on,
How can one so fragile be so strong?

I'm glad I knew you then,
And you called me your friend,
I'll raise a glass of wine,
In memory...

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Kim Wilde Song For Beryl Comments
  1. Wildey's Paranormal Place

    Beautiful song but also so sad but a beautiful memorial thoughts this young tree . Sorry for your loss😔❤

  2. fer rence

    When words fail. Music from out of this word. Touching melody, voice, text, composition.
    The wilde s music makes the world a better place. Thank u ❤️

  3. Slava R

    That was realy great,please,we need more accoustc staff like this song from you Best Regads!

  4. Samuel Benitez

    This one's beautiful, says much about my favorite singer!

  5. herbacianeogrody

    WONDERFUL ............!

  6. A Nobles

    Love,love love this song! 

  7. Yolanda

    i am craying every time i hear this song. so touching and wonderful and sad.... Kim has such beautiful soul... it has to be so wonderful to have Kim as a friend. I am glad i have her as an idol and she can have us as fans xxx

  8. Matthew Lee

    Very touching video and song. Beautiful and a fitting tribute. Thank you for sharing with us, Kim.

  9. Claudia Korfei

    Thank you. Another a very moving moment to let the lights on once again and to wear the "Winter Songbook outfit"

  10. DavidVarkonyi

    Such a beautiful song, such a touching video!
    They should really release all these videos and past ones on a dvd!!! We need more Kim!

  11. djessie

    My favorite song from the album. Thank you so much for all the videos and the amazing album - we have been playing it constantly over the past month and we will play it for years to come. 

  12. Paul T

    Are they releasing a video CD? seems to almost be a video for every song...

  13. Trism Eos

    I like to watch Kim in private situations. She seems to be closer..


    Trism Eos so was her album !

  14. IgorKartushin

    very touching <3

  15. Tony Frangou

    Beautiful song, Kim.