Kim Wilde - Kandy Krush Lyrics

There's a light, there's a light, there's a light in your eyes tonight,
Feeling high, feeling high so high I'm gonna fly tonight.

Wanna know what I'm feeling?
Something here needs revealing.
Come here baby got to show you or I swear
I'm gonna die tonight!

Take a chance make it nice and slow... oh oh oh...
Touch me I'll follow and I'll show you where to go.
Don't be scared of this taste so sweet,
Is this a Kandy Krush I'm feeling?

Push the button, push push push the button cos
Its right tonight.
Do you want to take a chance cos you know
I really might tonight.
Wanna know what I'm feeling?
Something here needs revealing.
Come here baby got to show you cos
I swear I'm gonna die tonight.

Taste so sweet, I want Kandy...
Taste so sweet, I want Kandy...

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Kim Wilde Kandy Krush Comments
  1. horche veiss

    Lose some weight Kim, and u'll be a candy again.

  2. Абдурахмон Абдуллаев


  3. Gen Dja

    Ким 🔥 !!!

  4. Nadia Romain


  5. Josh3B

    This is a great song- the vocals during the verses are just juicy.

  6. VeniVidiVici YGODL KOG 2019

    I've wanted to marry this woman since 1980. Nothing's changed.

  7. julius moo

    Отличная песня, убрать только из видео псевдорокерские наряды)

  8. Mário Teixeira

    I love the songs of Kim Wilde. Of the most beautiful women in the world today. I have been listening since the 80's and nowadays.

  9. Misso Michele

    oh oh oh...

  10. Ronald McFondle

    Is she mainly a British singing star?

  11. Серж Е

    Красотка по молодости и сейчас приятна Ким Отличная певица !!!!

  12. Wide World of Trains

    Beautiful as ever



  14. Jesse Garcia sr

    She still has the voice and looks😍😍

  15. yes

    guitar player from pawn stars?

  16. missFindlesticks

    We want more of this Rock sound, i 💖 this song

  17. rudy colas

    Du Rock c'est bon la Miss !!!!!

  18. Gaston Diaz


  19. 95winston

    I wish Kim could do another track with Nena

  20. Salty Dog

    dig this song!

  21. rudy colas

    Une chanson que j'aimerais écouter avec la future Madame Rudy Colas . Ma femme .

  22. rudy colas

    Que c'est bon de retrouver ma copine !!!!! Kim my friend !!!!!

  23. walkiria100


  24. Pritish Appadoo

    She sounds so seductive when singing "There's a light, there's a light in your eyes tonight" 🤩 Kandy Krush Kim!! And the music is a bit like Def Leppard and Avril Lavigne as well as her own hit "Kids in America".

  25. Виктор Абакумов

    ким вайлд ким бесиджер уже как сестры-похожи стали))

  26. Vin Goldblum

    Kim you beautiful

  27. Aivar Uueda

    Hea Tüdruk. 🌜👈👌

  28. Marc Green

    Such a cool 80's retro song

  29. kevin shaw

    Got my tickets for the Greatest Hits next year in London 2020

  30. anonymous_end_user

    Damn, she was and is pure sex...

  31. the lustkillers

    A bit of garbage. A bit No doubt. All Kim

  32. Franziska Bäcker-Lehmann

    Old and not nice

  33. isabelle Le berre

    tu a toujours la pêche, je t'admire depuis toutes ses années, bisous d'amitié

  34. Bruno Aubin

    Arg It changes a lot compared to 80s!! Here it's a more sophisticated music and more hard... I don't recognise her vocal.

  35. fer rence

    Best female singer ever. Please never stop releasing new albums. You are a pure joy to my life.

  36. isabelle Le berre

    toujours la mème voie sur la quelle j'ai craqué

  37. SilentShores

    Wow Kim and the band have an awesome hit!

    Love the pop with the rock edge!

  38. Rianti Dewi

    Yr voice still the same like some years ago . Not much change
    Have a good time

  39. Frédéric Euzière

    I love this song!!!




    she is 58

  42. Paula Johnston

    She's such a good singer for her age ❤️😁

  43. KimyShane Morgan

    Troooooooooop bon ça !!!!

  44. Дмитрий Донской

    Класс! Несравненная Ким! Как по мне, так зашло!!! Браво!

  45. Lola Chiconila

    I am ready for new KIM WILDE album :) Aliens were such fantastic album, you left as to #Crave for more and did i I & Madonna say that my Craving gets dangerous :) LOL XO

  46. Михаил Лютаревич

    Ким, жги!

  47. Mike Foo

    She's operated on the face?! She looks different to the song Birthday, especially at her eyes

    fer rence

    She is not

  48. Mark Brewer

    You killed it forget the gardening thing and just keep singing 😁

  49. Aivar Uueda

    Hea kuulata vaadata. 🍒🍚🍓🍉💫

  50. Perry Wheeler

    After all these years still sexy as hell..Rock on Kim

  51. FlyinZX10R

    I met her and Ricky in the 80s. They were both super cool.

  52. Mirela Bora

    Love for ever Kim..

  53. Reneeptz

    Awesome tune!

  54. huhu300

    Great song, I'm addicted. I am knowing her now and she looks very nice, sexy and interesting.

  55. George Mead

    Hot mama still got it.

  56. Alicja Muziol

    Oh Kim you still rock❤
    Your voice sounds the same 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    Greetings from Toronto eh

  57. George Mead

    She sounds great for granny.

  58. Storethis

    never heard of this artist but holy shit this songs sick, gonna be listening to the rest. SO GOOD

  59. Lou Ferrao

    And still beautiful!

  60. T.C.

    Very immature for a sixty-year-olds. Don't you have anything wise to say at your age?

  61. Jose Almazo

    Wow this is a really rock and roll.

  62. Robert Wiegman

    Great song...of all the 80s icons Kim is putting out the best stuff still...she's a legend :)

  63. lynn witmer

    Rock on

  64. Bandit Rider

    Very 80s , and in parts could be a Billy Idol , rock track ...

  65. Strong is the force in me.

    It's like she has aged but her voice is still young!

  66. Joachim Ruud

    Cool song! :)

  67. TheWatcherofsky

    My favourite British Rock Pop Singer. Her new album "Here Come The Aliens" is really Amazing, this track is the best Pop Rock in years, Production, Composition, arrangments, melody, rhytm, voice, harmony +++++/+++++, perfectly balanced. The band with Rick Wilde playing like in their best times. I am really surprised by her new album, the best of Kim since the albums "Another Step" and the epic "Close" as in her best times, mix of Pop, Rock and New Wave. If you are one of those who miss the style of the eighties this album is highly recommended. God Save The Queen Wilde

  68. Deirdre Stewart

    fantastic 👌🎶🎶🎶

  69. amber smith

    Love this song but even more Love Love Here Come the Aliens the best album of 2018 songs like Cyber Nation War /1969 are mind-blowing. Why did they pick 3rd single BIRTHDAY? why oh why!

  70. Djbidul / Playlist & Remix 80/90'S

    Génial !!! J'adore Kim la plus belle .

  71. And i oop

    Who's the fly?

  72. Cliff for #1

    Love the rock energy in this song.

  73. jean luc Metz

    world icon thank u so much queen of pop

  74. Quadography Australia

    Wow! That's gotta kick to it!
    Nice work Kim, Ricky and I'd assume Hal produced the excellent video, What a come back Kimmy! Ricky! Fantastic!

  75. John Manuel Naranjo

    Kim eres fenomenal...Kim si le das un poco al gimnasio.para bajar unos kilos .sería. OK.😘😘😘😘

  76. Cricket Lee

    Love the song! But Wow...She looks totally different.

  77. Strong is the force in me.

    Most comeback singers try to sing their songs to match today's genre but its good to see Kim Wilde singing as not a year has passed since the 80's.

  78. Strong is the force in me.

    Wow! Songs like this is what we needed. I hope this song gets recognized.

  79. Harald Ausfeld

    Kim Wilde is back!!!! Cool and fresh Sound !!!!! Yeahhh verry good

  80. MDL

    Tradução e legenda em:

  81. gelaa merizz

    Love you Kim!

  82. C99

    This is really great

  83. MaskedMan66

    This should be an anime theme song.

  84. MaskedMan66

    I LOVE YOU, KIM!!!!!!

  85. Dieter Droste

    This Song Marke my Happy..

  86. catflappo

    Still got it - pure pop, pure joy!

  87. Jay john

    Bring it on you kim

  88. Marc Jordan

    I love you! Thanx 4 UR comingback!!

  89. Izaiah Cates

    Kim still gets it

  90. fafi philou

    Kim tu n'es pas comme les fleurs, car elles avec le temps elles se fanent mais toi tu es de plus en plus belle !!!!

  91. Jim McAllister

    She seems a bit too long in the tooth for this type of music. She was cute and sexy as hell with "Kids in America" back in '81. I give her credit for giving it a shot though.

  92. TrickzG

    Sounds real nice

  93. maya strauss

    LOVE IT :)

  94. petiteallegro

    Kim never ages ♥️♥️♥️ young & fresh
    Love you
    Cheers!!! 🎶🎶

  95. Mátyás Noémi

    perfect, just sadly she keep her hand front of her face to much times

  96. ms3bani

    wow, didn't even know there was a new album. purchasing right now!!

  97. Max Le Moustique

    Класс!!! J'adore!!