Kim, Sam - When You Fall Lyrics


Geuttaen geuraesseossji
Neoui maltu neoui geu pyojeong
Ajikdo geureonji yeojeonhi areumdaunji

Geuttaeboda uri
Aneun geosdeuldo manhajyeossgo
Eoneu sunganbuteo eoreuncheoreom useo
Neo ihuro

Nan ajikdo geu jarie
Namaissgo gajil moshae
Na mariya manhi byeonhaessdago hae geulsse
Nae mameun ttokgateunde

When you fall away
When you fall away
Dream of me

Hangsang iyagiga manhassdeon du nuneuro
Jigeumeun eotteon haneureul bogo isseulkka

Saranghago issni
Neodo eodingaeseo
Ijen nunmul eopsi
Geunaldeurui uril chueokhani

Sumi chage saranghaessdeon geu bamgwa
Sonbadak wie jeogeossdeon gobaek
Baby Maybe I
Neowa na gateun sungan tteoollyeossdeon norae
Pretty wings evergreen
Uri Melody

When you fall away
When you fall I'll say
Hello from here

Haengyeorado naege deulliji anheul mankeumman
Deo sumjugyeo neoege dahji anheul mankeumman
Ireumeul sseuji anheun
Joyonghan anbureul jeonhae


그땐 그랬었지
너의 말투 너의 그 표정
아직도 그런지 여전히 아름다운지

그때보다 우리
아는 것들도 많아졌고
어느 순간부터 어른처럼 웃어
너 이후로

난 아직도 그 자리에
남아있고 가질 못해
나 말이야 많이 변했다고 해 글쎄
내 맘은 똑같은데

When you fall away
When you fall away
Dream of me

항상 이야기가 많았던 두 눈으로
지금은 어떤 하늘을 보고 있을까

사랑하고 있니
너도 어딘가에서
이젠 눈물 없이
그날들의 우릴 추억하니

숨이 차게 사랑했던 그 밤과
손바닥 위에 적었던 고백
Baby Maybe I
너와 나 같은 순간 떠올렸던 노래
Pretty wings evergreen
우리 Melody

When you fall away
When you fall I'll say
Hello from here

행여라도 내게 들리지 않을 만큼만
더 숨죽여 너에게 닿지 않을 만큼만
이름을 쓰지 않은
조용한 안부를 전해

[English translation:]

That's how it was back then
The way you talk, the way you look
It's still so beautiful

There's so much more that we know
Compared to back then
Suddenly, you're smiling like you're an adult

I'm still in that place
I can't go anywhere
They say I changed a lot
But I don't know, I feel the same

When you fall away
When you fall away
Dream of me

Your eyes always had so much to say
I wonder what type of sky you're looking at now

Are you in love?
Somewhere, without any tears
Are you reminiscing our days?

Nights we loved till we ran out of breath
Confession written on the palm of my hands
Baby Maybe I
The song we thought of at the same time
Pretty wings evergreen our melody

When you fall away
When you fall, I'll say
Hello from here

Just quietly enough so I can't hear
Just quietly enough so it won't reach you
I'll send over a quiet hello without a name on it

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Kim, Sam When You Fall Comments
  1. Ruth Stephanie

    Dropping a comment as a form of appreciation on how depRESSING THE SONG ACTUALLY IS ;____;

  2. Ngọc Châu Nguyễn

    its so beautiful i cant even ... :(

  3. non-mustard

    this song makes even satan cry

  4. CL is ur girl's lesbian crush

    Damn i want to be in love

  5. stream mono.

    this song feels like a warm hug

  6. V_J

    I felt i'm in love even thou i don't have a boyfie u know~ jeez! But this song oh god! *LOVE IS IN THE AIR* ♥♥♥

  7. Jongmin Jeong

    저만 여자 목소리 정효빈이랑 착각한건가요

  8. uysmiin u

    이름을 쓰지않은 조용한 안부를 전해

  9. ChokChok Calm Life

    I was such dumb a year ago, to not see how this music is so special.

  10. madammestrilita 22

    Big fan here from the PH! Please do a cover for Dan and Shay's Speechless 🎶❤

  11. 피피아노

    오빻 나 죽어여...😍

  12. riya gurung

    absolute loml

  13. perdykool

    Aww this is soo cute

  14. Pamela DeAv

    this made me fall in love with someone i don't have

  15. Kai

    The fucking tangerines

  16. Jessica Buehne

    I'm crying, this song is so beautiful

  17. WAR COOL

    chai's voice, its really so cool

  18. Mi Young


  19. RED MOON

    THIS DESERVES MORE!!! i always feel warm when i watch this ughhh perfect <3

  20. Elqurnia Rebecca

    I wish the Mv was a real drama or movie I could watch 😢





  23. fardhan hasan

    geuttaen geulaess-eossji
    neoui maltu neoui geu pyojeong
    ajigdo geuleonji yeojeonhi aleumdaunji

    geuttaeboda uli
    aneun geosdeuldo manh-ajyeossgo
    eoneu sunganbuteo eoleuncheoleom us-eo neo ihulo

    nan ajigdo geu jalie
    nam-aissgo gajil moshae
    na mal-iya manh-i byeonhaessdago hae geulsse
    nae mam-eun ttoggat-eunde

    When you fall away
    When you fall away
    Dream of me

    hangsang iyagiga manh-assdeon du nun-eulo
    jigeum-eun eotteon haneul-eul bogo iss-eulkka

    salanghago issni?
    neodo eodinga-eseo
    ijen nunmul eobs-i
    geunaldeul-ui ulil chueoghani

    sum-i chage salanghaessdeon geu bamgwa
    sonbadag wie jeog-eossdeon gobaeg
    (Baby Maybe I)
    neowa na gat-eun sungan tteoollyeossdeon nolae
    Pretty wings (evergreen) uli Melody

    When you fall away
    When you fall, I’ll say
    Hello from here

    haeng-yeolado naege deulliji anh-eul mankeumman
    deo sumjug-yeo neoege dahji anh-eul mankeumman
    ileum-eul sseuji anh-eun joyonghan anbuleul jeonhae

  24. 이신영

    비오니 샘김 목소리 아주 좋아!

  25. gloomy gloomy

    스물 하나의 감성에서 나올수 있는 곡이 아니다..샘김은 천재 인듯.. 넘 좋아 ㅠㅠ

  26. Rhoda never ever will not stand for unrighteous

    He so smooth .

  27. dnltsrgr

    The amount of dislike tho, like, why??

  28. queen봄날

    im'm sosososo addicted to this song rn TT TT

  29. that man wafiq

    came here because of ateez jongho

  30. Selena Brown

    Omg.. So beautiful his voice!

  31. murdered by malice

    picture sipping hot chocolate looking out into the midwinter where the fields and trees are covered in white

  32. thumbs up from ksoo

    Ending a relationship with someone you are still in love with and possibly never being able to see them again, you start to think about the exact things these lyrics portray. As much as you want to be with one person, you can't, and you just wonder if they feel the same way, if they are are in love, if they have moved forward. Through my break up, this song brings me comfort because it reminds me of the memories, but just that -- that they should stay that way as memories, and that I should send him away with faith and hope in my heart that he'll find someone better and that I will too.


    you've described it perfectly... wishing them the best even while you wish they were still with you. i hope you both find the love and happiness you deserve ♡♡


    Exactly my feelings.

    Daniel Martínez

    Goddamn, I just found a exact description of how do I feel in a random comment in YouTube...

  33. Noten Lee

    A big fan from Taiwan 🇹🇼
    This is one of my favorite songs from Sam, always stay by my side when I fall alone...🌹

  34. Rossy Sri Julyana

    can anyone tell me who's the actor in this mv? i feel like he looks familiar

  35. Lyrioz Sity

    geuttaen geuraesseossji
    neoui maltu neoui geu pyojeong
    ajikdo geureonji yeojeonhi areumdaunji

    geuttaeboda uri
    aneun geosdeuldo manhajyeossgo
    eoneu sunganbuteo eoreuncheoreom useo
    neo ihuro

    nan ajikdo geu jarie
    namaissgo gajil moshae
    na mariya manhi byeonhaessdago hae geulsse
    nae mameun ttokgateunde

    When you fall away
    When you fall away
    Dream of me

    hangsang iyagiga manhassdeon du nuneuro
    jigeumeun eotteon haneureul bogo isseulkka

    saranghago issni
    neodo eodingaeseo
    ijen nunmul eopsi
    geunaldeurui uril chueokhani

    sumi chage saranghaessdeon geu bamgwa
    sonbadak wie jeogeossdeon gobaek
    Baby Maybe I
    neowa na gateun sungan tteoollyeossdeon norae
    Pretty wings evergreen
    uri Melody

    When you fall away
    When you fall I’ll say
    Hello from here

    haengyeorado naege deulliji anheul mankeumman
    deo sumjugyeo neoege dahji anheul mankeumman
    ireumeul sseuji anheun
    joyonghan anbureul jeonhae

  36. Taekook_enthusiast_24

    I LIVE FOR THIS SONG!!!!!!!! 🥺💛

  37. N Adnin

    IT slowwww, n smooth. Just what i need while preparing to go to work

  38. j l

    Please cover Shawn song senorita

  39. Fatima Son

    I hope someone will do an english cover of this. so i can sing it too hehe💕

  40. TheUchiha

    I don't know if this is make feel good song or go depression song.

  41. 바나나찹쌀

    His voice is like lotion

  42. Uyen Tran

    Sam's voice always warm me up

  43. Golden ModeM

    I don't like it when the korean couples break up in the music video, I love seeing them together and happy like they were in this video, real cool.

  44. Linh Nguyen

    I love this song.
    This song made me think about winter with feeling for a person.

  45. chrissy p.

    this deserves the world

  46. Otra pendeja en YouTube

    This song is so cute , this is actually my second time listening to it but I forgot what the name was and who sang it . I’m so glad I found it again. Both chai and sams voice fit together so friggin well . I rlly wanna know who the guy in the mv is tho . He’s so cute lols

  47. Gucci Hope

    Sam Kim and chai together. Such a blessing

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    can't listen to this song while driving cause i will be sleeping

  49. Farida Kasoma

    Any one came here after angel last mission love ost

  50. Fans Girl

    Can I know the actor name?

  51. Majoy

    I came here because of IU but I stay because of Chai, such a blessing to my ears. 😍

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    Who is the guy in MV?

  53. zahwa chairunisa

    Im not even lying, i listen to this once a day at least.

  54. Ethan Cruz

    I saved this into my playlist not realizing I saved it

  55. Tiara Priyanto

    come here after listening to chai in angel last mission, love ost. its beautiful

  56. Rika Kinoshita

    im eating tangerines rn and im B I G S A D

  57. Varsha Rajan

    Chai I love you.

  58. honey suckle

    this is the peak of aesthetic ..... the video, your voices....... i have goosebumps wow

    Charmyeol Park

    Exactly my thoughts

  59. E C

    1:48 chai ♥️

  60. Natalie

    Such a recognizable voice~

  61. perdykool

    Yup I fell in love which this. Sam Kim has such smooth vocals its the perfect combo any time of day.

  62. 김예림



    Gracias Karla, por traerme aquí.

  64. limelightmiki allenmendes

    sometimes i wonder who hurt the people who wrote the lyrics of sad songs

  65. Wuk Jin Jeon

    이 노래를 아직도 들어

  66. bunny

    1:23 this scene is so beautiful. my lonely-self can't relate :')

  67. Leo simee

    So beautiful😭😭😍

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    WAIT!!! Why have I not heard this? Oh my heart!!!

  69. 이유림


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    The guy in this video. what he name?
    He so cute.

  71. broadway zjm

    who's the guy in the music video?.... he cute

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  74. Rebone Sesoko


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    Chai is from KPop Star right?

  77. Bri

    This is one of the prettiest song and MV I've ever come across...

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    who are the actors? god, everything about this song is so perfect and the mv T__T

    Carla Campos

    Clair Eco @leetg_ @treasure__o

  79. sarah chicken

    this song and mv is beautiful! it seems so underrated but i love it so much :)

  80. Fifi O'Neil

    Chai really needs to get more gigs, I am totally in love with her voice and her style...and in this combination with Sam Kim, omg...this song is amazing...

  81. Erika Her

    Sam Kim gives me such nostalgic and warm, summery vibes. I can’t explain it, but every time he comes on on my Spotify I feel like I’m being whisked away to summer and I’m just chillin with the sun setting and life is good.

  82. Xah Nah Park

    Im really curious about the actors!😁

  83. Resty mulyanisari


  84. Sarah Ngo

    can i just say this music video though like wow
    why is no one talking about the mv it got me in my feels man and sam kim fr out here killing it man uwu

  85. Sravya Kuchipudi

    i already agreed the song was amazing when i first listened to it but i want to say the artistry of the mv is beautiful as well

  86. • M z M z •

    i really really really love your voice 💛☁️💛

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    This song is so beautiful and heart warming. Replay. 💕💕💕💕💕

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    wow chai and sam kim are amazing :)

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    every time I listen to Sam Kim I feel cleansed

  90. Jahaziel Eunice Magpantay


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