Kim, Sam - Sun And Moon Lyrics


Eodun bam banjjagineun haneure
Sueopsi manheun iyagideul
Balgeoreumeul meomchugo gwireul giuryeo
Naegeman joyonghi soksagineun moksoril
Nan deo deutgo sipeo

Sesangeun goyohaejigo
Neowa naman namaisseo
Han beondo haji moshaessdeon
Geu mal ije neowa nanugo sipeo

So walk with me till the end
Walk with me till the end
Baby we'll be okay
Baby we'll be okay

Jeo byeoldeulgwa dal ttaraseo
Achimi ol ttaejjeumen
Useul su issge
Gateun haneul arae
Just let it all go

Haega tteuneun jjogeul barabomyeo
Yaksokhae jiji anhgessdago
Najgwa bami seorol majihadeus
Neowa na

So walk with me till the end
Walk with me till the end
Baby we'll be okay
Baby we'll be okay

Jeo balkeun haesbit ttaraseo
Eodun bam doel ttaekkaji
Useul su issge
Gateun haneul arae
Sun and moon we are one

Haega tteuneun jjogeul barabomyeo
Yaksokhae jiji anhgessdago
Walk with me till the end

Dari tteuneun jjogeul barabomyeo
Yaksokhae ijji anhgessdago

Boiji anhado gateun haneul
Haewa dalcheoreom hamkke isseo

Deulliji anhado maeumeuro
Gateun noraereul hamkke bulleo

Haega tteuneun jjogeul barabomyeo
Yaksokhae jiji anhgessdago

Dari tteuneun jjogeul barabomyeo
Yaksokhae ijji anhgessdago


어둔 밤 반짝이는 하늘에
수없이 많은 이야기들
발걸음을 멈추고 귀를 기울여
내게만 조용히 속삭이는 목소릴
난 더 듣고 싶어

세상은 고요해지고
너와 나만 남아있어
한 번도 하지 못했던
그 말 이제 너와 나누고 싶어

So walk with me till the end
Walk with me till the end
Baby we'll be okay
Baby we'll be okay

저 별들과 달 따라서
아침이 올 때쯤엔
웃을 수 있게
같은 하늘 아래
Just let it all go

해가 뜨는 쪽을 바라보며
약속해 지지 않겠다고
낮과 밤이 서롤 맞이하듯
너와 나

So walk with me till the end
Walk with me till the end
Baby we'll be okay
Baby we'll be okay

저 밝은 햇빛 따라서
어둔 밤 될 때까지
웃을 수 있게
같은 하늘 아래
Sun and moon we are one

해가 뜨는 쪽을 바라보며
약속해 지지 않겠다고
Walk with me till the end

달이 뜨는 쪽을 바라보며
약속해 잊지 않겠다고

보이지 않아도 같은 하늘
해와 달처럼 함께 있어

들리지 않아도 마음으로
같은 노래를 함께 불러

해가 뜨는 쪽을 바라보며
약속해 지지 않겠다고

달이 뜨는 쪽을 바라보며
약속해 잊지 않겠다고

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Kim, Sam Sun And Moon Comments
  1. Dailan Rezende

    i´m fall in love

  2. joonie's 2dimples

    This song had me in tears 💔,It feels so soulful,moving,and beautiful.

  3. s w

    sam kim's vocals are out of this world

  4. Emily G

    Wow. Just wow.

  5. MMGumm

    I play this every day and always will

  6. brinaaa

    Definitely a masterpiece :)

  7. sani indriana

    Luv u sam

  8. Devyn Taylor-Allen

    My favorite song, 😴

  9. Jana

    There are just goosebumps all over my body.. thank you, Sam Kim for this masterpiece. 😊

  10. Jana

    Is there an award for most beautiful music video? 💕

  11. Mical Nieto

    Me encanta ! 👏👏

  12. Abdul Waheed

    I don't know why but i am falling in love with his song's🤩❤️

  13. júlia

    ok second day and i still love it very much

  14. júlia

    ok that's my favorite idc

  15. júlia

    ok im gonna watch this again

  16. júlia

    why i took so long to look for his other songs?????? ohmygodihatemyself

  17. I love kpop

    Anyone else doing a sam kimathon

  18. comkid

    Luna f(x) was listening to this!

  19. Solt In A Kimbap

    Damn this song is so underrated it's sad. He deserves more recognition.. :/

  20. Hyemin Kim

    aye lovin the music❤ keep up the beautiful work sam :)) fighting!

  21. 혜민

    노래도 좋고 뮤비도 너무 좋네요ㅠ샘김 힘내시옹!🥰

  22. Valeria M.

    Amo amo esta canción. 💜

  23. Lia Amalia Mahmudah

    SAM KIM I LOVE U ❤️❤️✨✨🌙

  24. Lia Amalia Mahmudah


  25. jihan Septi

    Sam Kim really amazing musician. Really love your voice. My style your music go go Billboard 😍😍😍

  26. HRISSA - هريسة

    عريضة مثل عريضة الباجي و سكان العمارة كي يتم استنساخ صام و فطر كيم و تكوين فرقة منه و من نسخه

  27. Miriam Ratih

    This song give me some spirit i don't know why 🥺

  28. strawberry pizzapie

    Sam Kim ? I click

  29. Ashley Torrez

    Sam Kim is the perfect artist to listen to at any mood. I love him so much! He is so talented

  30. Halimah

    It's 2019 and i'm still listening to this song everyday

  31. the gurl.

    beautiful sam, beautiful

  32. Pathetic Cat

    If only he has the full english version of this song, sure i'll sing it on my wedding

  33. Joon’s StRoNg PoWeR

    Sleep on your bed on a sofa not on fucking Kim Sam 🥺

  34. 경이

    노래도 환상인데 뮤비는 더 환상이네. 이 노래는 들으면 그냥 훨~ 날아가고 싶은 느낌. 개좋다!

  35. Tea Leaf

    It's been a year.. :")

  36. Ngọc Châu Nguyễn

    a soulful artist

  37. ning tyas

    Love from indonesia. Your voice always make my mood getting better everyday especially when i study.

  38. muhammad movin

    Bagus lagunya hyung wkkwk

  39. RoseKitty

    This is my favorite song by him. I luv it so much! He has such a powerful voice I luv it.

  40. jess opez


  41. Rifka Annisa

    sam ❤

  42. 김소은

    Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳😘
    Such a Angelic deep Voice 💕😘💜

  43. Mical Nieto


  44. ersa

    this song is soooooo addictive

  45. Ilana azevedo

    I love Sam Kim!! Your songs are wonderful. He has a lot of talent. Congratulations boy. You were born to shine.

  46. 하늘

    정말 가사 미쳤다

  47. Elsa Campos

    My wedding is next year and I’m using this as my entrance song 💕💕

  48. 엄다인

    아이슬란드에 가서 오로라를 보며 듣고 싶은 곡.

  49. minnie pooh

    Oh my God

  50. sky flowers


  51. dundun mai

    this is going to be my wedding song to my Chinese boyfriend.... if possible I will try arrange for the original singer to perform at my wedding.... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  52. dundun mai

    why sam kim lol love his music it speaks my language oh why sarang heyo

  53. dundun mai

    omg I really love him omg his just my type lol

  54. KLaVonneC

    HO. LY. CRAP. So beautiful!!!!



  56. BTS bebês


  57. dani kasan

    Can sam please come to Europe.... Holland in particular lol

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    Uauuuu, este jovem é romântico, amei as músicas dele

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    Okay, this is just beautiful 😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭😭😭❤️

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    OMG! I Love him! His voice really captivates me... I just came across his music and I love him!

  61. mimi mada

    I just find Sam Kim from Tiffany Afifa YouTube channel. And im STAN. He is so talented.

  62. Aprilia. ShawoL

    Aku suka suaranya❤

  63. Mette Lothe

    this is still my nr.1 jam

  64. Shweppes S

    This song hits hard....

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    Can i marry you Sam Kim?

    Thank you for this masterpiece legend

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    Gente, esse neném merece o mundo💖

  67. Alana Salatiel

    He is so perfect💖 OMG

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    I don't rlly understand why Sam Kim is so underrated.

  69. Shabrinahizh


  70. pluie

    he's perfect

  71. FRÉE Music

    You’re music has inspired me so much, how you carry so much emotion in every word you sing and dare to share it with the world. Your music is truly beautifull. Also can i point out the amazing timing of the guitar just after the bridge it gives me so much chills💛 you are extrordinary🌖🌖✨

  72. 아비가일

    노래 분위기 영상 삼박자를 다 갖추었네^^

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    Just beautiful. I'm in tears.

    Korean is not often the nicest language to listen to, but Sam makes it beautiful.

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    this song is not getting even 1M views I am starting to wonder in what kind of world am I living right now

  77. angel_ chan97

    It's so sad that its has only few views. This song deserves a million views. This is a masterpiece song.


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    I feel like I can sleep well

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    the mv is just so damn beautiful i cant believe this much is possible

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    I love you so much ☹ your music is so raw and thank you so much for letting the world hear it. You deserve all the love. I can't wait to hear more of your music. 💙

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    Sam’s voice is just so good 🥺😭🤗

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    내가 오늘에서야 보게되었네 샘김 노래

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    I don't regret that yt sent me a notification from his channel even if i wasn't subscribed. His voice gives me goosebumps

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    This song made my cry and i didnt even read the lyrics

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    Never getting bored with this song. Gonna kill you with this love 💘💘💘💘💘

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    I dedicate this song to Bang Chan

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    His voice, the harmonizing, the melody, and the music video... Ohhh take me to the sun and moon.. I feel like i'm in heaven😌

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    I just can't explain how much I love this song, the whole album and Sam ♥️

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    I LOVE YOUR MUSIC, especially this one ☝️

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    초반 기타 선율이 2010년대 존 메이어 앨범이 생각났네요~ 너무 좋습니다~:)

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