Kim, Sam - Seattle Lyrics


Can I run and hide
I'm stuck inside my memories
Step away from time
Take me to a place
Where I will never grow old

I'm tired everyday I'm thirsty for the rain
That waters all of my melodies
The needle in the sky
Never fails to light my night
And it sews my heart on my tattered sleeve

Oh please my heart is all for you
Just please take care of me I'm all for you

Take take take me all for you
Take take take me home to you

Hangukmari deo ppalli neureosseum johgesseo
Naui maeumeul deo jal jeonhal su issge oh
Biga manhdeon geu got modudeul geonganghanji
Gakkeum nae saenggageun haneunji

Ajik naccseon yeogi nareul johahaejuneun
Saeroun chingu naege saenggyeosseo

Oh please ijen nal badajwo
Just please deureogage heorakhaejwo
Neul yeogi issdeon geoscheoreom
Let let let me in your heart

Deullyeojul mari neomu manheunde

Oh please nae soneul jabajwo
Just please eojecheoreom nal anajwo
Neul hamkke issdeon geoscheoreom
Take take take me home


Can I run and hide
I'm stuck inside my memories
Step away from time
Take me to a place
Where I will never grow old

I'm tired everyday I'm thirsty for the rain
That waters all of my melodies
The needle in the sky
Never fails to light my night
And it sews my heart on my tattered sleeve

Oh please my heart is all for you
Just please take care of me I'm all for you

Take take take me all for you
Take take take me home to you

한국말이 더 빨리 늘었음 좋겠어
나의 마음을 더 잘 전할 수 있게 oh
비가 많던 그 곳 모두들 건강한지
가끔 내 생각은 하는지

아직 낯선 여기 나를 좋아해주는
새로운 친구 내게 생겼어

Oh please 이젠 날 받아줘
Just please 들어가게 허락해줘
늘 여기 있던 것처럼
Let let let me in your heart

들려줄 말이 너무 많은데

Oh please 내 손을 잡아줘
Just please 어제처럼 날 안아줘
늘 함께 있던 것처럼
Take take take me home

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Kim, Sam Seattle Comments
  1. haneul tm

    can you guys give me his Instagram? I fell for his voice, and I have to know this human being. He’s mesmerizing in a way I can’t explain.

  2. shywol

    Why does it sound like he was crying when he was recording this?

  3. Noor Hapizah Abdul Wahid

    8.00 PM,

  4. one only

    step away

  5. Doris Peter

    One of the most beautiful song I've heard in a long time. theirs no  words for this song only to say I love the meaning words in this song

  6. death isneeded

    When he says the last line at 4:25 I can feel so much sadness in “home”

  7. Sophia B

    Sometimes I feel like everyone has left me and late at night, I come to this song for comfort. It gives me a sort of grounding. It gives me something to come to even when no one else wants me, music does something for me. It gives me a home to return to. This is kind of my interpretation of this song.

  8. James S

    Finally find this song, 감사함니다

  9. Екатерина Шишкова

    this song makes you cry of the sadness and beauty, but it`s worth to have listened to :`)

  10. 영원미니

    3:38 Wow just like fairytale😭

  11. h'h'h'h

    Just realised what the lyrics are... growing up with an Asian background in a western dominated country, although my thoughts are not that intense as his, I can understand the complexity of these feelings

  12. jongwoo lee

    I was never bothered by that endless raining in Seattle but happy
    Now I'm bothered by this clear sky without you.

  13. Melody Rabago

    Found this song through spotify and I've loved it so much ❤

  14. Paora Te Moananui

    2020 is gonna be our year❤️

  15. H S

    A new Sam Kim - Scent Cover

  16. Annie Redhead Anne

    This song really hits me hard especially since I moved from Seattle at 10 and it’s been 4 years since I’ve moved but it still hurts so much. It was and will always be my home and it just hurts so much to be away from it. I’ve been homesick for so long and I just want to got back and see my friends and my family...and home...

  17. Mickey Dill

    I found this song in 2016 and never thought of it as "kpop." It is simply a beautiful song.

  18. Violette bdn

    La magie de la musique c est que meme si vous ne comprenez pas forcement la langue dans laquel elle et chanter tout d un coup une voie viens a votre oreille vous fermer les yeux et cette voie merveilleuse et magique vous transporte loin de votre horizon et vous mr eric nam vous avez ce don du ciel dans votre voie de nous transporte merci de nous la partage 😘💜💜💜🥀🥀🥀🥀💕💕

  19. G Kim

    Thank u Sam for comforting my weary heart with your wonderful music.

  20. S A

    Love listening to this song at night walking with my headphones on while it’s snowing.

  21. Cathy Zhang

    This song is so sad

  22. Davetron

    This will remain beautiful forever

  23. Perusia Granger

    I've been listening to this song for YEARS and not once have I looked up the Korean part and I oh so regret not doing that.... I NEED TO GIVE SAM KIM A BIG HUG RIGHT NOW. AND HE MADE ME CRY DAMMIT!!!!

  24. Davetron

    I can feel his passion for music. Keep it up!

  25. Davetron

    I love Sam Kim's work. How did I only find this now though? hahaha

  26. *악마는 버버리를 입는다

    건반소리 진쫘 좋아 ㅜㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠ

  27. : D

    Love it

  28. Nmanra

    GOd I love this so much

  29. yellowfellow芭

    So fucking sad.

  30. Virtuoso Channel

    Can I run and hide
    I’m stuck inside my memories
    Step away from time
    Take me to a place
    Where I will never grow old

    I’m tired everyday
    I’m thirsty for the rain
    That waters all of my melodies
    The needle in the skies
    Never fails to light my night
    And it sews my heart
    On my tattered sleeve

    Oh please my heart is all for you
    Just please take care of me
    I’m all for you

    Take take take me all for you
    Take take take me home to you

    한국말이 더, 빨리 늘었음 좋겠어
    (Han.gukmari deo ppalli neureosseum jotgesseo)
    나의 마음을, 더 잘 전할 수 있게 오
    (Naui ma.eumeul deo jal jeonhal su itke Oh)
    비가 만던 그곳, 모두둘 건강한지
    (Biga manhdeon keu got modudeul geon.ganghanji)
    가끔 내 생각은 하는지
    (Gakkeum nae saenggakeun haneunji)

    아직 낯선 여기, 나를 좋아해주는
    (Ajik natseon yeogi nareul johahaejuneun)
    새로운 친구, 내게 생겼어
    (Saeroun naege saenggyeosseo)

    Oh please 이젠 날 받아줘
    (Oh please ijen nal badajwo)
    Just please 들어가게 허락해줘
    (Just please deureogage heorakhaejwo)
    늘 여기 있던 것처럼
    (Neul yeogi itdeon geot cheoreom)
    Let let let me in your heart

    들여줄 말이 너무 많은데
    (Deullyeojul mari neomu manheunde)

    Oh please 내 손을 잡아줘
    (Oh please nae soneul jabajwo)
    Just please 어제처럼 날 안아줘
    (Just please eoje cheoreom nal anajwo)
    늘 함께 있던 것처럼
    (Neul hamkke itdeon geot cheoreom)
    Take take take me home

  31. Marshmi Tooheon

    I don't know how it feels, the feeling he that felt but I can feel his pain. It just hurts me

  32. Cheopsuey 8o8

    This song was the song that made me cry and stan sam so hard i really love his songs and hes my all time l favorite artist my favorite part was "let, let, let me in your heart~" the way that it makes me melt is just 💛💛💛💛💛💛

  33. Candice Espinoza

    He gives me such John Legend vibes ❤️

  34. Choi Myuna

    I came from woosung’s the rose lg live 😔💙💙 this song is so beautiful

  35. Blessing Egbeama

    Wow just discovered him.. So beautiful..

  36. Michelle Walcott

    This song is so beautiful and heart wrenching. Love it.

  37. Yusaku Maki

    I miss seattle too kim❤

  38. Inggid Plmrm

    2019?? ❤

  39. Elizabeth Ko

    damn the croak in his voice when he says home in the last line really got me

  40. Lara Marina

    I've always said that Sam is one of those singers who makes you feel in love even if you're not. The first time i heard this song i was away from home and cried for hours. Today, in my home, in the arms of those i love and receiving that rain that he says in the song, i still feel sad and lonely because his voice makes me feel that way. No words to describe how much i love his talent.

  41. Liong Linda

    2Days1Night brought me here...really nice songs and wonderful voices

  42. Chantelle Streete

    so beautiful.

  43. 한다슬

    내가 정말 좋아하는 노래

  44. Manmeet Kaur

    this song makes me very emotional

  45. Vincent Nguyen

    let, let, let, me in...your HEAAAAaaaarrt

  46. Kim Jong Art

    I can relate to this song sooo much.. I can't Express how I feel, but this song describes me perfectly

  47. Carie Xhan

    I used to only listen to this song on road trips bc I liked the kind of vibe and I always loved it. But about 2 years ago I started taking korean more seriously and started studying and I listened to it again recently and I legit almost cried. The Korean parts of this song are so important and really hit home as I've moved around a lot my whole life so I never really felt fully accepted anywhere. I'm about to move again and it's the longest I've been somewhere over 3 years so it really really hits hard

  48. saima kazia

    I've been listening to this song since I first heard it when jay Kim sang it on under nineteen. I listen to it everyday and I don't understand why it barely has any views(on the offical page if also has low views)!!!! :(

  49. abarbies

    Omg I couldn't hold my tears, then cried hard when I listened Korean part. ,, the lyrics , his voice.. the way he sang,, his sobbing..
    I can't stop crying. Y_Y

  50. Ages Ages

    I love your song

  51. D Moxie

    back then, i used to listen to this song as a way to long for the place i wanted to move to after visiting it just once. but after moving from a place i used to hate to a new place that i thought the situation would be better, i feel so sad and homesick. this last year, i just made a lot of friends that have made my old home so precious to me. ironically enough, i wanted to move to seattle because i thought i could find a better life there. however, some plans didn't go as planned and i'm close to seattle (not quite), but i'm in a situation where i am terribly homesick of a place i used to get bored of. this song has comforted me in a different way in the past and is comforting me in a different way now.

  52. sōsu —

    "Please, accept me now. Just, please, allow me to enter, as if ive always been here. Let me in your heart"

    so damn emo, beautiful :c

  53. sōsu —

    We love you so damn much, Sam🇧🇷💚

  54. sōsu —

    O jeito que eu amo as músicas do Sam é diferente

  55. Julie Xiong

    Wow... this song hurts me in a good way lol

  56. Stevieanne McConkey

    why am i just finding this now,its so beatiful his voice has me in tears i wish i found about about him earlier

  57. It is Ludwi

    how can he look like a guy in his 30s in this picture?

  58. Vita Meilani

    Never tired listening this❤

  59. min ha ha

    Its kind of funny but got to know this song from the kvariety show where this song was played on background.(2days1night).

  60. Jisoo's Jams

    if this was an OST in a K drama, bitch you best believe I would cry every damn second

  61. S W Broca

    ... I luv❤️this noir rhythmic vibe... seriously b e a u t I f u l l y moving ... AWESOMENESS 🎩sOFF2SK💋💜✌🏽🌸

  62. Kayla Lachalmelle

    4:25 at the end you can hear the hurt in his voice :'( some ones chopping onions

  63. fani butarbutar

    It's 00.01am here. Randomly got here. And i am crying a river 😭😭😭😭😭

  64. Ayhan Sezer

    Underrated song as hell.

  65. cuong quoc

    Seattle is always "something" to me. it's the first place I live when I went to the US to study. it's been five years now and I definitely miss carrying around the umbrella for unexpected rains, miss seeing Starbucks in every corners of the downtown, there's just something in the air that make me feel "Seattle" . Will come back to visit Seattle for sure in the near future.

  66. roi grose

    2:14 💕hmmm

  67. Lauulu Mulipola

    This guy deserves a lot of fans HEARTS 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  68. Pamela Claes

    One of my favorites!😊


    me hearing this song:
    한국말이 더 빨리 늘었음 좋겠어

  70. Gilbey Clark Mayo

    pachupa papi

  71. Bang Chan Deserves the World

    1:22 the lyrics are so brilliant

  72. Fadumo Mustafe

    Woow this is so heart touching 😭😭😭😭

  73. Avantika Arvind

    I'm crying

  74. Lalalalala!

    Wow! His voice is just wow! You can feel the emotion with every word and every note

  75. Roberta Williams-Beverly

    Sam Kim never disappoints me..I love everything he does...his voice and instrumentals are ALWAYS so beautiful💕💕💕💕

  76. Rayne

    This song is so incredibly beautiful. It's so clever. Absolutely pierces my heart. Hes so talented and just ah idek. This song makes me cry.

  77. Shedd Speaks

    This is so beautiful. Wow.

  78. Ruth Knight

    Why did I only run into this beautiful song now? 파이팅

  79. 최지나

    I love this song so much! I’m also from Seattle Washington! Much love! ❤️❤️

  80. 아이셰Ayse Nur

    WTF this song is so heartbreaking. Like my heart is aching as I am listening to it ._.
    But I find it amazing how he could convey his feeling so easily
    I love songs that make me feel some type of way

  81. sōsu —

    Onde eu vim parar que puta que pariu, será q morri? Pq isso aq só pd ser o paraíso

  82. MJ K

    I am just discovering Sam Kim! OMG! What a talented person! This song may be the most beautiful song I have ever heard!

  83. itskartikasa

    I made it😂 cover duet with jay chang

  84. Dana Kiener

    the way he sang „take me home“ in the end literally broke my heart😭 why is my boy so underrated he is so talented there are no words to describe it

  85. notlenn

    not to be too poetic but i was studying and just as this song came on it started raining and the sky was kinda yellow? i was sitting by the window and the lyrics really got to me. because i'm studying for university entry exams that will have me move to another city if i pass. And sometimes the thought of that makes me so sad. Even though I'm 19 and all my friends are already in uni, I'm not ready to grow up. And for the past 3 years I've been struggling with feelings of sadness.

    I don't know how to explain. I really love music, but lately I don't "feel" it, I don't get absorbed or feel emotional like I used to. And I hate that, bc music meant a lot to me. But today I felt it, idk if it's sam kim's voice or the melody or the vibe, but I felt better, and it was like the old times when I wasn't constantly sad. It was comforting. So, thank you for that :) made me feel like I'm truly recovering

    i don't know why i wrote a whole essay on youtube but ,,, i had a lot on my mind i guess.

  86. Maxine Novilla

    i love this song so much that i covered it u could go check it out if u have the time i hope i did the song justice :)))

  87. S W Broca

    WOW... whn my dad moved our fam from NJ to NC... I really suffered emotionally n mentally...all us kids did...don’t think u can just uproot memories cause u r the parents n what u say goes! U need to consider HOW IT WILL EFFECT/AFFECT THE E N T I R E FAM... til this day I hv a very seriously hard time w being a stable n settled person in one place... I hv feelings of guilt that I abandoned or turned my back on my beloved NJ and my frnds I left bhind, a place where I grew up...ppl I grew to love... til this day I hv not settled back down to NJ... I cld at any time cause I’m an adult, singer , ❤️ the outdoors n happiness, but I’m scared I’ll turn my back again... on the one place I luv n call H O M E...I luv this melodia “Seattle “ 🎩s off 2yaSamK madRespct💜n✌🏽w allMy♥️😘

  88. S W Broca

    I would 💕💕💕to hear him colab w “V” frm BTS... their voices... I would probably faint...the emotions wld b too hard to handle... I’m just getting through “make up” 🔥🔥🔥♥️💕✌🏽

  89. yheet eskeet

    I only started taking singing seriously in nov or dec 2018 at that time this song was hard for me to sing especially in the low key and now its not. I don’t why I just feel nostalgic listening and singing to it again.

  90. Melodie Icenbice

    I feel the same only I wonder if the people in Korea remember me. I am from the US but never felt like I fit in. When I went to Korea, it felt like home. I want to learn Korean quickly so I may be able to convey my feelings.

  91. Thandeka Nkambule

    2019 and I'm back here again 😀


    Me wonder where I belong for I to notice what I want .... looking for the place what I call home

  93. Roos Brox

    I'm so glad I found you and this song. I don't cry fast, but this one got me in tears. It truly is a beautiful song. ❤️

  94. yoongis infiers

    Literly sitting in my room sobbing to these lyrics.

  95. Mara Clotan

    Anyone in 2019?

  96. Abby Moungchanh

    anyone from seattle? haha

  97. Nrnnn ._.

    I don’t know why i ended up here, but it is worth it. Also I think I heard this song somewhere but i don’t know, it is soo familiar..

  98. fer

    when he sings "take, take, take me home" at the end, sounds like he's crying
    it breaks my heart everytime :(