Kim Mitchell - Two Steps Home Lyrics

This navigator has grown impaired
A little reckless a little bit scared
I'm at the mercy of the wind
It takes me to that storm again
It's taking me to that storm again

I'm weightless above the trembling ground
For all I've known, I've come unbound
Fear was such an unfamiliar phase
Now I'm all caught up in its embrace
Oh how I wish I was two steps home

Cause I lost my vision and indecision appears to be my guide
The walking graceless
And talking seems faceless tonight

I'm on this spiral ride
I hope an angels hand decides
To hold me till I can atone

If this mortal coil unwinds
Will she mend me in time
Oh how I wish was just two steps home

This passenger can't pay his fare
My nerves are stripped and I'm all laid bare
Aching like I'm the broken one
These pieces fall away undone
Oh how I wish I was just two steps home

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Kim Mitchell Two Steps Home Comments
  1. themillarman

    cheers kelly!! needed a fix!!!

    Kelly Mark

    Never a problem my friend! One of Kim's best tracks in my opinion :)

  2. themillarman

    thanks to kelly again. hes the only won that has posted this. cheers dude. now back to my headphones.

    Kelly Mark

    You are most welcome my friend .. so glad that you love it!

  3. themillarman

    mature mitchell love it, thanks for letting people listen, cheers!

    Kelly Mark

    You are most welcome!! Glad that you enjoyed it :)

  4. themillarman

    thanks kelly, thought i was the only one!!!! this is the best song on the album. wow album ha ha . listen too the vocal melody, awesome!!! just nails the emotion. what a tune. thanks for letting people hear this.

    Kelly Mark

    I totally agree i love this track so much myself :)