Kim Mitchell - There's A Story Lyrics

Not an abstract, don't come with instructions
Growing, growing
My soul it whispers with such emotion
Find me, find me

One day I'll look back, fall into a dreaming [?]
Good dreams, good dreams
Will I cast out all my dark imagination
Angels, devils

Will I be somewhere, in a photograph standing smiling
Will it look so far away, like some snapshot made in heaven

There's a story, we'll all remember
Will it feel like a mystery

Turn the page, another day, some other feelings
Real things, feel things
What is life and what is love beyond all reason
Faces, traces

All alone, cold out in December
This is me in my heads universe
I don't want to live my life only wonder
Here's my head, here's my heart, here's my truth

Yea when I look back, I see some past reflections
Don't wanna be there now, but I just can't forget them

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Kim Mitchell There's A Story Comments
  1. Stormy 101

    First of all, most kids wouldnt eat the pill. They might lick it or put it in their mouth, but they would spit it out. And second, You cant leave shit out like that

  2. Gia The potatoe

    God bless joe for trying his best to save the child

  3. Shoan Blevins

    I'm not god, so I can't judge the mother. The child didn't look abused, or neglected. I wish she hadn't lied to begin with, but I wasn't in her shoes. May she walk with god, and live out her life doing gods work, and be happy.

  4. WinterBlxssom

    Tiffany got in jail for 2 years, not knowing what happened to a daughter, and a stepmother who burnt her step daughter got in jail for 58 months???!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

  5. j c

    I don’t believe that half baked story at all. The mom tried put the kid to sleep and over dosed her

  6. Maya Haque

    At least none of them abused her

    RIP little angel love ya

  7. Lovelylove Psp

    Wierdst death I sound and saddest she couldn’t have lived for that stupid mom left a PILL 💊 FOR ADULTS SOMEWERE were a child could reach,boy I’m lucky my moms to scared to keep pills at the house while have 5 kids

  8. Happy Duck


  9. Blessed Mrs V

    The signs suggest the mom left it out on purpose. Ijs 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. Raylene Gonzalez


    Raylene Gonzalez

    AMEN !!! ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Raylene Gonzalez

    Thank you God for this wonderful day to show how much we love you and how much you provide for us , I love you so much, In Jesus Name, Amen❤️❤️

  12. Raylene Gonzalez

    Thank you God ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Kathy Demartino

    2 years for the death of her daughter she should have got at least six

  14. Ranae Ponce


  15. Evan Bonner

    I am 2 months older than her..We might have been good friends 😭👍

  16. Yikes TV

    I was 10 when she died

  17. Amrita

    R.I.P. amazing beautiful soul you are missed 😭❤️

  18. Angela Johnson

    When my son was that age was no way I would have left even a child proof container of basic ibuprofen or anything down in his reach, and I wouldn’t have ever left him completely unattended to take a shower when no one else was home. So sad that it was completely preventable with simple precautions

  19. BlueAnimations NAUTTP NATHDTC AVCGP

    She died on my birthday R.I.P

  20. Melly Ivy

    So heartbreaking. Only 2 years?!?!?!?

  21. idkwhattonamethisaccount _

    at first i though Tiffany’s bf was gonna abuse her but i’m glad he didn’t

  22. Diana Standefer

    Jonathan Rong Katherine Walker
    December 9, 1998 - January 26, 2007
    Victim of the Grand Hill Elementary School massacre.

  23. Diana Standefer

    Bradley Stone Mitchell
    August 16, 2009 - February 8, 2016
    Beaten to death by mother

  24. Zane Hutchins

    The mother is an idiot. Plain and simple

  25. Jinny Bergan

    Kaylynn was a beautiful child and it breaks my heart that parents don't stop and think. When you have toddlers around there are certain precautions you must make.....this tragedy could have been prevented just by keeping in mind that you have a child who knows no better and can reach for the pill.

  26. Moving Forward

    Mama's boyfriend... 🙄

  27. Caidenceplays

    I don’t get it

  28. MintStarVideo

    Lesson learned. Even though I'm against drugs myself, I should keep any kind of pill away from a child's reach. Also, turns out the stepfather was a kind man this time and not a sicko.

  29. pinkburberry

    I would never give a baby a pill

  30. Angela Cowin-Priest

    So heartbreaking for all of her loved ones. My heart breaks for the mom too. It could happen to the best of us. We should be careful how we judge people because God will judge us in the manner that we have judged. That mother may be in jail but I guarantee you she will have a life sentence of guilt.

  31. RC Coins and More

    She was born in the same month and year as me... R.I.P

  32. Corbinisawesome Cool vids

    That was the day when i was born

  33. M’s World

    She was born 1 month and 6 days before me

    RIP Kaylynn 😍🥰😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

    シ leahplays シ

    Your birthday is really close to mine. Your birthday is Nov. 14, of 2008 correct? Mine is 6 days after. This is so sad..💔💔💔💔

  34. Nika_N1


  35. Pallavisree Tambraparni

    So sad. They always tell you to keep all medications out of reach of children.

  36. Natalie Davidson

    January 31st is my birthday😖

  37. Keepin Up with lili Tv

    She so cute Rest In Peace baby girl😘!💋.

  38. Alicia's Gucci kids

    Who puts pills in children's reach

  39. Jaynie Simone

    I am also born in 2008, July 9,2008

    Sylvia Johnson

    You have the same birthday as my dad.

    シ leahplays シ

    I was also. November 20th, 2008

  40. Eunae Kim

    They both are to blame. Tiffany put the pill on her nightstand, but Joe was the one who got it illegally in the first place! If I were the judge, I would convict both of them!

  41. tricey bear

    She is stupid to leave it out and not look out for her daughter

  42. Gabrielle Blake

    RIP little angel 👼

  43. Gracie Gladwin

    Sad that she has passed away but at least she is safe

  44. Christina King

    Rip sweet baby girl

  45. Miss Pinkadee

    This story really makes no sense. Wow, talk about getting away with murdering your child.... I don’t even take a shower and leave my children unattended.... And I would certainly remembering leaving a pill on the nightstand when I have a toddler. What a load of crap.


    I agree. this story is so suspicious. i dont believe a child that has mistaken a pill for candy would continue to eat it, surely she would have spat it out after she notices the horrible taste.

  46. Rainbow Beauty

    Never leave pills in sight of children

  47. JCL Kaytwo

    i love how the mother's boyfriend was the one trying to revive the baby this time. he isn't of one of those immoral greedy idiots who kill babies.
    R.I.P. kaylynn

    Holly jj


    ʚ Dreamiinq ɞ

    Wolf_cutie 510 - Men r scary. Most men are scary. Glad 2 b gay.

    Coasterhocky Gaming Boy

    ʚ Dreamiinq ɞ excuse me why u gotta offend the good guys who don’t murder kids

    Coasterhocky Gaming Boy

    Also thats rlly sexist

  48. gastedbeast

    That is so sad. I know the Mom must feell lhorrible!!! :( Keep everything put up. When I say put up I mean LOCK IT UP. My little boy got ahold of some pills once. My husband and I called poison control and 911. He ended up being okay. We had our medication put up in the counters. Our baby who was 4 years old at the time pulled a chair up and climbed up the counter to get into the cabinet. I was astonished. I couldnt believe he had watched me put the meds up and then followed my every move to get to them. I only noticed tho bc there was a mess and trail left behind. If he would have cleaned it up or if it would have been hidden I would have put him to bed without knowing.....I would prob be in jail. The pills he got were not a narcotic or anything like that but still......I did have some up there. If he would have grabbed those ones...... I prob would have lost him forever. So ANYTHING you have lock up if you have young children....Young children being 0-12. When I was like 8 years old i stole some tylenol PMs and took them all so I didnt have to go to school. I didnt end up in school. I was in the ER puking for three days. Harsh. I gladly took my butt to school after that. So just be careful. Accidents do happen....... Sometimes It might be better to keep the medications like that in a lock box..In your car. I threw away anything that wasnt being used ( the pain meds and any other meds) after my son did that. RIP to this Beautiful baby girl. SO sad.

    Desiree Nicole

    I’m glad your son is alright. Good luck to you and your family 💙

  49. fedandlife

    Wow this is so sad and I can't get over the fact she's 7 days older than me 😢😢😢😢😢❤❤❤❤

    シ leahplays シ


  50. nicole

    well, atleast Kaylynn wasn't abused, but R.I.P Kaylynn <3 rest easy


    i was 1 when this happened.

    Norbert The Bearded Dragon


  52. ArchiveofAwesomeness1886

    Oxycodone is a drug that is legal but it kills people like crazy, apparently worse than heroin.

  53. Aquaa_ Wxrld

    To think•••

    She’s now my age

    BudD Hull

    No she isnt, she dead

    Aquaa_ Wxrld

    BudD Hull Yeah But She’s still alive in our hearts ♥️

  54. shelly loved

    The mother Will be punished for the rest of her life by the mistake of leaving the pill jail isn't going to help.


    I agree.


    It Might Of Been A Mistake.
    She Probably Didnt Know Her Daughter Was Going To Get Into It.

    Angels Children

    A kid take a pill they might died

  55. Crystal Snow


    Rebecca Doll

    Zero Kookies not only that but I had a c-section in 2011 and got those for pain they are extremely easy to cut or even break in half so that doesn’t add up for me

  56. Jade Canough

    Why would you leave the pill out in the open you idiot first off you shouldn’t be doing that at all but secondly you shouldn’t have left the pill out... I hope you rot

  57. Sandra Morrison

    I'm an adult and I would cringe at the taste of any prescription pill even aspirin.

    Nancy Campbell

    not an oxy you wouldn't they don't taste bad the poor baby would not have known the mother should have known better than to leave the pill within reach of her baby so sad although i do feel for the mother just one tragic mistake and her baby is dead she has to live the teat of her life knowing she is qhy her baby is dead

    Vanessa Orth

    Sandra Morrison Kids are weird though. Plenty of kids eat washing powder, floor cleaner. Happens a lot

    シ leahplays シ

    @Vanessa Orth Yeah, paper mostly, too

  58. Deseree Ballentine Austin Blaque

    Oxycodone horrible terrable way too kill an innocent Child.Where was The father or Child protection sirvices involved too take her away from her mother.the Full rights too see the child.

    Haley Stewart

    Deseree Ballentine Austin Blaque her step dad was at work and her real dad had dropped her back home with her mom and went back to his house

  59. HOLY COW

    You want to her something weird my birthday is on January 31

    Natalie Davidson


  60. Cheyenne Wild

    You can’t leave things out like that. I don’t understand how the mother didn’t realize the pill was missing...

    Nancy Campbell

    oh she did relize more than likely she freaked out knowing she be in deep trouble acted like she had no clue

  61. Bubble Animations

    She looks jest like me when I was a baby but I had curly hair

  62. madison shea

    She was born 3 days after my 2nd birthday

    Iluvvmakeup _

    Madison Shea who tf cares

    Lunnie Montesdeoca

    @Iluvvmakeup _ I do, idiot.

    シ leahplays シ

    She was born only a month and 12 days before I.

  63. Megan Logsdon

    I have a couple questions as there are a few things that aren’t adding up. First off.. let’s say the baby really did take the pill. For one wouldn’t the mother have noticed the pill was missing from her nightstand? Wouldn’t she have noticed her baby was sick? I would assume she was sick anyway. Then the other thing that doesn’t quite add up is how the baby didn’t freak out over the taste of the pill and spit it out. Which I think most if not all parents can agree that when your child takes a pill more times than not it’s a hassle getting them to take it for 2 reasons. Scared of swollowing it and the taste. Which is why most children’s medication is liquid form. I can’t see a little child that age eating a pill and not freaking out over the taste. Does anyone know more on this story that could shed some light because this just doesn’t make sense to me at all.


    Megan Logsdon True but I have a theory. Maybe since the showers are loud, the mom couldn't hear her freak out over the taste. Maybe she did react to the taste but then she had already swallowed it. And I don't think she got sick that quickly. I know it's been a while since you commented this but still, maybe this did or did not happen? We'll never know.

    Edit: Or maybe she chewed it just like candy and some of it was swallowed but the other pieces were still in? I don't know if the whole thing was swallowed or how much of it was. Just.. MAYBE

    j c

    Megan Logsdon it’s a half baked story. Lie

    Geek E Media

    She did. That's why she lied and said she didnt know but confessed at the polygraph

  64. Life in the Forest

    The mother should know better

  65. Hi Im Raegan an Ace Family Fan

    I think its ok for her to be in jail for 2 years I mean at least she wasnt planning on killing her child we all make mistakes

    Janet Janet

    I agree it was a tragic accident. Kids get into everything when your back is turned. Personally I wouldn't have left a toddler unsupervised while I took a shower.

  66. Jae Kim

    What a great mom,, i don't trust her at all but just 2 year wow waht a judge, her mom might tell a lie, poor little baby,,,

    generic username 420

    It was an accident

    Michaela Kainova

    Ofcourse she is laying, all addicts do !!! ..

  67. Brittany n/a

    Only 2 yrs are you serious?😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    Tierra Davis