Kim Mitchell - Over Me Lyrics

Drifted home at dawn from the midnight shift
The house is totally cleared out
I didn't hear any warnings, I didn't see any signs
But you're all finished and you'll be moving out

Well I guess you've got your good reasons
I could probably find a few of my own
Is this what you get when you say I do forever
You go to bed and you wake up alone

And I guess for you things will now be better
I hope something inside me will help me along
Help me along cause

First thing I'm gonna have to do is deal with the pain
Pick myself up and get moving on
Lets take a boat ride out to Giant's Town
My friends and I are gonna sing those summer songs
And then I'm gonna wake up next to my new girl
Give her all those things that you got from me
One things for sure I'm gonna get over you
Like you got over me

It's amazing, life's twists and turns
What you feel is sometimes not what you get
When you're forced to drive off that familiar road that you love so much
Trouble is you can't find a new one yet

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