Kim Mitchell - Lick Yer Finger Lyrics

I'm of this earth gonna make my presence known
There's no debate where I do and I don't belong
I'm at stake in human form
When I face the wind
I lick my finger

Nobody's a hero to his own parade
Nobody's a hero to their own instant replay
What goes around will come back again
When ya face the wind
Ya better lick yer finger

Ain't gonna be wearin' no rose tattooed on second hand clothes

If yer gonna ride the wind
You better lick yer finger
If ya wanna turn the page
Uou better lick yer finger

What can happen to me
Can surely happen to you

If yer gonna live and learn
You better lick yer finger

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Kim Mitchell Lick Yer Finger Comments
  1. TMS

    Kimbo doesn’t seem to talk very highly of this album and doesn’t seem to play many of these songs in concert, but I think the whole album is awesome!

  2. TR Schock

    2:32 to 2:35 is some of the sickest neck position Stratocaster noise I've ever heard in my life. Must be Good Old Blue on that. I had one of those old Japanese Squires back in the early 80s and they are the the shit for tone. Sold it to a country guy and I regret it to this day.

  3. Wade Jones

    Nice groove !

    TR Schock

    Wade Jones Groove forever buddy. It's what he does!

  4. Tom Kimball

    Killer Guitar !!! Kim Mitchell is one of the most underated guitar players......dude can jam !!!

    TR Schock

    Tom Kimball hell yeah buddy!

  5. Miles Braukmann