Kim Mitchell - Flames Lyrics

Way deep inside your heart
There's a fire burning
You need to feel someone's kisses swirling

And out of your jealous eyes
Your changing, trying
This is the spark that flames
Now you're shinning

You will find a [?]
And the love was concealed

When the flames burn higher and higher
When the music gets the right feel
When the crowd sings louder and louder
When inside something feels so unreal

When you're a lonely man
Lost in the darkness
You want to feel her touch
To find you helpless

Open the door of love
Open your eyes
This is the spark that flames
Now your shinning

All the magic of life is waiting for you
Take a chance on giving
You're not alone

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Kim Mitchell Flames Comments
  1. Kani Garcia


  2. Celina Gulumian

    ~I'll be putting this, putting this fire out..~ { I'm in love with this song..}

  3. Kani Garcia


  4. Happy Viruz


  5. Kani Garcia

    Me encanta 😍

  6. Kani Garcia


  7. Kani Garcia


  8. Vicky Tømlinson

    who else thinks Aj is underrated

  9. Vicky Tømlinson

  10. Kani Garcia

    I Love You Aj ❤

  11. Kani Garcia

    500 mil visitas ❤

  12. LoLeander

    This is your best song. 100%

  13. Kani Garcia

    Me encanta ❤

  14. Lucia De Oriola

    I'm in love of this song!😍😍😍😍

  15. Kani Garcia

    King ❤

  16. Ayas Koçlu

    I really love this song😍
    Love you AJ❤️❤️❤️
    From TURKEY 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  17. Kani Garcia


  18. Kani Garcia


  19. Avalon

    did you guys know he smokes? cuz he does! :(

  20. Nimet Ekici

    So so so beatiful song! I cryingggg😣😣😣😣💜💜🎀💜💜🎀🎀

  21. Hiddenfinger b

    Here bc of jack black

  22. अशोक कुमार

    You make the kind of music I have never heard before it is very different for me ,I can't stop listening to your songs plss plss keep going😘😍😍❤i listen to your songs with my eyes closed so that I can appreciate your voice. It's too much but it brings me peace.

  23. Kani Garcia


  24. jadwiga dobrowolska

    Super Klip.💜 Swwet MUZYK 💜💜LOVE Gracias.💜 Gracias.💜

  25. Nenad Stankovic

    *Down in flames* is my favorite!

  26. Kani Garcia

    Me encanta 😍

  27. GrantSmithMusic

    Love it

  28. Christina Cox

    I love this song I can really relate to it... this is by far my favorite

  29. Daniiscoolio

    Commenting again bc I don’t see any comments that say 1 week ago 😂😂 yess Aj show the music industry 🥰😘

  30. jadwiga dobrowolska


  31. esme

    So underrated

  32. Andi Mukhtar

    reminds me to the weeknd voice, your voice was amazing, i'm speechless.

  33. Danosaurus Rex 13

    This needs more acknowledgment


    2:52 best moment

  35. Ma Rie

    Just passing by and I unknowingly became a fan

  36. Sabrina McGinnis

    I wasn’t expecting this it’s awesome and that’s a good thing he is a bomb of lyrics

  37. storybook eater

    Wtf. Why isn't he at a million atleast?? What's wrong with people these days! This is such a bop!

  38. Tea Sis

    How tf does the views only 300k ??! This deserves more recognition

  39. 김우영

    I confused with The Weeknd's voice when I listened it at the first time.

  40. Ajith john

    so similar to jonas bros songs

  41. Kani Garcia


  42. Glaucya souza


  43. Chloe Wilson

    I love this song😍

  44. Ay Mën

    love it from Algérienne 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

  45. Kani Garcia


  46. Alemhan Sapar

    Beautiful 😍

  47. αrdí3470 chαnnєl

    indonesia bruh

  48. Igor Marques

    Que hino mano...❤🇧🇷❤🇧🇷❤🇧🇷 AMAZING!

  49. Drê 3.0

    Quem veio pelo anúncio do YouTube?


    Que voz Linda OMG❤️❤️❤️😍🇧🇷

  51. Mark

    Heard it in my Weekly Music Mix.

  52. Margo J

    hey guys, check out my slowed version

  53. Satrya Tangguh

    This song is impress me much

  54. LARDI -G

    I love this song, greetings from 🇦🇷❤️

  55. Tujuh Kesatria

    Im here cz YouTube's ad

  56. Pankarma Gaming

    Wow awesome lyrics😘😘love you

  57. Radja Ichsandy

    Datang kesini gara gara Iklan di Lagu lain

  58. Havana nyoy nyoy

    Beautyfull song beautyful voice i realy like this song

  59. arvinz hinaniban

    Came here after watching an ads with this song.

  60. João Victor Reis

    Im brazilian, i love this song🇧🇷❤ sorry my inglish


    this my favorite song everytime!!!!!

  62. Margo J

    hey guys, check out my slowed version

  63. LuisDiogo DaSilva

    olha o brasileiro aqui denovoooo love you

  64. Gamma Ray's

    I found this at taylor swift music video advertisement

    Sabrina F. Medeiros

    Me too!!!!

  65. Rj Maslang

    Who else came here because they heard the beautiful song in a YouTube ad



    Zoe G.


  66. Lea _

    Why doesn't this have a million views?

  67. Bhonx TreeP

    better than Dont Call Me Angel 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  68. Makedra S.

    I’m really loving these back to back songs ♥️

  69. Pop star Princess

    Who agrees he should a music video for this one? This one is a killer😊😊

  70. Nina 88


  71. Kani Garcia


  72. Lana Chuang

    This should be on the radio wth

  73. Daniiscoolio

    It needs 1 million helpppp

  74. no one

    This what i call art everybody ❤❤

  75. Nicolaevici Bogdan

    Insanely good!

  76. Exabella

    I see an American flag in those flames

  77. Razan .M

    This deserves way much more attention 🥺💜..

  78. Jxclyn

    He just keeps getting better and better 🙃

  79. Marcelo Silva


  80. Official KX

    Got an ad of this from Shawn’s song “mercy’”

  81. Abdi K


  82. Kani Garcia

    200 mil visitas ❤

  83. Mikayla Jackson

    I'm proud of you AJ❤❤

  84. Fatemeh Marais

    Wish I could leave more than just one like,it's unbelievebly awsome I can't even explain,I'm cryin'😭😭😭💙

  85. Raiane Silva

    Vim Pelo Anúncio😘❤

    Kennedy Eduardo

    Que anuncio?

    Victor Sales

    Dois kkkk

    Raiane Silva

    @Victor Sales tamo junto kkkkkkk

  86. Swaraj Bhise

    bhawa ek number....

  87. Sendilla Humaira

    Killing part for me 0:35

  88. Jeny Wulandari

    This is fire!

  89. Ronald Weasley

    This song is an advertisement on another mv

  90. sunsethour 21

    Hey guys! Please, Go listen my new original song. Hope you'll like it! 😀

  91. Owl Hoax

    this literal my jam

  92. Maria Clara Bueno

    Great song

  93. Maria Clara Bueno

    I loveeeeed

  94. Khel Mampo

    Youre my inspiration AJ Mitchell Your voice and music makes my day shine thanks 😍😍