Kim Mitchell - Cellophane Lyrics

This dog smells like a friend of mine
Got the trailer park blues and I'm alone
Every now and then I start to twitch
I want to call her on the phone
My bid bad selfish mind
Been saving it for a rainy day
So will you be all mine all the time...cellophane
Drink that cigarette
You'll be the girl in the party dress
I'll pay my castsnet's
Will you be all mine all the time...
Wrap my dreams up in cellophane
Roll on over here yea
Spraed yourself out on the cellophane
When you got nothing you don't feel no pain
So come on over and wrap my dreams up...cellophane
And I just feel you wasted
Wasted every precious night
Nobody's out,
Nobody's coming to play
So when the moon smiles a smile
You're lying in bed
Laughing as she dances alone
Will you be all mine all the time...

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