Kim Mitchell - Blow Me A Kiss Lyrics

I pulled your picture from my wallet
It blew my mind to smithereens
There is no name for me to call it
This place inside of me

And why I'm so normal dime a dozen
Lucky now I'm next to you
Your sunshine smiles they me comin
Running right back to baby come on and...

Blow me a kiss and make it all better
Blow me a kiss and make me forget her
I'm gonna buy us a ticket to nowhere
Make love over and over
Blow me a kiss and make it all better
I wanna know, I wanna know what you know
Grow like you grow
I wanna go where you go

I burn my fingers holding matches
I burn my heart just holding on
No use in sitting round and wondering
Just where it all went baby come on and...

Sure is nice to know you
Here in the middle of my life
Put me on a joy ride, a joyride

If I ever had three wishes
Didn't I'd just wish for more
Your sunshine smiles, they keep me comin
Runnin right through your baby come on and...

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Kim Mitchell Blow Me A Kiss Comments
  1. TpHawk49

    I think it's one of his best.Canadian rock it the best.

  2. Franz Wolf Heart

    Ufff...!!! esos teclados..:!!! buenísimos...!!!

  3. Eddie Weber

    one of my favorite songs by kim i love every song by him!!!!!

  4. Joe Bob Edgerton

    Never Heard This One, Great Tune Kim, You Really Know How to Put Music and Lyrics Together Buddy, Thanks.... :D