Kim Mitchell - All We Are Lyrics

All we are is all that love brings
We spin as the highest star spins
We get hearts on fire and in love
Sometimes we're too blind to see

And I know now that love sometimes stings
When you're waiting for a telephone ring
And you feel like a lone star spinning
That you might as well give up burning

Don't ask me if I'm still in love
I'm hit by this love song I sing
'Cause you made me feel such a long way away
I know now that love sometimes stings
I've waited for your telephone ring
And you made me feel such a long way away

And all we are is all that love brings
We spin as the highest star spins
We get hearts on fire and in love
And sometimes we're too blind to see

Don't ask me if I'm still in love
I'm hit by this love song I sing
'Cause you made me feel such a long way away
I know now that love sometimes stings
I've waited for your telephone ring
And you made me feel such a long way away

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Kim Mitchell All We Are Comments
  1. roquefortfiles

    Kim Mitchell's most beautiful song. Criminally underrated musician.

  2. The DJ Dally Lama Rap/HipHop Beats Collection

    A had to do this .. sorry Kim ..

  3. Laura Mac Lean Gray



  4. Christine Johnston

  5. FMHammyJ

    Kims best.....its even better long its Peter Fredette singing along with Kim....

  6. Alex Mustata

    Always been a sucker for songs with great synths and guitars. This one is no exception. God bless Canadian music

  7. Sis Chester

    I'm brought back to 1984. The year I graduated..Life was so good. Not a worry in the world. Social media was finding the house with bikes on the front lawn. That's how we knew where everyone was. So much has changed...

  8. Paulie Ct

    Probably one of the best lap dance songs ever, maybe behind comfortably numb. Obviously not too many of you had the privilege of a 9+ scantily clad Canadian lovely crawling all over you to this song..... it's worth the $20.

  9. Cindy Morre

    Love this song!!!

  10. Zevon Ziffel

    Brilliant tune,,,went to see Kim & band perform last year(Feb 2018) and Peter Fredette is still one of the strongest vocalists I’ve ever heard.

  11. George Lynch

    the taurus adds the atmosphere here too !!!

  12. Doug's music madness Garnett

    Love this song.

  13. jeff glass

    another great artist that never gets any air radio is dead to me

  14. air rick

    huge dink

    Wayne Kasokeo

    And yours is small..

  15. Holly

    Memories! Canadian music ❤❤

  16. Daddy Tube

    I was 100 when this was released I'm now 18.

  17. May Peach

    Saw Kim and his band a few years back at a Canada celebration. Peter Fredette was there...I was in awe! LOVE his vocals!

  18. Thomas Krause

    I listen to this song when I visited my girlfriend with a car. We had lost for one year but after this time the song gave me power enough for a new visit...

  19. Dusty beck

    my dad used to pump this on his cerwin vegas when i was a little fucker..

  20. Darin Thompson

    Great song and top notch production capitalizing on the awesome musicianship

  21. Joel Way - A Mustard Seed Ministry

    Friggin love this song

  22. Glenda Cawthon

    Yaa.. Dem nortwoods fellers are always gosh darn good rockers, dontcha know !

  23. Gary Larzelere

    one of the best songs ever written

  24. Larry Smith


  25. Mamiegoodheart

    One of the greatest!!!!!!

  26. Pomeranian Z

    epic song from an epic canadian artist.

  27. Sue G

    Thats not the whole song

    World Coming Down 5779

    You're thinking of the 5:43 version, which is actually Live if you listen closely.
    It's on enginekid88 channel. It was on the radio just as much, maybe more.

  28. Sue G

    Love it, love it. Takes me back to my youth, not long ago. Just the incredible musicians and instruments and singing. Heard it the other day after a long time, made me cry. Absolutely one of the best songs I have ever heard.........Tks. Love you. Must be heard on the best acoustics ever and good and loud!

  29. Sue G

    One of the best songs ever recorded. Thanks Kim & band

  30. Laura Rodifer

    Bought the album for 'Go For a Soda' but this instantly became my favorite by them and 33 years later it still is.

    Akira Menai

    Go For Soda is a fuckin' rocking song, but not "better" than most of the others on this album.

  31. Larry Smith


    Pat Smith

    80 that’s good times

  32. Larry Smith


  33. Larry Smith


  34. Larry Smith


  35. 23chiffy

    Fredette kicks the shit out of this song. what a great tune

  36. Eric Mc

    Very very cool

  37. Eric Mc

    very good song reminds me of high school I met Kim Mitchell years ago very very cool guy he's not like one of those guys at let it go to his head his Fame

  38. Chuck U. Farley

    if you don't feel something Beautiful... or Blue, when you listen to this tune... you had better check yourself for a Pulse... lol

  39. Kato X

    Really beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  40. MrSparco777

    met Kim after one of his concerts a few weeks ago, easily one of the most humble people i have met. 12am backstage he still talked for a couple minutes and signed all of my stuff

  41. Larry Smith


  42. Larry Smith


  43. Aaron Boleyn

    Peter Fredette is the real fucking deal, simply amazing.

    Chuck U. Farley

    you said it bro... what an Amazing set of Pipes, and he uses them with Feeling.... Truly Great.

  44. mitzy dupre

    what a songwriter and guitar player. I LOVE THIS SONG

  45. johnny dark

    if this song doesn't give you goosebumps check your pulse, you are dead.

  46. Rick Z

    Wax Lobster for prez

  47. crazyrabbits

    The last minute of this track is god-tier. Always dug this song.

  48. Milky Way

    All we are is what love brings....Chris. Cause your Mom will Love you and answer when the phone rings!

  49. kokanee2010a

    Gordon yyz never disappoints when it comes to Canadian talent this is one of the greatest power ballads from a Canadian rock group !


    kokanee2010a if nobody told you you would think it was Genesis or foreigner the talent is remarkable

  50. James Lazaridis

    This track is the bomb.

  51. C Kennedy

    love Kim Mitchell from1984

  52. Seductive Vixxen

    i love this song it reminds me of my beloved son i miss my son thanz kim

  53. John Giorgione

    Peter's vocals make this song and of course Kim's guitar.

  54. Geoff Edwards

    Kim Mitchell's music rules. This is a great song, and I love his stuff from his Max Webster days too. Great Canadian music.

  55. Laura Rodifer

    I agree, best song on "Akimbo Alogo". This song is as good today as it was 31 years ago. I was 16 when this came out & it sucked me in. I also really liked "Lager & Ale" off this album.

  56. Native Sista

    Time for me too TURN IT UP...!!!!!

  57. Steacy783

    What year is that STRAT ?

  58. Pat H

    Absolutely brilliant production!

  59. Admiral Quality

    Admiral likes!!!

  60. bleebloe

    they must have been listening to alot of floyd at the time. Whats with the vocs so low in the mix?

  61. Planetgonenuts

    This song is Kim Mitchell's, Floyd level achievement


  62. Josie Metall

    ditto on the goose bumps! this whole song is AWESOME! a forever classic for me! ^__^ ♥♥♥

  63. David Papais

    Heard this song on a radio at work the other day, and i loved it, and i couldnt remember who it was by, but now that ive found it, its awesome! I love KM's music, and knowing that this is his song is even better! Proud to be Canadian :)

  64. tocamelaconga

    My absolute favourite Kim Mitchell song. And you're right, it may be his best of his string of ageless hits. 

  65. J B

    the raw power of these vocals are getting rare nowadays (except for some indie artist) Justin Bieber cant even match, not even in the lowest level!

  66. Kevin Brisbane

    Biked up to CWL, Got stoned behind Kingswood. It was sweet at 14

  67. Beverly Collins

    Outstanding, Beautiful song! One of my All Time Favourites!

  68. Max

    Don't forget Pye Dubois, who is 50% of this great work of art!

  69. Kay Ems

    I am 937 years old and i love this song!

    Canadian Fishing

    doubt it

    Beverly Collins

    Beautiful Kay! I get you completely!!


    Beverly Collins i love the guy saying " doubt it"

    you must be a barrel of laughs


    I love it when young folks like old rock songs

  70. dropaloadful

    classic ... never to be forgotten

  71. Stuart Ross

    One of his best. Just love when Peter kicks in too! Where's Peter now and why did he leave this band???

  72. Bruce Currie

    Had the opportunity to photograph Kim Mitchell for the 3rd annual Edmonton RockFest. OMFG!!! What a wonderful experience! I have photographed more than 200 bands, for promoters, since 1970 and this was freaking incredible. And this song .... oh my.

  73. 23chiffy

    Top tune...badass synth

  74. Erica Martinen

    oh yeah, she gives good head.

  75. buck65100

    Peter Fredette IS the Man!!!!

  76. bing crosby

    Wow, this is a great song. Along with "Drive" by the Cars, best 80's tunes.

  77. Ruel Lindres

    i love the solo in this song. cheers kim mitchell fans.

  78. Mary Kocheff

    Another fantastic song. Between this and Some Folks not sure what's my favorite. Guess depends on my mood.

  79. fourfortysixpak1

    Heartbreakin' song....dam this hurts

  80. Jojo McDo

    my bad, Kim Mitchell sings the song and Fredettes powerful voice sings the chorus :)

  81. B-man The Champ

    Kim Mitchell sounds like Ace from Kideo (the Blue one)

  82. 1staidgirl

    Got to ask who is singing then. Peter Fredette sang backup vocals apparently but as far as I know, it is Mitchell who sings the song.

  83. jay tevan

    I, and the late great Dr.Rabbi Shomo Rosenberg attended this out door show at LaRonde-Man and His World-Excellent!


  84. luvicebears2004

    This has been one of my favorite songs for 27 has always had a very special meaning for me ~ Great song .

  85. Dijana1964

    pure beautiful :)

  86. dave vanveen

    love the guitar in this song!

  87. OOKH1

    I've had this melody going around in my head since I got up this morning..!!! Couldn't remember the words, just bits of the start and the bit at 1:20. Was driving me nutz. 4 hours later and any websites and bands from "a flock of seagulls to finally arrived here with Kim Mitchell. Funny how a song after all most 3 decades comes back to haunt you. Loved the song back then and still do. Very refreshing in today's blah blah blahness of crap of auto tuners on the radio.

  88. WSC9293

    Peter Fredette's portion of this song travels right through my being. It's so powerful.

  89. WSC9293

    You're right. Fredette nails it.

  90. Aaric

    Just makes me close my eyes...and dream.

  91. ericmtz60

    it took me almost 30 yrs to find this ageless and beautiful song. I saw KM with Bryan Adams in 1984 or 1985 in Alb. NM. I heard it on a local station. Pete Fredette voice on this song kept mesmerized until now.Nothing like it

  92. Debbie downs

    Great Song makes me think too much

  93. skymark35

    the back vocals rocks on this tune

  94. Paraprax

    Man, I was listening to this the day I saw 'Drive' and it was still stuck in my head when I saw it. Definitely suits the film!

  95. TheAmateurHobbyist

    no dislikes? thats what i thought! :) amazing song!

  96. SuperTekZone

    This is probably one of the most classic Canadian songs ever, certainly one of the best from the 80s.

  97. lin roth

    ok kim . . do you mind if i cover one of my favorite songs