Kim Carnes - Bon Voyage Lyrics

Imagining the rainbow
Trying to fit it in the sense of things
That might have been
Looking for the green flash
Hitting milliseconds just before the sun goes in

Bon Voyage
When you find the one
Don't let her go
Like you're letting me go

Bon Voyage
After all this time you'd think
We'd know
Why are you letting me go

A magic in the moonlight
In a bar beside the ocean
Where we used to meet
Caught up in our circumstance
We spin out wheels just
Waiting for the string to break

I see your face in windows on the Seine
I'm still sitting in a cafe where
You said you'd wait
Like some romantic moment on the screen
You'd come running through that door
And then you're gone again

Bon Voyage
When you find the one
Don't let her go
Like you're letting me go

Bon Voyage
After all this time you'd think
We'd know
Why are you letting me go

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Kim Carnes Bon Voyage Comments
  1. Nours OURSBRUN

    Superbe. Cette chanson mériterait d'être plus connue.

  2. David Baker

    I love this song. So glad I found it again!

  3. Moon Cake

    Very nice song. Love Kim carnes.

  4. Carlos Schiffini

    Kim carnes a maior Estrela da musica Internacional

  5. Carlos Schiffini

    Kim carnes a maior Estrela da musica Internacional

  6. Carlos Schiffini

    Kim Carnes a melhor Cantora de todos os tempos

  7. Carlos Schiffini

    Kim carnes a melhor cantora de todos os tempo

  8. Donald Provençal

    So much emotions and feelings from an angelic voice one cannot help but be moved by her songs.

  9. Lourdes Vaz

    Canta muito

  10. Almeri Teresinha Franco

    Adoro Kim Carnes, alguém alguma novidade sobre ela???

  11. janressiv

    one of the best songs of her ...and no live video....  :-(((((((((((((((((

  12. vitordragon

    People, any vídeo with Kim singing it live? I´m so sorry that a few people know this amazing song! Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil.

  13. laura Hopkins

    Love the song us beautiful music!

  14. turockandar

    No problem :)

  15. sca17

    I'm very sorry for my mistake I now understand what do you mean for terrific while speacking about kim karnes voice...beautiful second by second.

    sorry :)

  16. turockandar

    I wrote "terrific" not *terrible"..please read correctly :)

  17. sca17

    it is not a terrible voice!

    i'm sorry, it's your mistake!

    this is a great song... written and sounded!!!

  18. anlmz


  19. turockandar

    What a terrific voice Kim Carnes has!

  20. MsEllenbogen

    oh ja meine erste große liebe hängt damit zusammen :-) *schluchz* aber es kamen noch welche nach ;-) danke!

  21. Fred Guy

    I love this song,brings back memories.....never remove the song...Girl 34....

  22. John Schroots

    this song is so wonderfull....

  23. professora22

    omg! thank u so much! i love the movie too!

  24. akis makris

    so many many crys...i still missing you...

  25. Jeff Rich

    This is a beautiful sad song, for some odd reason reminds me of the movie Sophie's Choice, first time I have ever heard this song, love it.

  26. JeroenDV

    I just bought a USB Pick up and played this single I bought when it was released in the Eighties; and I remebered in fact it's one of my all time favourites.
    Very sensitive and o so beatifull. groeten uit België

  27. onesitenl

    @edidie6 take care in your new city!

  28. germo68

    Best goodbye song ever made, cuts trough my soul whenever i hear it.

  29. tanto76

    FOR ME IS.....alone with the radio 1986.

  30. Laurent vanden Smilde


  31. alphapaw132

    Looking for the green flash, hitting milliseconds just before the sun goes in.

  32. Shoel NC Shoda

    seine widmet sich Nicole meiner kleinen Meerjungfrau of my heart

  33. michalis66

    you can find this song in the cd-barking at the airplanes-.great cd and great great kim!!!

  34. Planetholland

    Absolutely fantastic LOVE this song and couldn't find it anywhere. Thanks so much, This is sooooooo special

  35. musicmadmatti

    This sad but beautiful song should have been the massive hit that Kim`s so talented song writer + vocals so deserved but sadly never acheived after BDE. GOD bless you Kim you have given my ears so much pleasure over the years x

  36. Megalodon

    This was a very long search...
    thnx for updating

  37. Saskiaaaaaa

    yes indeed. I searcht it for a long time too. It's sad that this number can't dowload it on limewire and stuff..
    But this song is amazing!

  38. khooma

    It remains!

    Last Frontier Channel

    khooma exactly..

  39. schüchtern

    Thank you very much for uploading this beautiful song. I've been waiting so long for it, and here it is :-)

  40. Clockwork Orange

    god ive been tryin to get Barking at airplanes for ages i carnt find it anywhere