Kim Burrell - Thank You Jesus (That's What He's Done) Lyrics

Well, He woke me up this morning, started me on my way
Gave me grace and strength, just to seeing up the day
And with each new day brand new mercies I see
I'm telling you that's what the Lord has done for me

Call Him any ways that you mean
Thank You, Jesus
Keeping you day by day I wanna say
Thank You, Jesus
Tell me do you really mind if I testify
Thank You, Jesus
About the Lord being my full supply
Thank You, Jesus

I'm telling you
He's done so much that I can't tell it all
That's how good He is to me
And when I think of the blessings bestowed upon me
I have no choice He's gonna get my praises

Gonna get Jesus on the mainline
Tell Him what I want
Call Him up and tell Him exactly what I want
This time I'm not only asking
I'm trusting for what I want
Well, I got Him on the line, why don't you get what you want

Anybody else wanna talk to the Master?
Thank You, Jesus
I really, really wanna say, Lord
Thank You, Jesus
Somebody pointing their hand just to say, Lord
Thank You, Jesus
Oh, I really wanna say thank You, Lord
Thank You, Jesus

Oh, He's done so much for me that I can't tell it all
No I won't be able to tell it all
That's how good He is to me
And when I think of the blessings bestowed upon me
I have no choice He's gonna get my praises

He's done so much for me that I can't tell it all
That's how good He is to me
And when I think of the blessings bestowed upon me
I have no choice He's gonna get my praises

Truly if I had ten thousand
Thank You, Jesus
It still wouldn't be enough to tell You
Thank You, Jesus
From the mercies You give to the grace
Thank You, Jesus
That's why I wanna say
Thank You, Jesus
Thank You, Jesus
From the love You [?]
Thank You, Jesus
From my going out to my coming in I wanna say
Thank You, Jesus

You have provided everything for me
That's what He's done for me
You have been my healer
That's what He's done for me
You've been my shelter
That's what He's done for me
And I wanna praise You, Lord
That's what He's done for me
That's what He's done for me
And I say oh, what you've done for me
When I think, all that's He's done for me
It makes me wanna praise You, Lord
That's what He's done for me
I never shall forget what you've done for me

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Kim Burrell Thank You Jesus (That's What He's Done) Comments
  1. April Ellis

    My daughter knows ALL the words omg I so tired of hearing it

  2. Francesca Tut

    Absolutely Inspiring!!!! My daughter and I are jamming to this!! 🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍😍😍

  3. Andrea

    Not even close to the live version. I was there in London 😍

  4. Sonya Austin

    Now Kim Burrell work this Song out!!!GLORY!!!

  5. Williams Girlz

    oh my god

  6. Nakia Lindsey

    If this doesn't make you want to PRAISE I don't know what will! Grace and Mercy I thank you.

  7. the lego masters

    Oooh weee...2:55 and on....

  8. judgetinker

    Finally found the song.

  9. the lego masters

    This came at the right time. .

  10. Naomie Garçon Pierre

    Thank you JESUS for blessing me much

  11. Paulette Golston

    We have so much to be thankful for. Prayer is the key. It's a blessing to have a personal relationship with Jesus. We will pray and tell the Lord the many things that we are thankful for. God is good to all of us. He loves us so we will love one another. Prayer works!!!!!

  12. C J

    This woman of God is using her, once ailing, cardiovascular system to give GOD ALL of the praise and worship that He is due and deserve. 💜💜💜🙏😇

  13. Easter Seatonyes.

    Love itkimb

  14. Easter Seatonyes.

    Love it up kimhelpherjesuse

  15. BuffyBunny

    This song got my heart dancing
    So holy and groovy

  16. Mary LouGray

    Who 🎶 listening in. Nov 2018 waitin on 2019!!

  17. Helen Jackson

    Thank You Jesus.

  18. ABLEMS

    Three powerful words - Thank You Jesus

  19. Mary Wilson

    My god love this so much and I’m a Christian been a listener since the very beginning love this anointed women of God her voice the is one of the best on the planet to. Me

  20. LEE MUNN

    donnie mcclurkin show plays this song

  21. Joyful Noise

    Truly lifted my spirit listening to this Woman of God. Thank you, Pastor Kim Burrell

    Sasha Newman

    Joyful Noise
    I like

  22. Tyler Morgan


  23. Megna Gemmy

    本当に大好き、あなたの歌をいつも聞いてます♥️I Love you Kim i'm respect to you all from JAPAN🇯🇵

  24. priscilla briscoe

    this song was calling me this morning i love it...great song voice etc and great message i love u and your music kim u doing a bless and amazn job!!!

  25. BeatsforGospel


  26. Dawn Young

    She has some ignorant runs🎶🎶🎶🎶

  27. Kenn Farr

    Thank You Jesus!

  28. Parish Mitchell

    Love this song

  29. Micki hopson

    Ooooooh TTHank You...Jesus!❤

  30. Ralph Garrett

    You have a blessed video!!!

  31. Kenn Farr

    Houston Kim Burrell Super Power House Gospel Voice!

  32. Lovevicky 23

    Thank you jesues

  33. Jermaine Benson

    Just a little snack to my ear....gurl..gurl....guuuuurl

  34. Pamela Chambers


  35. Sol Alcarraz

    OMG ! This is awesome !!!!! 😱🎶

  36. will Rhinehart

    The musicianship on this track is awesome!!!!!!

  37. Kenn Farr

    My Houston Home Town Favorite Kim Burrell.

  38. Latonya Barnes

    OMG, I tap dance to this in tap dance class this song is so GOOD!

  39. Banika King

    Who in the world disliked this track WHAAAAAATTTT!!! Ms Kim Burrell 👏👏👏👏, your voice is awesomely refreshing.. I so love you 😗😍😘😙 and thank you for sharing your wonderful vocals with the world........

  40. Isabella Mgayi

    Amen, amazing!!!

  41. jasonscrazyWORLDLOL o

    thank you jesus from Jason Owusu korkor

  42. Michael Collymore

    Thank You Jesus!

  43. Simon Edgbaston

    This woman is an obese bigoted religious freak & unpleasant noisy vocalist too😂

    Melissa Peacock

    Simon Edgbaston shut up!

    Fredrick Davis

    Watch your mouth!

  44. Don Pedro Jose Donoso

    Es una racista, llamando los gays de pervertidos , por favor

  45. Posie

    Your a hypocrite if you were a true believer you would not HATE GAYS

    Steven Smith Farrington James

    Mic Copard she hates the spirit not the person get off her God don't play about his children

    K Morgan Mason

    Mic Copard She isn't a hypocrite. it would be different if she was living in Sin. And she doesn't HATE anyone, she hates Sin as anyone who loves God should do.

  46. Posie

    Kim Burrell,you say you believe in Jesus well that's strange because Jesus would not have been unkind like the way you have been sayings the unkindest things about gay folk. Try a little harder Kim God loves us all please no more unkindness about gay people.

    Emmanuel Guerra

    Roseanna what unkindness girl she spoke whats in the bible...

  47. Tarnehsia Butler

    we Kim Burrell you much we praise God

  48. Michael Johnson

    love this song

  49. Erick Turner

    thank you Jesus..sing Kim I love you

  50. Ira Ben Israel

    thank you JESUS!!!

  51. Bruna Carvalho

    Ela é simplesmente especial,uma benção, talentosaaaa!!

    angie kelly

    ccv. rm

    Bruna Carvalho

    Muita técnica e, muita unção!!

    Bruna Carvalho

    Glórias à Deus!

  52. Mara Joseph

    This is my new morning praise song to help me along


    I heard that!

  53. Tanya Rodgers

    He is go good. Thank You Jesus....

  54. Mary Patterson

    Amen Thank you Lord! I am

    Joe Mitchell

    Joseph's. Mitchell the God is love to me

  55. Schnelle Chavis

    Thank you Jesus for keeping me you are my Rock

  56. One LightBooks

    even if I never heard of JESUS..this song still make me wanna, huh yanno!

  57. Peggy Durrin

    thank you Kim...

  58. Latasha K

    i absolutely luv this song but is she really a pastor

    Ronaldo Keen

    Yeah she is

  59. Latasha K

    THANK YOU JESUS😀😀😃😀😄😍😁!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Andrea Colson

    nice song

  61. Latasha K

    dat girl can scat 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  62. Latasha K

    thank u jesus😁

  63. Latasha K

    even though my brother push me around god gives me joy i appreciate god and this song✌👍

  64. Latasha K

    god keeps blessing us and loving us thank u jesus🎻🎵

  65. Latasha K

    thank u jesus👆✌👍💝

  66. Lakatia Harley


  67. DaMina Renee Ross

    kim burrell is/or nevah will be "the voice" ....gurl bye. you could should would could nevah stand to WHITNEY. ...YOUq WAS her GF... a non factor....and plz dont
    run America saying you the voice....i hate you soooooooo much that flamez on the side of my face....heathing helpless flames......

    Vel Boone

    Have several seats somewhere...

    Kamika Ruffin

    DaMina Renee Ross is that last part from the movie clue?

    DaMina Renee Ross

    Mika Day yesssss lol Mrs. White

    MOneficent Diamond

    DaMina Renee Ross what is wrong with you

  68. Nakia Lindsey

    That's what he done for me all glory to God ; ) this is my morning pick me up at work. Just grateful for his infinite blessings.

  69. ddrum705

    If you haven't seen this song live look it up on YouTube. Her singing with FOP and how could 50+ people dislike this vid/song? Smh guess they're not thankful. I know I am!!!!!

  70. Earl Stephenson

    of course Kim Burrell is the greatest female vocalist in the gospel music industries but this band omg

  71. Leonarda Pritchard

    I love this song Kim done this 🙌🙌🙌


    TRUSTING WHAT I WANT..........

  73. Mia Johnson

    My girl!! Kim Burrell!! Love this song!!!!!

  74. Lisa Harris

    Thank you Jesus

  75. Dionne Roberson

    What a song, what a song. Love the beat. the words, the message. Yes, thank you JESUS!

  76. ANGELINA Shavers


    Sonya Austin

    I Agree

  77. Aaleeyah Rainey

    Amen Yasssss thank u. Jesus🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  78. Valerie Hobley

    I will never be able to tell it all how good God's been to me...............................

  79. Kenneth Liddell

    Love it!!!!!

  80. Phyllis Williams

    This is also my new favorite song! Kim thank, for you singing this wonderful song, May God continue to give you great songs for His people. You truly are a blessing to the Body of Christ! God bless!

  81. Eric Whitaker

    This song has been in my spirit lately. It is amazing.

  82. Ronaldo Rosa

    I'm not even christian but DAMN that groove....

    Jeffery Simmons

    Ronaldo Rosa My dear brother what a wonderful gift you are missing out on. This song is about gratitude and thanksgiving. The fact God sent his son as the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of this world is such a glorious expression of his love. Every one that has breath should be grateful and ever so thankful. Be blessed and know God is good and his mercy endures forever.

    Shannon Williams

    Ronaldo Rosa no bad word god bless our anniversary

    Sandz Gardner

    Its The Way You feel when you know GOD Touched Your Heart.Its not about things it's When you couldn't do it without GOD and giving HIM THANK In HOLY SPIRIT And SONG..

    yes beautyizhername

    @Jeffery Simmons yess!!!

  83. Natalie Stevenson

    Thank you for blessing us with your song and praise at Meharry's inaugural gospel concert! You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit! May your light continue to shine!

  84. Lauren Alexander

    I listen to the song all the time

  85. Destiny Simpson

    GOD is Adel

  86. Cindy Feaster

    This is my song!! love it!!

  87. 1libra1diva

    I listen to this song on repeat daily. My workout song.

  88. Zig Watson

    My new favorite song

  89. Nathaniel Davis

    my new favorite song

  90. Karl Carter

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  91. Dominic Mcneill

    Bro!! nice groove

  92. Thick brix

    Thank you Jesus, this song is giving me life!!!

  93. Tina Quintella

    Apaixonada pela voz dela, que incrível! !!!

  94. Arique Sousa

    I don't even like Gospel that much, but I absolutely love this song.

  95. Jade Hudson

    love this song can't stop listing to this song love it

  96. Erin Williams

    i love this song