Killing Joke - Stay One Jump Ahead Lyrics

Province, state and country
The great divide has come
Ten percent shall prosper
To them the kingdom come

I can see trends behind trends
I can see

Jack has bought a business
Pete inherits home
Jill has got a trust fund
They've all been buying fun

I can see trends behind trends
I can see
Stay one jump ahead

Jack's alright he's a predator
He'll give you three good reasons that'll change your mind

1) You can't afford the B.U.P.A. health scheme
So when you get sick you're going to die

2) You can't afford to buy your own property
So when the rent goes up then you're on the street

3) You can't afford the bills and pills you need
You've got to get them cause they're going to get you

Anger is your friend now, resentment is the key
Patience as a virtue so be accessary
Or you can always be a victim
A victim of the circumstance if you like?
Stay one jump ahead

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Killing Joke Stay One Jump Ahead Comments
  1. Mark Laviolette

    Love the band.. hate this album though! what the fuck were they thinking ??

  2. carl jules

    Beastie Boys, get out of this body !

  3. Oliver John

    Amorphis Better unborn